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Profitable Health And Beauty Stores In Shopify

history July 18, 2018

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Shopify is a great e-commerce platform where you can open stores and sell online. Hundred thousands of merchants are running their business. Many owners earn a huge amount of revenues from stores. Let’s see stores which get lots of money!

1. KKW Beauty

This store sells products of Kim Kardashian West brand. The brand has its reputation, so customers believe in the quality of products. A lot of buyers visit and purchase products.  Cosmetic goods are sold out in the short time. High revenue brings it to the top store in the popular platform.

2. SkinnyMe Tea

Natural detox tea is what this shop sells. Their products have good quality and become favorite detox drink of many people. Therefore, after they had opened the store 9 months, SkinnyMe Tea earned $600.000 every month.

3. Nerdwax

Nerdwax’s main product is beeswax. The major of customers are women who have needs to use beeswax. Understanding the taste of customers, the company has released the best products. Beeswax of Nerdwax persuades them to buy and use. Even it refused two offers from Shark Tank. Until now, it has earned a million dollars.

4. Press London

The owners of Press London came up with the idea of the shop coincidently. They were on diet and wanted a healthy and delicious drink. An idea crossed over their mind and two men made cold-pressed juices. Juices are all fresh and tasteful. Press London just sells products daily. Its juices get love from customers.

Autoketing produces apps supporting stores of Shopify. To chat with customers in Shopify, you can use facebook chat shopify. In order to send thank-you emails to customers, you should try email with love. Find more interesting information on https://autoketing.com/.


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