Protect Brand Value In E-Commerce

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Shopping online has been developing widely over the last few years.  E-commerce is a potential and enormous market in which big brands attend a fierce competition. Imagine you are a brand. How do you increase revenue and protect their brand in the competitive environment?

Below there are four pieces of advice on a strategy of locating and protecting brand for businesses distributing products on e-commerce websites. Bits of advice is based on Neblett’s experience of founding and running Etailz company. Etailz is one of the leading counseling and supporting e-commerce enterprise in America. Etailz is a strategic partner of Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Walmart.

1. Be aware of unofficial distribution channels

Unprofessional retailers in your online distribution unit list are a problem. The retailers influence badly product images if they change the description, release price reduction compared with official agencies, and provide low-quality service. To solve this issue, you have to coordinate with e-commerce websites.

  • Provide websites with a list of agencies and official distributors. Like retailers, e-commerce sites need to maintain a list of repute reputable distributors. You and websites will observe distributors and define problems.
  • Supervise your official distribution channels. You check products frequently on the websites so that you know if product information is updated or one product is uploaded twice. Besides, you can find out fake products appearing in your product list.


2. Operate MAP policy

Build and implement MAP policy (Minimum Advertised Price) to keep the brand image and ensure fair competition among official retailers.

  • Consider compound interest and price of components to define your price.
  • Don’t use a too low brand price.
  • Instead of low price, you can use promotion projects or associate with websites to release coupons to attract customers.
  • While you develop MAP policy, you should hire an economic lawyer to examine the policy so that your policy is suitable for recent regulations. Finally, send your MAP policy to all distributors and monitor the process they implement the policy.

3. Upload outstanding product description

Product description can have a significant influence on buyers. If the description contains enough interesting information, customers will want to know more about your product and sale conversion will increase. To optimize descriptions, you must follow some rules.

  • All introduction pages have to contain an informative title. The content of bullet points must appeal visitors. Product descriptions have enough fascinating keywords to turn visitors into buyers.
  • When you write descriptions and other content, you need to gain the balance between writing for customers and optimizing searching algorithms.



If you are using Shopify platform to sell online, you can install email with love and Shopify facebook chat bot to enhance services. Visit to find more apps.


22 thoughts on “Protect Brand Value In E-Commerce

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