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  • The Power Of Seasonal Marketing On The Track To Become A Billionaire!

The Power Of Seasonal Marketing On The Track To Become A Billionaire!

history June 26, 2018

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Those who seize the opportunity will be more likely to succeed. Combining of content, timing, and method of delivery is one of the important keys to success. Besides, you can consult many useful tips and trick to prosper in Autoketing.

Seasonal marketing is to market the products or services at certain points of the year. That could be Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and so on. Seasonal marketing affects when businesses create special offers, promotions, and deals with a seasonal event.

For example, the busiest time of year of a school furniture manufacturing business is from June to August, as the schools set up for the new academic year in September. It seems to be a long-term seasonal marketing.

Another example is that the strategy focuses on individual days, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is considered to be a short-term seasonal marketing to provide eye-popping deals and encourage spending.

There are 5 tactics to boost your revenue with seasonal marketing.

  • Start early

To achieve success, you need to jump on your seasonal marketing earlier than you think you do. By starting a bit earlier than your competition, you can attract your clients and avoid getting lost in the crowd.

  • Update your web design and logo in Shopify to include season-appropriate images.

You should change your logo to draw attention to the special events. You can see that Google also changes its logo to in this World Cup 2018. Changing your web design, logo and banner can make an impression on your clients and communicate the message that your business is relevant and up-to-date. Besides, it also helps your audience think about seasonal purchases.

  • Customise your service offerings

Provide more attractive new services which are concordant to this event such as “buy 1 get 1 free”, “give a small gift for each order”, “discount” and so on. Besides, you also have to concern about customer care and support service.  facebook inbox can help you support your clients in time.

  • Distinguish yourself from the competition

Try your best to find a way to distinguish your business from the competition. Advertise your products in a unique way or offer the special incentives.

  • Analyse the success of last year’s holiday campaigns

One of the most important things for you to do before starting planning seasonal promotion is to take note of last year’s trends and performance during the same period. Therefore, you can analyse what worked last year and what didn’t and build a suitable plan for your seasonal marketing this year.

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