Paid Advertising: Spending Money To Make Money (Part 1)

It is clear that the best way for enterprises to get the targeted traffic quickly is through the paid advertising.

The traffic is important for your brand, especially the new brand, so if you have a new online store on Shopify, you should invest in getting the targeted traffic.

It is good news that many paid advertising channels allow enterprises to pay per click. Thus, you can start with a budget as low as $10 in some instances.

There are many different advertising platforms. Thus, based on whom you’re targeting and how the tools allow you to reach potential shoppers, you can choose the suitable channels.

For example, when you target the specific countries, you need to check out which social networks are popular in the certain markets.

You should populate your main profile’s feed with several posts before exploring paid social media marketing because it is the fact that curating content is an easy way to go. Then, when visitors check it out, it won’t be completely barren of activity.

Facebook advertising

The Pew Research shows that one of the most popular social networks is Facebook. It has the most diverse user base in terms of income, age, gender, and ethnicity.

That’s the reason why a wide range of brands uses Facebook as the targeting options. Facebook information includes gender, age, location, interest, and job title for brands to reach their ideal customers.

That last interest is that it’s especially useful. The Facebook pages that people like and follow can be the good basis for enterprises to build ideal buyer profiles that determine whom your ads reach.

This type of paid advertisement is recommended for the businesses owners who have a clear idea of their ideal customers and what they like.

For instance, the store which sells t-shirts with pop culture references can easily find its targeted customers on Facebook by targeting users being interested in pop culture icons.

Another example is United By Blue. They promote their eco-friendly products by using Facebook advertising. They promote their apparel by targeting the shoppers being interested in the environment and conservation.

In addition, the audiences will be impressed with the enterprises which have the great customer service. Thus, you also need to focus on it with the help of many apps such as facebook help chat, email with love download, sales pop master app, and currency converter box online on

Read more in Part 2.

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