How To Raise The Prices Without Losing Your Customers (Part 2)

Sometimes you have to change the price of your products or services to make a profit but you worry about your existing customers. However, there are many tips for every business including the merchant on Shopify to raise the prices without losing your customers.

As a business, you need to put your customers ahead because they are the source for you to get revenue. Try to give the best for the clients and you will gain their trust and they choose your brand instead of others.

Sometimes, you need to change your product’s price but you don’t want to lose your customers. There are many tips to get it done and we explain the first in Part 1 and here are the next.

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Adding value

When you augment your price of products and services, it means that you want to improve your finances or improve your products and services. The marketing manager at OpenSponsorship, Mary Zakheim, advised that businesses should not raise the prices if they don’t add some sort of value.

If you are losing sales and you take it to be your motive to raise your price, you need to rethink and find out the reason why you are losing sales. After that, it’s necessary to invest in fixing that rather than push your shortcomings onto the customers.


The client is smarter than you think and they will waive your brand to choose another one if they feel the price increase is not worth. As the result, you lose all your customers including the long-term one.

Your customer services is also a good way to make yourself outstanding in the marketplace. Give your customers the best shopping experience with the Facebook live chat to support them every time and give them the satisfaction after purchasing with the email with love app.

As a business, you should listen to customer complaints, reviews, and feedback. Then, take advantage of them to develop your items as well as the services. You should take action and bridge the gap if you’re receiving the same criticism over and over. If your products are worthy, they are always willing to spend their money. Clients will absolutely accept a price change for a suitable reason.


As a reputable business, you need to be transparent with your customers. In today’s sales-driven digital world, audiences appreciate clarity, so giving it to them can bring more loyal customers to your brand.


Be honest about your rising prices and highlight the value you add to your offerings. By posting on social media and sending emails, you can reach out to both existing and new customers.

Try out sales pop to earn the customers’ trust by showing the orders of others.

The new customers may not know your previous price, so you should continue making efforts in communicating the value that you’ve added to your product or service. Show your potential customers your value which makes you better than your competitors.

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