Plan Out And Update Your Support Process In Black Friday Cyber Monday

Black Friday Cyber Monday is one of best chance for businesses to boost your sales. If you are running an online store on Shopify or brick-and-mortar shop, you should not ignore this opportunity. However, in many fields, you will get the best result if plan out it carefully.

How to plan out your seasonal sales

Reward loyal customers

Businesses can take Black Friday Cyber Monday as an opportune time to build relationships with the previous clients and keep them coming back.

Enterprises should grab the chance to email and retarget your previous customers with your best deals. You can offer exclusive sales just for being a subscriber on your email list or give the chance to access a sale earlier to the existing customers.

Besides, you can give an incentive for shoppers for them to leave their email before potentially leaving your site.

Build in scarcity where possible

The shoppers are more likely to look for the best last-second deals in the holiday shopping. When your offers go fast, your customers move even faster. So, you should let the buyers know when a deal is about to end or work some scarcity into your store by telling when a particular product is going to sell out.


In addition, when time or a specific offer is limited, you can include the countdown timers until or “left in stock” alerts. It makes the contribution to promote your audiences to buy fast and the automating discount master can help you.

Update your support process

Integrate live chat

During Black Friday Cyber Monday, you should be easy to reach by customers. Many clients leave your site and you will lose a sale if they can’t get an answer quickly enough.

Consider using the Facebook live chat to contact with your audiences all the time.

Here are the benefits of live chat:

  • Make sure you’re available right after sending emails or launching promotions because you know that customers will be clicking through from their inbox.
  • To address any questions customers have before they buy, you need to be available on product pages you feature in your BFCM deals.
  • During key purchasing moments, you are willing to support them.

Therefore, the customers can find you when they need you and it’s easy for you to drive more sales.

Ensure you have quick and courteous responses

When selling online, the holidays are a potentially hectic time for customer support. Having a quick response time is also a part of providing a fantastic experience to customers and it’s good for attracting them and getting their trust.


To offer the best customer experiences, the supporters need to be courteous and respectful, even to uncourteous and impatient customers.

You should list a few standard phrases and replies to deliver more consistent, helpful service with minimal upfront effort.

It’s necessary for merchants to brush up on how to handle upset customers effectively and empathetically. Therefore, it can make for genuinely delightful customer service.

If this year, you are memorable, your potential customers will remember to come back for you next year.

Besides, you can gain your customers’ trust by showing up the notification of other clients making purchases and the sales pop app will help you.

Offer easy and hassle-free returns

Business owners are stressful for the holidays and these days are also a frantic time for shoppers. So, business should care and go above the call of duty for their customers.

It’s vital to ensure your return policy on your store is clear, fair, and well-communicated. This can be the reason to convince your customers to pull the trigger because you’re showing confidence in your product and removing potential risk.

I hope that you will take the best advantages of these tips to get the best result in your business.

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