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Plan A Successful Christmas Sales Win The Pandemic

history December 19, 2020

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They said Black Friday is the biggest sale in the year. However, without a doubt, Christmas sales have always been everyone’s favorite. 2020 will be a unique year for brands and retail businesses. With the existence of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our shopping habits turn upside down. Christmas sales 2020 is alongside with social distancing for the community’s safety. As a result, this year will be no all-nighter wait in line in front of physical stores or a crowd flood shopping malls. However, the quarantine gives eCommerce businesses the upper hand in this Christmas Sales season. In this article, we’ll Plan A Successful Christmas Sales Win The Pandemic.

Daily news confirmed COVID-19 case in the U.S

According to Our World In Data, the United States has non-stop increased new COVID-19 cases every day. It benefits eCommerce since it won’t be safe to blend in the crowd to catch Christmas sales offers. 

Define Christmas Sales goals and set a clear strategy

First and foremost, define your Christmas Sales goals. It should always be your first step before you start with any sales idea.

What makes the goals so important? Because holiday sales are special times in the year. It’s also one big last sale that ended the year, so you must know what to expect. Here are some ideas on Christmas sales targets:

  • Sold out inventory items
  • Promote highlighted items
  • Earn more leads
  • Expand potential customer list
  • Collect more subscribers and followers
  • Create brand awareness
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Gain customers’ trust
Christmas Sales
Plan A Successful Christmas Sales

Sometimes it isn’t just about revenue. Christmas sale is a great opportunity to bring your brand to the public and gain more customer awareness. 

About the inventory, at this point, you should start calculating the number of inventory items left in stock. Base on the number and the type of products are left, consider add more new goods for the holiday sale if necessary.

Do research on customers’ needs on Christmas and New Year Eve to learn the trending items you should promote in this sale season. Do keyword research on Google Trend is a good way to know what people are actively searching for at this time of the year. 

You can also learn more in Keyword Research Essentials: How to Find the Search Terms Your Customers Use

After defining your Christmas sales goals, you can begin to lay out the business plan. The goals should be:

  • Clear
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Practical and achievable

Finish with all of the research and analytic steps, you can process the second one.

Display Christmas Sales Vibe On Website

First, change your home page theme. Surprise your customers right the second they visit your store. An online store is not much different from a physical store. Display an appealing appearance with a bit of Christmas magic that grabs customers’ attention instantly. 

Holiday sales are super competitive. Great design hooks customers. It keeps customers’ search on your online store longer to scroll down the item list.

However, a good theme isn’t enough.

Second, add urgency by including a Countdown Timer

Coupon Code Wheel for Christmas Sales

Countdown timers create customers’ curiosity. The “Last-minute Christmas sales” make the offer special. It draws their attention and eventually stimulates the urge to purchase. There’s another reason to choose Sales Pop Master – Countdown.

Thirdly, the advantage of upgraded versions.

Autoketing has its apps updated frequently. Especially, in holiday seasons, the Pop-ups have multiple themes that create a festival feel to your Shopify store. 

Learn more about Autoketing’s desired features.

Promote Christmas Sales Marketing Campaign

Christmas is one of the most important sales of the year which makes the preparation more essential than ever. Thence, how can you create the most effective Christmas Sales Marketing Campaign?

Keyword Research

By this time, you should have owned a customer list due to Black Friday Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving Sales. From this list, research their interest and shopping habits. 

With these keywords, you can have a better vision of what kind of promotion and discount you should provide for this type of customer.

Create Christmas Sales Email Campaign

The importance of Email Marketing to Shopify businesses is undeniable. However, end-year sales are highly competitive. You would need to put more effort to be able to send the right message to targeted customers. What is the workflow you should follow?

First, note down the list of emails you would need.

Here are the examples of Christmas Sales email templates to prepare.

  • Welcome new customers email
  • Feature email of products
  • Feedback email
  • Blog subscription or newsletter
  • Promotional email
  • Thank you for emails to loyal customers
Newsletter Subscribers

From these examples, custom your email workflow according to your products and business type.

Divide Customer Types

At this time of the year, your customers could receive a bun of promotional emails. How to make your Christmas sales email marketing campaign stands out? How to successfully draw customers’ attraction at a first glance? 

To achieve this, first and foremost, divide customers on your list into three types:

  • Lapsed Customers
  • Loyal Customers
  • Existing Customers

To each type of buyer, create a different email flow. Because with customize emails, receivers would unlikely to mark them as spam. The more effort you put into designing the email visualizes and content, the higher the chance customers would click and spend time reading your content. 

Remember, it isn’t the number of sent emails that matters. What makes a successful email campaign is the conversion rate.

Time Your Emails

Figure out the perfect time to send each type of email guarantees one-third chance of success. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Run your email campaign at least a week before Christmas
  • Decide the order of the emails
  • Automate and schedule the email to reduce the time and effort you need to spend on it

Use Email Marketing Tools

As mention earlier, Shopify stores need assistance from apps to get more traffic and sales. It also applies to Shopify email marketing. Unless the merchant is a marketing expert, or they would struggle while running a campaign.

The Thank You Email Marketing Tool earns merchants trust due to its efficiency and affordable price. 

New Customer Email by Thank You Email Marketing Tool

Thank You Email Marketing Tool creates four types of email campaigns:

  • New Orders
  • Newsletter Subscribers
  • New Customers
  • Fulfilled Orders

Thank You Email Marketing Tool provides elegant themes and content suggestions. The app supports the most amateur to deliver a successful Christmas sales email campaign.

What comes next? 

Christmas sale is the last holiday sales of the year. However, it doesn’t mean your sales should stop after this occasion. Because of the quarantine measures, people would avoid exposure in public. Instead, the online shopping trend will grow this year which makes it much more competitive among Shopify stores. 

Every year, we witness last-minute buyers at physical stores. So, the case is also applied to online stores. 

Extend your sales after Christmas. This action stimulates last-minute or after Christmas visitors to purchase. Once they saw the deals such as free-shipping or discount is still apply even after Christmas, they would likely to buy from you. As the result, your sales continue to rise after the holiday sale.

Get innovative and learn more tips to have successful sales.

In case you’re looking for trustable applications that should be considered to your Shopify Store, check for the reference resource Shopify App Store  

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