Partnership – Great Way To Access Customers

The business can’t exist without marketing. Each year companies spend lots of money to invest in marketing campaigns. Driving more sales or developing the scale depends on effective marketing so much. Today the topic is co-marketing.


What is co-marketing? Two companies will coordinate to run a marketing campaign which no one can carry out alone. There is a partnership between them. Huge or small companies and new business all can use this tactic. Co-marketing creates countless benefits. Companies save up marketing budget and other resources. They share customers with each other and form a positive last-long relationship. Customers surprise at free stuff, co-branded items, and giveaway.

When you have a co-marketing relationship with another company, you give them the list of potential customers. You share emails of customers with each other. Your partner’s brand can appear on your blog and web. Your brand name also is shown on partner’s Youtube channel, email list, and other social platforms.

Building partnerships 

How can you choose a partner to have a co-marketing relationship? You are advised to coordinate with a company which is not your competitor. It’s better if they complement you. Your partner must a certain amount of audience including emails and social followers.

We introduce three tools to establish a co-marketing campaign. The first one is Clearbit Connect, whose function is to find emails you want to contact. Streak is the second tool. It is a tracking tool. As you send an email and it’s opened, the tool sets up and arranges a contact list. It saves templates so you can use them again. SimilarWeb will evaluate a website of coming partners. You analyze the amount of traffic, sources, and other elements. It assists you to find out reliable partners.

Types of co-marketing

Two businesses can operate many kinds of co-marketing. They create a co-branded product. Two enterprises cooperate to produce a product. It brings brand equity. Customers of two companies all use this product. Parties can collaborate on a contest, ship samples with partner’s orders, and share email lists.

You can begin a new startup by opening a shop on Shopify. Two apps, email with love and Facebook live chat, are really effective to send thank-you emails and chat with consumers. A bunch of interesting things is waiting for you on

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