19572 minute read Upselling strategies to boost revenue for e-commerce businesses

Upselling strategies for customers is a needed step for not only traditional stores but also online stores on eCommerce platforms such as Shopify. However, none is born to be brilliant or master in all of the techniques and methods of sale. The key to becoming successful in this field is to upsell existing customers, which […]

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66174 minute read Grow your business by understanding the buying cycle

The buying cycle is an integral part of every marketing campaign. Even though less attention is being paid to marketing strategy lately, it’s still the single most important thing in any of your marketing efforts. Understanding how your customers buy and lining up your marketing efforts, pricing, and sales process to reflect their buying process […]

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50970 minute read How to optimize on-page SEO for your e-commerce websites?

On-page SEO can help your e-commerce website rank higher, engage more potential customers, drive more traffic, and convert more leads. People typically start their product research with a search (usually on Google). To make an informed buying decision, they usually: Compare prices and features. Read reviews. Search for tips and advice. If your website isn’t […]

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6156 minute read Autoketing Big Updates: Introducing App’s New Features, Pricing Plans, Designed Dashboard And More!

In the world of business today. The pandemic has driven brands across the world to become innovative and inventive quickly. After considering our users’ feedback, our Autoketing team has been working hard on some big updates that we’ve just released, and it definitely has some practical uses for the current COVID-19 situation. But the ultimate […]

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19602 minute read How To Create An Effective Call To Action On Your Website 

Your call to action (CTA) is the most essential part of your marketing campaign. It’s also the difference between losing a potential customer and making a sale.  In this article, we’ll show you how to create persuasive calls to action. We’ll do this by going over: What is a call to action Common types of […]

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2916 minute read 6 Reasons Why Your E-commerce Store Need Negative Reviews

Negative reviews may seem like bad news for your e-commerce store, but in fact, they are not! When you sell anything, you are bound to have unhappy customers. And that’s okay. Having negative reviews can be a blessing.  “We don’t live in a five-star world” -Matt McGee You might have considered a strategy to power […]

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27828 minute read Facebook Marketing: Ultimate Facebook Messenger for Retailers

Facebook Messenger is the number 1 marketing channel in the world because of its large number of users through Facebook Marketing! And if you quickly seize this opportunity, it will be easier for you to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.  Facebook Messenger makes it easier for online businesses to provide direct one-on-one customer […]

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14322 minute read Small Business Tips: Reduce Shipping Costs With These Ideas

With the role of e-commerce gaining more and more significance as means to do business in these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic, shipping has become its most valuable partner. However, the shipping costs have a notable influence on customers’ purchase decisions. In this article, we will dive deep into How to reduce shipping costs […]

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7980 minute read Top 5 Instagram Stories Ads Tips Appealing to Customers

Instagram Stories Ads are a powerful marketing tool, providing access to over 500 million users daily. One-third of the most viewed Stories come from businesses and 60% of users discover new products through the platform. If you haven’t been using Instagram Stories for your eCommerce business so far, let me tell you this Instagram Stories function is […]

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5910 minute read Ecommerce Businesses’ Essentials: How to Combat Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most crucial problems for online businesses to resolve. With more than 70% of online shopping cart abandonment, the problem is running rampant in the eCommerce market.  For every 100 visitors to your shop, that means 68 of them are walking away. It’s also difficult to mitigate the risks […]

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0 minute read Unforgettable Small Business Branding Tips And Tricks [With Examples]

Small Business Branding can be extremely challenging. Doesn’t matter what type of products or services you sell, it can be hard to have a significant impact in any industry as a small business. However, with the proper small business branding and a solid digital marketing strategy. It makes even the smallest companies can make big […]

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0 minute read Shopify Essential: International Shipping – What Retailers Should Know When Shipping Globally?

If you’re looking to survive through the pandemic and grow your eCommerce business, expanding beyond your borders could be a great next step—but that means you need to find out how to ship internationally.  To do international shipping right, you’ll need a strategy that works for you and your business. You don’t need to know […]

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