Referral Marketing Programs Lift Your Brand Up

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Marketing plays a very important role in business development. Enterprises invest lots of money in marketing. They make marketing plans and create effective marketing strategies. In the e-commerce industry, marketing’s role doesn’t change. It contributes to the achievements of companies. In the Shopify platform, you must apply marketing strategies effectively to get more sales and build a customer community. Today we discuss a kind of marketing program, referral program.

Some big companies like Bonobos, Rothy’s, and Everlane use referral marketing program. However, not all enterprises should adopt this strategy because it doesn’t make sure the success. A program needs to be prepared as a holistic marketing campaign. Don’t establish a referral program prematurely!

You need to evaluate your financial status and investment to build a program better. The program needs happy existing customers and advocates. It is related to word of mouth. You must consider two things: organic word of mouth referrals and the number of sales your store make per month.

Focus on specifics to make them fit your shop

You should take advantage of incentives to add them to the program. Customers will talk about discounts or bonuses with their friends or family. You can get new customers in this way. You choose one type of incentives like cash incentive or discount coupon depending on your shop’s conditions. You should make a good message you give customers. Referral email is a part to improve messaging. You remind current customers that they can get benefits if they introduce your business to their friends and acquaintances. Email marketing helps you send thank-you emails to customers and you can add incentives to them.


Promote your referral marketing program

After tailoring factors, you look for the method to promote your program. You implement some steps to promote your program. You send emails to existing customer list. Feature referral calls to action and prompt customers after their sales. One thing you must do is adding referral marketing to existing channels. Send smart email reminders to advocates.

Some pieces of the tip above can help you set up a referral program. Don’t forget to try free apps facebook chat login, currency converter online, and sale notification app on


15 thoughts on “Referral Marketing Programs Lift Your Brand Up

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