How To Solve 4 Challenges For Small E-Commerce Retailers?

It is increasingly attractive to start an online business based on the rise in e-commerce. Selling online such as selling on the Shopify platform brings you the chance to reach a wider pool of customers as well as sell a greater variety of merchandise.

So that, the competition is rasing. It is important for brands to build up a great deal of credibility and integrity. This is the big challenge for small retailers. Here is some advice on how to overcome them.

Creating a consistent, customized shopping experience

The consumers want to have a unified experience both online and in-store, so to get the success, retailers need to seamlessly bridge the gap between them.

It is very crucial to sync your online and offline inventory. When shoppers see a product on your online store and decide to buy or pick up in the offline store, the items listed on your website and advertised should be available today.

In addition, the consumers, especially the young, tend to perform multiple activities on the phone including shopping online. Thus, retailers need to make sure that their websites are fully optimized for mobile.

Shipping and tracking

Today, the shoppers want a seamless process on not just placing an order, but getting it delivered. Consumers will also favor the stores with fast, convenient and cheap delivery services.

Customers also demand access to delivery notifications to track their orders easily. In addition, don’t forget your packaging. Don’t overlook package design. Make it outstanding and eye-catching.

International sales

Sales coming from international buyers also contribute a great deal to your revenue.

When you decide what countries to market in, you should research the demand for your product.

Payment fraud

The hackers will target small merchants, so the retailers need to be careful to avoid them. Refine your payment system and make sure to accept credit cards. Thus, people pay immediately upon purchase and being clear about payment terms.

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The E-Commerce Web Design Trends In 2018

E-commerce has exploded in the last five years and thousands of enterprises build the online stores. The global shoppers access your website and your web design is also making the contribution to increasing sales. When you have an online store in Shopify, an eye-catching an convenient website attract more shoppers.

However, of course, you provide an excellent product. Otherwise, it won’t matter how beautiful or intuitive your e-commerce site is if people don’t have a need for your product or service.

You should consider the features of your website and what purpose each design element and feature serves. The e-commerce sites should prioritize design elements and features that serve a distinct purpose.

Businesses can establish an e-commerce site in 2 ways: building one on your own using web software such as Shopify platform or hiring a web designer.

Here are many best practices and design trends to keep your website stand out in the e-commerce space in 2018.

Tell your story, but in the right way.

One of the keys to a great website is telling your brand’s story. It is important for you to tell your story in an effective way.

Don’t prioritize your own history as the main event of the site, your products are the main reason which attracts consumers. Thus, the primary pages should be simple and clean for the buyers to spend more time on your site looking for information.

Prioritize mobile-friendly design

Eighty percent of internet users own a smartphone and the mobile sales account for a high number percent of e-commerce sales. Thus, it is crucial to build a mobile-optimized or responsive site so that it looks as good on mobile as it does on a desktop.

Avoid stock photos

Photos are the key to make a purchase. It is the way to perform your brand’s style. Product images are so important to e-commerce success, so you should use the high-quality images.

Create great content

Remember to create and publish high-quality content that is geared toward the user. The content of the product should be given priority over the content of your business or business.

In addition, your way of supporting customers is also important. Access to explore many useful apps to develop customer services such as email with love and facebook inbox.

The Strategies To Manage Online Store Inventory

E-commerce selling is developing with multi-channel adoption. Since then, the demands of the customer and your selling opportunities are increasing simultaneously. Thus, the need for effective inventory management strategies is raising.

If you have an online store in Shopify, the strategy to manage your inventory is important

Every e-commerce business owners want to know the way to manage inventory for the online store without making no room for errors.

In the technological age, there are many inventory management software and methods. However, it is a great deal for online store inventory management to mix the modern inventory management methods and traditional methods.

Hybrid Warehousing

Hybrid warehousing is mixed from third-party dependent stocking and self-warehousing. However, you have the right to decide what products to keep in the warehouse of your suppliers and what should stay in your warehouse.

For example, you can keep products like books, electronic gadgets in own warehouses. However, the heavy products like washing machines, air conditioners are delivered from the suppliers’ location once an order is placed.

This method seems to be the best way to manage the inventory.

Choose the Right Stock Allocation Technique

One of the key blocks for building the effective online stores’ inventory management strategies is the smart allocation of stocks. For example, if you have 3 sales channels, your stock allocation can be done in the following three ways: equal allocation, trend allocation, and universal allocation.

Outsource eCommerce Fulfillment

It seems to be the successful inventory management methods for e-commerce retail. By this way, you will handover the complete fulfillment process to a third-party vendor but you can also keep track of inventory for online store well.

Cross Platform Tracking

The integration of a seamless inventory management software is crucial to avoid cross-platform overselling. Concentrating inventory management activities done across multiple sales channels can be the best method to avoid mistakes.

With the detail of inventory, you can know each channel needs how many numbers of stocks.

A good inventory management plays an important role in the e-commerce business success.

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Three Rules For A Standard Shopping Online Website

These days, sellers are attending online market more and more. We are living in a cyber era and buyers’ shopping habit is turning into online shopping. Many shopping websites and platforms are produced to build online markets where merchants sell their products. Store owners must use apps or tools to improve service and develop their business. Autoketing is a place to find useful applications.

Today, we discuss some rules for a successful shopping website.

1Good User Interface and Navigation

Display and navigation of a web are very important. Visitors need easy-to-follow pathways. You must create or use a friendly-user display so that shoppers can easily see products and compare them with each other. The back end of the e-commerce site is as essential as the front end. You should arrange supply and distribution of products before your e-commerce site begins working.


You have to be in the customers’ shoes to design the best website. Shoppers are able to see products in pages, search items, order and checkout in an easy way. Make a website where shoppers can understand operations and do everything themselves.

2. High-quality server and backup facility

You are an online seller using a website. Your business runs well only when the web operates smoothly. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs make a mistake. They leave websites in large sections under construction or give sites to unprofessional providers. As a result, the website responds slowly. Visitors, potential buyers, cannot access products. They will go away and find another web to buy products.

It’s necessary to own a fully functional store. Provide for customers with the convenient fast buying process. That is one of the tips to keep the loyal customers and get sales from new buyers.

3. Beautiful catalog and design

Visitors will see pictures of products and read descriptions carefully before they decide to order. You must upload high-quality images and good content. Clear pictures show gorgeous details of items. Descriptions contain enough information about products like manufacturer, features, and instruction.

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Holidays – Great Chance To Get Revenue Breakthrough

One year just has some important events or holidays. In the occasions, it’s sure that everyone will purchase goods and use more services. People spend very much money on the holidays. Their shopping needs increase dramatically. Obviously, holidays are a one-of-a-kind opportunity for brands to sell products and gain a huge amount of money.

Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and other online shopping platforms take advantage of events to make discounts and boost sales. Some companies carry out seasonal marketing campaigns very well. Try to use apps of Autoketing to build marketing plans!

If you are doing business or trying to sell some products, you can research campaigns of successful companies. Learn tips and formulas to make your own campaign. We will write about a few effective seasonal marketing campaigns.

1. Coca-Cola Canada

Coca-Cola found that on big holidays many people like to dive into the crowd and have fun, but some just want to stay away from the buzz. Seeing that division, Coca-Cola releases a message that is how favorite drinks can bring us together. The marketing team made a video telling a story about those who stop fighting over a product to enjoy peace by drinking Coca-Cola cans.

2. Hotel Tonight

The hotel found out that although holiday time with family is normal; nonetheless, lots of people decide not to spend all days off to play with parents or siblings. They want to do something else. They visit their family, but don’t stay with them. The hotel has built a new campaign. They provide a service helping travelers book hotel room easily using the brand’s web.

The campaign meets plenty of people’s needs. It became popular on Facebook even. Facebook users had a competition aiming at finding the most interesting family memory on holidays. A marketing campaign is created from a unique idea. Hotel Tonight is successful to collect more customers.

3. BarkPost

BarkPost is a web where you can find everything to take care of your pet. It provides information, tips to keep pets safe as well as look after them. Its shop sells all the stuff for loved animals. BarkPost thinks that pets are family members too. Therefore, at Thanksgiving, the company ran a marketing campaign.

They sent an email to every customer. That is a smart email including feeding safety tips and holiday survival skills. The emails were designed in cute animation theme. Customers of BarkPost felt very glad to receive emails. Their pieces of feedback showed satisfaction with the campaign. BarkPost made use of Thanksgiving to care about their purchasers. The seasonal marketing plan worked well and gained certain achievements.

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Are Alternative Currencies Essential For E-Commerce?

Alternative Currencies have been a hot topic for the last few years. They are not issued by the government. Alternative Currencies are indifferent to the money we use every single day. Most people never see the cash in the bank account. Money is transferred from our company directly into an account. Then, it is used through a credit card or debit card. We use this traditional currency to invest in stocks, bonds, etc.

Maybe you have heard about Bitcoin, which is the alternative currency gets the most attention right now. Bitcoin can create other cryptocurrencies which are electronic ones protected by cryptography and proof-of-work systems. People earn Bitcoin through a network of interconnected individuals who make electronic resources available.

Starbuck and Amazon are two big corporations using their own alternative currency. Starbuck has Stars, which are gained through purchases or task completion. Stars are even bought through purchases from other companies. Amazon uses Amazon Coins are earned through purchases. Customers are able to use Amazon Coins to buy products in Amazon system. Nike brand uses Sweat as their currency and customers exchange Sweat in real Nike products.

In fact, Bitcoin is used in more places. You can buy real estate in Las Vegas with Bitcoin. In Bitcoin pawn shop of San Francisco, it’s likely to get cash in exchange for Bitcoin. Even e-commerce platforms process Bitcoin payments with the help of Bitpay. Specifically, Shopify offers Bitpay as a payment method. Shopify is a huge e-commerce site providing platform for more than 75,000 retailers.

It’s possible that more automated e-commerce platforms and sites begin to use alternative currencies. Besides cash and credit card, alternative currencies probably become a popular method of payment. Alternative currencies can develop in an e-commerce environment for sure.

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How Can Startups Master The Art Of Visual Marketing?

Marketing plays an integral part in the startup’s growth and success. When you have an online store on Shopify, if do marketing in the right manner, it can scale your brand much faster than ever before in today’s marketplace.

Visual marketing is a key component of modern marketing. The purpose of visual marketing is to make objects the center of visual communication by focusing on studying and analyzing how images, videos, and other elements.

Visual communication is central when you connect with your audience whether your brand is looking to enlighten, educate or entertain.

Here are the tips to improve the visual marketing:

It’s Time to Give a Human Touch

The world is developing at a much rapid speed than ever. Our ways of communication which were always dependent on text like news, letters or even chat notes, now convert into strong visual channels.

To grow more, visual marketing needs to focus on using newer formats of visual communication like visual boards, interactive maps, 360-degree videos, infographics and much more.

Building a Better Consumer-Brand Bond

The visual in nature can attract customers so much. It is the only thing that makes consumers stop and watch or stop and click. It is especially important for brands in today’s world. The way they are perceived visually can say a lot about what their brand stands for.

Showcase the Human Side of Your Brand

When the brand develops, it’s the visual marketing is added with the sound and the story that help build that bond between brand and consumer. The more impactful thing that helps the audience connect in a better way is the message supported with visual elements like info-graphs, photographs or videos.

However, with the ever-rising competition, it is important for the business to engage with their audience only through genuine, real stories.

The story and the visuals will connect with the customers in a more humane way. They should be able to induce empathy among the viewers.

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How To Create An Online Store To Earn Tons Of Money

Planning well is the key to starting a successful online store with long-term success. If you decide to build an online store on Shopify, you should make a wise plan to get success.

We will cover the terms of planning up to prepare smart entrepreneurs for getting success.

Decide what to sell.

You can choose from the commoditized or unique products. In the competitive market, the unique products sell best. Thus, find the products that are the trending or you are passionate about. It is great if your products can satisfy both of them.

You can use Google Trends to figure out the trend products.

Make sure you can actually sell it.

Before deciding on the products or services, you should consider that is feasible to sell or not. Consider the challenges in your product niche before launching a store.

For example, if your item is too big or heavy, it is difficult to transport.

Get to know other people who are selling it

Online competition is fierce, so you need to make yourself outstanding in the market.

You’ll want to do some keyword research at the first stage. That can help you get a good understanding of your product market and the overall trends driving that market.

Analyze what your closest competitors are doing.

There are three types of competitors: primary, secondary and tertiary. To get the knowledge of your top 10 competitors in the space, you should use the competitive analysis template.

Catch the strengths and weakness of each brand to find out the best method for your brand.

Make sure you aren’t breaking any laws

Make sure that you are operating in business law including the taxes.

Choose the right e-commerce solution to advertise and increase sales for your brand.

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The Big Benefits When Using Facebook Chat Login

When you own an online store on Shopify platform, you need to create the impressive customer services to attract more consumers. Customers tend to make a purchase in the stores which support them well. There is a solution to this issue: the facebook customer care live chat.

It brings many benefits to both you and your customers.

When you have a store on Facebook, some customers post questions in comments, but others prefer private messages. They send you a message through Shopify facebook messenger because don’t want to share their personal information publically or they want to be consulted more closely.

When you have an online store on an e-commerce platform, they want to ask you something but they don’t know the way to contact you, this app is the great solution.

This app is also the best choice for the small websites that don’t have enough time and money investment. It can seamlessly integrate the conversation between you and your customers. The app gives you the easy reference of your customers because the chats will be stored forever. Thus, you can personalize your live chat with your customers.

When chatting with your customers, you can easily increase sales by convincing buyers with outstanding features of your product or service. That drive more conversions than your webpage alone.

Besides, with the help of shopify facebook store demo, you can directly sell your exclusive products, take orders, or book appointments immediately. It also allows you to not only send pictures, links, files, share important details, exclusive offers with your customers but also invite them to check out your other products or services.

Therefore, you can both save your time and improve the quality of your interactions. Thus, you will never miss a lead, or the opportunity to engage with your clients and customers.

With its easy integration and management, facebook messenger online can save help you manage your business well and boost your revenue.

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The Way To Support Customer Conveniently With No Cost

In the era of industrialization, selling online is becoming popular. That is the reason why the competition is also high. Many online stores appear with a myriad of attractive products, such as clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture, electronics and even food.

The key to highlight your brand, attract users, and generate great revenue in this competitive market is customer service. Customers will feel impressed and will tend to shop in the good-service stores.

We would like to introduce to you an effective app that helps you contact and support with customers. Its name is facebook chat box. You can find it in the Shopify store. Consumers will be satisfied if their questions about the products or services are answered promptly.

This app has millions of active users, and this number is increasing exponentially day by day. Besides, 2 billion is the average number of messages sent monthly between users, and businesses on Shopify facebook messenger. This number is expected to increase over the next two years.

Messenger allows you to instantly communicate with people, whether it’s to ask for business hours or check on the status of an online order.

One more outstanding feature is that messenger is free so anyone can use it to communicate with your business. You can enable your response time display in the setting so your response time can be display in the box and everyone can see it. This is helpful for both you can customers because it informs them how long they usually have to wait to hear a response to their queries.

You can engage with your customers and clients better every time even when you are not at the office with the facebook store shopify. Sometimes, the customers want to ask you the address of your store, the price of the products, the shipping status and so on. They will be happy if they get the answer immediately.

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What You Should Do Before Launching An Online Store

In the early planning stages of your business, every factor is important. Is your site in Shopify platform good enough? Are your products interesting enough to attract consumers? Is there a market for them?

Here are many things you should do when preparing to open the online store. If you do them well and properly, you are ready to launch your business and make it outstanding.

Have Site Monitoring in Place

Figuring out how you’re going to track site traffic and conversions is important in the beginning. Google Analytics is a common way that can help you. Then, you can configure e-commerce tracking and establish your sales goals.

Google Analytics has several great tutorials on this.

Establish a Newsletter

One of the most effective tools to have in your marketing arsenal is an email newsletter and nothing compares to it.

An email marketing campaign can bring you in your subscriber’s inboxes on a regular basis. It is a great opportunity for the brands to offer discounts and coupons, provide helpful information, and announce new products.

You need to establish the email model that suits your brands and products.

Besides, you can try out the email with love that can help you connect with the consumers and give the thanks to them.

Get Set Up on Social Media

Social Media is the effective way for all businesses to approach their audience. It is the first time many people will find about your product, so you should establish compelling profiles as soon as possible.

Develop a Backup Plan

You should backup your site regularly whether it’s on WordPress or not. Make it a priority to backup your site and its database in case of a technological disaster.

Establish Your Shipping Options

Shipping plays an important role in sales. A customer can exit your site without completing the purchase after adding your products to the shopping cart if the shipping costs are too high. Thus, give the reasonable shipping cost or connect with a cheap shipping company.

You put a lot of work into setting up an online store, you should be careful and wise in the time of launching it.

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How Has Shopify Built A Commerce Platform For Everyone?

While e-commerce is developing so fast, plenty of platforms are produced to provide better selling-buying environment for merchants and customers. One of the most popular e-commerce platforms is Shopify. It has a history of foundation and development. Let’s see how Shopify has built a good platform and appealed merchants! Today, I will tell you about a small detail, Shopify Payments.

Shopify developers have released Local Payment Method for Shopify Payment. In other words, they supply different ways for customers to pay. Shopify wants all buyers from all over the world to get a seamless selling experience. Currency conversion is a problem.

A bunch of customers just want to do payments in their currency. They don’t like to exchange the currency and pay in other currency. Merchants should use Currency Converter by Autoketing to resolve that inconvenience. Merchants also should understand this problem and use the Local Payment Method as a solution. Stores using Shopify Payments are possible to provide local payment options for customers.


Once local payment service is enabled, customers will see the payment options based on currency and regional popularity. For instance, in North America, the credit card is the main payment option, but in Germany, over 40% of purchases are operated by bank account.



Shopify merchants need to provide enough payment options for buyers from different regions. This is very important that buyers can check out in the most convenient way.  As a result, you boost the conversion rate and drive more sales.

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Diversify Checkout Currency To Expand Shopify Store to Multiple Countries

E-commerce is a leading trend in the world economy. Nowadays, people tend to go shopping online. Customers not only go to the stores to buy products directly but also surf the internet to find and choose favorite items. They just need to sit in the house and click to buy any products. The number of online customers has been increasing gradually. This is an extremely potential business field.

Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms on the globe. Hundred thousands of people have opened stores on Shopify for the past few years. Competitiveness is very fierce. So the question is how to make your store approach more buyers, especially from other countries. Currency Converter Box online is an app helping you exchange prices into all currencies in the world.

Below we will show you one of the ways to access customers from other nations.

There are some methods including checkout in local currency, expanding regions to sell, using advertisements, local shipping, etc. We say about checkout in local currency now.

You can use applications to help visitors see price in their currency when they visit your online store. Autoketing has developed a currency app named Currency Converter. It will exchange the price to any currencies. You show many currencies, but you can only accept payments in one currency which is the shop’s main currency.

For example, if a British man wants to items in your American shop, he has to pay in US dollar. You can make sure about that sale if you offer a local currency option. That means you allow him to pay in Pound.

Many buyers at old age don’t want to pay in the different currency. They will be satisfied if they can check out in their currency. It’s inconvenient for various people to make payments in other currencies. A lot of customers feel uncomfortable when paying in that way. If you provide a service of payment in customers’ currencies, you can increase your sale. This is a good way to improve the shopping experience.

In conclusion, in case you are a Shopify merchant, you can consider this way to attract customers. You support them so that they may pay in their currency.

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What Do You Learn From The Best Shopping Online Websites?

Selling and buying online brings people so many advantages. More and more customers go shopping online. They buy goods on websites or stores of platforms. E-commerce will take over the retail world economy soon. Many e-commerce stores are successful and gain achievements. We visit famous shopping websites and find out how they rise up their sales.

  1. Lifestyle

This website sells clothes, cosmetics, and accessories. Its slider is always updated with the newest items. It shows the highest discounted products on the front page. The blog contains high-quality articles and is updated often. Texts on the pages focus on “Sale”, which will influence visitors and encourage them to buy products.

2. Koovs

The website’s interface is simple but still eye-catching. It is not easy to convey content through irreducible images. However, this online store is very good at impressing buyers with minimal details. Customers see products sale off immediately as soon as they come to the store.

3. Forever 21

The shop’s name is special and iconic. It refers to the youthfulness of products.  It partly describes customers the store sells for. Besides, Forever 21 applies an affiliate program keeping the store alive. Lots of stores take advantages of that to increase promote sales.

4. Pier 1

If you pay a bit attention to the home page of this web, the first picture comes to your eyes is a discount notification. It is often in the form “number % off”. Visitors see images of sale; consequently, they can want to buy products on sale.

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Best Pieces Of Advice From Successful Entrepreneurs

If you are a startup business or newbie in the e-commerce Shopify, you are told to learn from well-known stores. They began the online sale a long time ago. They experienced a series of difficulties and challenges, but they still develop and get success. You can learn many lessons from them. Name some stores and list their strong points

 1. Fit Little Bride

Define your desired customers by what their interests are, what motivates them to purchase, what they like and who they want to be. If you design your storefront and products to meet all of their needs and stay true to that brand, your company will be the first thing they think of when they are ready to make a purchase.” – Caydi and Alex Zerega.

2. Raw Generation

Let’s see what we learn from this business. They give a piece of advice about the first period of a store after it is established. When you begin a business, resources are limited. You must use resources effectively. You set goals with a deadline and concentrate on the smallest steps to achieve goals. Make price competitiveness and continue to enhance products’ quality.

3. Catan Boards

We can get pieces of advice on customer care service and marketing from this store. If you engage with customers, do things early before the deadline. Customers will think that your store works and deliver goods fast. Remember to write down personal notes on parcels. Say hi to them on social networks like Twitter or Instagram.

4. Hickies

Think about creative ways to get customer experience better. Hickies store rule is to treat buyers the way we want to be treated. Communicate with customers in a polite way and ease them. “Make every interaction a positive one” _  Mariquel Waingarten.

When you are a Shopify merchant, you must investigate so many things to develop your store and drive sales. Try interesting apps like email with love and facebook chat book from


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