Reasons Why Email Marketing Brings Benefits To Enterprise!

Since email’s inception, it is always the effective way to communicate. In this era of industrialization, for online businesses in Shopify, email seems to be the great mean of communication to contact with customers. Is it still a strategy for small-business marketers and owners.

Here are the reasons why email marketing is vital for businesses of all sizes.

1. Email is an easy way to reach mobile customers.

Email has value for business because it’s an easy way to reach consumers on mobile without investing a lot in new software or technology.

Pew Research Center said that 52 percent of US cellphone owners access their emails from their phones. Besides, email is better for marketing than SMS because:

  • Email can works on mobile devices other than phones, so it can reach a large number of clients.
  • Texting may incur a charge but email is totally free.
  • Email has more space for content than messages, so you can give more information, attach links and images.

2. Email is an effective way to inform customers.

To help business owners and consumers stay connected, the enterprise can use email. There is a fact that, many consumers often seek out the information and new products from their favorite brands and local stores from email. Nielsen said that 28 percent of US online shoppers subscribe emails for the store to stay informed.

Besides, a study from Loyalty 360 proved that 59 percent of US moms want to get emails from brands if rewards were offered.

Therefore, email can be used as a way to deliver content to consumers. A 2013 study stated that the enterprise saw an average rise in revenue of 40 percent since they added video to their email campaigns.

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3. Email coupons

The Nielsen study notes that 27 percent of online shoppers want to get the coupons and discount via email and 65 percent of consumers say email coupons are important when shopping online. Though consumers can save money, it can turn into increased revenue for the retailer because more clients will buy your products.

4. It’s easy to customize and integrate into other marketing tactics.

Email can contain information about the new products, special events, offers and so on. Besides, it also includes the links to your online store and it is the way to get feedback from customers or give the thanks to them.

3. Email marketing is inexpensive.

One of the best reasons to make full use of email is that it is inexpensive but easy and effective.

It is relatively easy to start marketing with email, so there’s no excuse for enterprises to not be taking advantage of the tactic.

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