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  • Which Potential Products Should You Sell In 2018? (Part 1)

Which Potential Products Should You Sell In 2018? (Part 1)

history August 14, 2018

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You have the ambition to become a successful businessman. In this century of technological breakthrough, you can put a step into e-commerce to find a new chance of startup. If you are running an e-commerce store in Shopify, you can update trends of popular products in 2018. Then try to sell them and see if your revenue skyrockets. We will name trending products to sell in this year.

1. Shapewear

Why should you sell this type of product? It is a potential market. Its revenue is estimated to be 5.6 billion dollars by 2022. Let’s find what shapewear is. It is a kind of undergarment which helps get the body in shape. They make users’ body look fit and beautiful and create curves. If you are not satisfied with your weight and body, you can use shapewear to lie to others’ eyes. Nowadays more and more people, especially women, are using shapewear. Girls and ladies don’t have to lose weight to have a stunning body.

2. Phone Accessories

Today cell phone is a popular means of communications.  Most people have a phone. The smartphone is developing greatly. Manufacturers launch new products continuously. Along with cell phone, phone accessories industry has bloomed. Everyone needs to decorate and protect their phone. Phone accessories include phone case, screen protection glass, charger, earphone, and repair kit. This is a growing market. Try to trade this type of product and make lots of money.

3. Athleisure

Athleisure is a fashion trend in which users wear casual clothes and sportswear. Demand for this trend will never stop. Other fads have changed, but many people still love to wear athleisure. Athleisure includes a variety of items like the sweatshirt, sweatpants, legging, sports bra, tank top, headband, capris, and footwear. Modern female shoppers are target customers of the athleisure.

4. Maternity Dresses

Maternity dress is clothes for pregnant women. This apparel industry has grown continuously. The demand for this type of product is always high. Manufacturers and brands produce and supply maternity products. They also improve design and functions. If you sell maternity products, you can expand your business by buying other types like baby products and household goods.

5. Flame Lamps

According to the data of Oberlo app, demand for this product is growing. Not many stores sell flame lamps. You can take the chance and sale this product before other stores sell them. When the competitiveness isn’t harsh, you have an opportunity to grab a part in the market. A general store is suitable for selling flame lamps. Home decor store and lighting stores also should try to sell this interior furniture item.

We list five products for stores to sell in 2018. We recommend that you install email with love and Shopify facebook chat box to contact customers. Take a look at https://autoketing.com/ to learn tips about selling on e-commerce platforms.

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