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  • Personalized Product Recommendations – A great hack to seize more sales and satisfy customers

Personalized Product Recommendations – A great hack to seize more sales and satisfy customers

history February 25, 2021

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Personalized product recommendations are an essential part of any successful retailer’s e-commerce strategy, also helping customers discover products that are most relevant to their interests and reduce barriers to purchase.

Displaying recommendations should be a priority when setting up your Shopify store. When used efficiently, product recommendations can completely transform customer interactions, creating a fluid and consistent experience that leads to more conversions, higher-order value, and overall greater trust in your brand.

For more details, this article will show how personalized product recommendations work, with the right techniques, this can successfully draw more transactions and expand more revenue to your e-commerce store.

1. Why your Shopify store needs product recommendations 

Product recommendations are essential to meeting the performance goals of online retailers, a proven method for driving profitability, and have numerous advantages as following

The best way to personalize every customer’s web experience

Naturally, people tend to have a good impression with the store that gives them more attention. Customers all expect to receive special care from online stores. 

With support from product recommendations, the online store system can track all customer shopping behaviors and set up personal mode for every consumer. It means that, when a customer visits your web page, he or she can have a bundle of products and recommendations from customers who already purchased your products. Besides, visitors are also supported to see a wide range of best seller items.

Helping customers to choose the top products with minimal effort

Your online store may sell hundreds or thousands of items; however, only a few among them work effectively and reach the customers’ needs. With the help of product recommendations, a shortlist of the most popular products will be created. 

This means product recommendation is a multi-task taker who helps to analyze product performance and purchase patterns to finalize the best choices. As a result, you can depend on this list to generate your better inventory to attract customers.

Secure customer loyalty

Customers when satisfied with both products and services offered tend to recommend the shop to their friends, who may be ideal buyers in the future. If you want to raise customer loyalty, you need to treat every target customer as a special one or instead make them feel valued. 

Using a product recommendation such as related product extension, in this case, is the best choice for any e-commerce business. For every customer, they will receive a suggestion for products that are “just for” them via the store website or their emails. This is an intelligent strategy that makes every customer feel that they are important and they want to continue business with your store.

Product recommendations are necessary for any online merchant to survive and perform well in the marketplace. Find more below about how remarkably they can support your online store.

2. Most useful product recommendations strategies to boost sales for online merchants

Show personalized recommendation by recently view products

When a customer searches for a product by chance and later they want to find more information about this product, recently viewed recommendation works perfectly in this field. 

Every item that a buyer used to search in your online store will be recorded and personalized to give them suitable recommendation whenever they need. 

Only by one simple click, can customer track all their search history; therefore, they can make shopping decisions more easily.

Trending products

Trending product recommendation is referred to provide suggestions to customers who do not have any idea about a detailed description of the product they want to purchase. 

By showing a list of the products that customers viewed most on your store in the footer position. This will help your customers grasp recent product trends in the market. A series of items that are favorable for many people will determine that these items are fashionable or have good quality. 

For instance, when a girl wants to search for a dress and she only enters “dress” in the searching box. By giving her the most popular and favorable dresses chosen by other people, she can take them into her account. As a result, the decision-making process will take lesser time and be easier as well.

Top discount products 

Showing the best-priced products or shock deals for customers will help you promote targeted products as well as stimulate the shopping needs of customers. 

You can choose the best-priced products or products that you want to enhance marketing to customers. The discounting stimulus will cause customers to quickly make an order decision before the sale ends. 

Best selling products

A product recommendation that displays best-seller products is applied for almost all online merchants as a strategic sale method. Especially, it is highly suggested in case the stores have limited customer data. The best-selling product recommendation is a backup plan when other recommendations do not have enough information to perform their functions.

So if you have products that are selling well in your store. You can amplify their popularity by placing a ‘Best-Selling Products’ widget on your store. With this, you can inform new visitors about products they are sure to love.

People like to stay on-trend. The ‘Best-Selling Products’ makes it easier for your shoppers to learn what’s best in your Shopify store. Instead of having to search your store, they will instantly be led to products that your store is known for.

In conclusion

We hope this helps you understand why product recommendations are effective at capturing your store visitors’ attention and the different ways you can use them to lower drop-offs, increase your AOV, and boost customer engagement.

Product recommendation is a new feature available on the Autoketing product recommendations app. You can enable and customize easily— Especially, the quick view function can help your customers save time when they want to review product details before deciding to order. Therefore, the recommended products will be viewed quickly and easily by customers. 

Install Recommended Product – Sales by Autoketing to seize more sales and increase conversions on your Shopify store.

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