The Reason Why Good Service Improves The Customer Experience

One of the keys to retain customers and build customers’ loyalty is good customer service. Great customer service is especially important for not only brick-and-mortar store but also businesses on Shopify. Consumers will be impressed and are more likely to come back to you for the next time.

There is a report that 50% of U.S. consumers have abandoned a purchase due to poor service experience. On the contrary, 7 in 10 customers say they’ll spend more money (17% more, on average) with a brand providing consistently great customer service while 33% of shoppers will look to switch to a competitor after a single bad service experience.

Besides the good-quality products, customer service is also necessary for business. These are the reasons why merchants should improve customer service:

Effective support solves the root cause

Customer service can surface the hidden problems as soon as possible for customers. This allows businesses to solve the root cause of a problem and prevent issues for future customers rather than simply treating their symptom. Clients will be satisfied if they are supported promptly. They will appreciate your outstanding service and come back for the next time.


When you are always willing to support customers every time, they feel confident to buy your products. It means you create a better experience for future customers. As the result, you can see a net improvement to your store’s buying experience and potentially your overall sales.

You can create a simple system to track the problems you hear about more than once. Therefore, you can save time when supporting clients and maybe you can find out the way to fix this issue.

I suggest a chat app which allows you to answer your customers immediately: Facebook chat box.

Support can encourage more valuable conversations

When support customers, you can give them helpful information and tips to take the best advantages of your products. Some customers may have a good experience at the expense of others if they can’t optimize efficiency. Thus, it is necessary for the business to be willing to support clients every moment.

There can be potential problems, so you should be flexible and intelligent in order to find the best solution.

Valuable to you, valuable to customers: if the conversation brings benefit for both you and your customers, you may want to encourage these types of conversation as often as you can.

Valuable to you, irritable to customers: you should lower the barrier by making these steps as easy as possible when you realize that customers are annoyed by the hoops you’re asking them to jump through. Simplify everything as fast as you can.

Irritable to you, valuable to customers: If the conversation provides zero or negative value to the business but it still needs to happen, give them the self-service in the form of FAQ pages and help docs. Therefore, your customers will find the quick answers they need.

Irritable to you, irritable to customers: give your best shots to eliminate the source of the problem. Fix the problem thoroughly because no one benefits from these conversations.

In addition, you can even increase your revenue when supporting your clients. Give them the recommendations of the related items. Then, customers can see the benefit of these products and will buy more. It calls upsell and cross-sells. If you give the suitable items, shoppers are willing to spend more money.

If you need an app to help your online business do that, you can try out Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool to create upsell cross-sell, discounted upsells, upsell bundles.


Customer service can provide unexpected insight

When supporting clients, you can receive constructive feedback from them. It is a significant gift because it helps you spot opportunities that can potentially shift your entire business. Besides, customers can give you great ideas to grow your business.

In sum, try to improve your customer service as well as possible because it is one of the keys to business success.

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