Post-Sale Emails Turn New Buyers Into Lifelong Fans (Part 1)

When you have an online store on any platform such as Shopify, you can use the email marketing because it can help you sell more.

The email marketing not only is a powerhouse sales channel but also help you build customer relationships.

By using the email, you can bring the customers to your brand. The best advantage is to increase your customer retention rates by turning one-time customers into loyal fans.

You can increase your profits from 25% to 95% in the increase of just 5% in customer retention.

Here are many types of emails to turn more of your new customers into forever-fans of your brand.

1.Thank You Emails

Saying thank you is a good way to building customer relationships. After customers make a purchase, an interesting thank you message can help you stand out when you’re top of mind for your customer.

You can send the thank you email by using the email with love app. Don’t forget to attach your contact information in the email.

Moreover, you can impress your customers better by sending a quick video saying thank you to every new customer.

2. Shipping Notifications

When the order will show up at their door is one of the most customers’ pressing concerns when they order something online.

The shipping notification emails are expected because they are very important.

You can customize your email notifications including brand logo, color, and even the phrasing of the notification if you use Shopify Shipping. Those options can be found under Settings, in the Notifications section. It allows you to add in your logo, set its size, and add in your brand color.

You’ll need to know a bit of HTML to customize the text. to go right after .”Track your shipment to see the delivery status”, you can add some snappy copy Hit Command-F on your Mac, or Control-F on your PC to open up a search box and you can type in the exact text you want to find. It’s a nice touch to make sure that they’re happy with their order.

In addition, you should support your customers by using the facebook chat box on

Turn Your Blog Into A Business (Part 2)

Blogging is one of the best ways to start your business. In part 1, I showed you the first popular option to turn the blog into a business on Shopify.

Here are the next options:

2. Photoblogs

A photoblog is a great way to engage your target audience when content becomes increasingly visual. Users can post or “reblog” images and share captured or digitally created photos of their daily lives by using the sites such as Tumblr.

Photoblogs are similar to traditional blogs. They can have words along with images, such as words complementing the scene or captions. However, instead of word entries, the page is primarily lined with pictures.

For example, the founders of Lens Between Us, Zuzu Galova and Peter Sedlacik, travel around the world, take photos and share them on their blog. The trip started in Portugal. They want to document their travels like a diary. Thus, they can know exactly where they were if they looked back. In the beginning, they just intended to use this as a side project but Lens Between Us wound up going viral. That results in 33,000 followers on their Instagram. Then, they both head up the design studio Crea Crea.

If you find a concept you like, you should keep working on it and you can start a business.

3. Vlogs

You can share your insight through videos, usually of yourself via vlogs, or video blogs. There are various budding vloggers in YouTube including makeup artists and comedians. They make up this rapidly growing segment of the blogging community.

For example, a popular vintage-inspired vlogger known as Emelyne Behr has nearly 160,000 followers on her YouTube channel. Besides writing for her personal blog, she records videos of baking and beauty tips. She usually uses primarily to share recipes. She grows a connection with her audience by pairing the two platforms. In addition, she also promotes her content on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. These social media remind people to check out her content.

The brands are recognizing the power of vloggers and are more willing to work with them instead of the competition is getting steeper on YouTube. It’s much easier for vloggers to get sponsorships and brand deals with companies.

Behr gives the advice that you should be yourself. you will stand out by creating videos that excite you and express your talents and passion. Additionally, you’re able to engage with your audience.

Earning income from your blog

You can succeed as a well-known and well-respected blogger with the right mindset, dedication, and effort. The founder of Trump Excel named Sumit Bansal, the bloggers can make a profit in many ways:

Providing digital services/products

Providing your own relevant services or products is one of the quickest ways to make money.

You can offer an e-book or a short video course to your audience and make money if you’re an expert in a niche. Because you can keep all the money you make, this can be extremely profitable.

For instance, Bansal, an expert in Excel spreadsheets offers online training courses to consumers. Besides, you can offer to create graphics for your followers, if you’re a designer who blogs about Adobe Photoshop.

Selling affiliate products

Instead of creating your own products to make a profit, you can attract businesses looking for partnerships to promote and sell their brand with a decent number of subscribers.

You can get a commission on every referral sale by pitching other people’s products if you use many amazing affiliate networks to refer their products and make a cut on every sale.

Including display ads

A classic way to earn a profit on your site is using the display ads. Besides, there are popular ad networks like Google Adsense,, and Infolinks. Furthermore, to generate good recurring income, you can also sell your ad space to other brands in your niche.

Where to start a blog

Here are many platforms for launching a blog:

  • Tumblr
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Weebly
  • YouTube

One of the important tips for you to make money is to care about your customers when you have an online store by using the email with love and how to chat on facebook.

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Turn Your Blog Into A Business (Part 1)

Today, there are many types of advertisement. Enterprise can start a business by starting blogging.

If you are having an online store on Shopify, you can use the blogging or vlogging as a marketing tactic for your small business. Besides, you can try to turn your blog into a source of income.

Here are 3 popular options for your business and you can make money from them.

Traditional blogs

Some bloggers just want to write. There are plenty of potential topics for blogging including hobbies (such as baking or fishing) and self-help. These blogs often feature media, like a photo or video, that fits the piece of writing.

The founder of the blog One Good Thing named Jill Nystul said that she used the blog as a side project, but she eventually succeeded. After that, she became a full-time blogger and quit her day job. This is a good source of income for her and her team including four full-time and two part-time employees.

There is a fact that if you have decent traffic and can get in with a reputable ad network, there is good money to be made.

The bloggers should write about consistently about topics in which they have particular expertise and don’t forget to use social media to their advantage. We will have more traffic comes from direct search if we’ve been around longer.

If your blog is more reliable, it is more preferred. Social media is used to engage our core readers and find new ones.

Besides, an important ingredient for success in the blogging industry is networking.

To result in collaborations and incoming links, businesses can create relationships with other bloggers. Therefore, you can increase traffic and credibility for your site.

In addition to this, the customer services are also important to boost your sales. Try out the email with love and facebook chat bot on

Use Gifts To Explode Sales In Holidays

The holiday season is a special occasion to boost sales for stores and companies. In annual events and holidays, the number of customers increases. The demand of the market rises up too. Obviously, the orders and sales have an opportunity to reach out the huge amount. Businessmen take this chance to sell goods as many as possible.

Store owners use various ways to market their brand on the holiday season. They operate advertising campaigns, send marketing emails, and discount campaigns. Today we introduce a method to boost sales. That is gift guides.

A sample of gift guides

In a year, there are many holidays such as New Year, Christmas, Valentine, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and so on. Many people want to give gifts to family and friends on these occasions. Customers choose different presents for target receivers. Gifts are in high demand. Therefore, if you’re a shop owner, you can use some tips as follow.

Gift guides are ideas and instructions to gift someone. For example, website Guitar Adventure has launched a post about gifts for guitarists. They list 20 unique and creative gifts for guitarists. And this post is searched most. They put a link back to stores selling the gifts. Readers can go to the stores to buy gifts they want.

Finding gift guides

You find guides on blogs and websites. You use a spreadsheet to look for easily. You want to buy a gardening toolkit to present your dad. So you must find websites and blogs related to gardening. You can use keywords like gardening gift guide, gardener father day gift guide, gift ideas for gardeners, etc. You should add 20 websites to the spreadsheet before the outreach process. 20 webs should be of high quality. We give you some standard to choose good websites. Blogs and webs should be approachable and have an active readership.

You can contact administrators of webs or blogs to send a request. You tell them that you want them to add your products and store on their list. You want to be a part of their gift guides. You should not send a mass email. You follow webs until they response you. Another way is you create your own gift guides.

You can read more marketing tips on Take a look at email with love and facebook live chat. They are free apps of Autoketing. You can add them to customer service.



Driving More Sales Isn’t A Nightmare For Newbies Yet

You have a newly opened shop on Shopify and are finding methods to get first sales. This is not a piece of cake. You must adopt marketing strategies and promotion plans to lift orders up. How do you boost sales and get revenue? We will refer some tips to stimulate the number of sales.

1. Instagram

Nowadays the number of Instagram users are increasing, so it has become a popular social network in the world. You can make use of it to advertise your brand and products. You post pictures of products and set up an account named after your business name. Users will know and realize your business. They can go to your shop through links you put on the account.

You can coordinate with famous accounts which have a huge amount of followers. They can introduce your products to followers. Hiring celebrities is a tip in marketing. Focus on trending hashtags to seek famous accounts.

2. Blog and press

Other resources are vlog, blog, and press. You must access bloggers and vloggers.  Some bloggers or vloggers are followed by so many people. You find vloggers on Youtube and use Google to find famous bloggers. Take advantage of videos of famous Youtuber to bring your brand to subscribers. If vloggers make reviews about your product or services, they can become popular with viewers. You also use keywords on blogs or press to look for people who may have a fancy for your products.

3. Reddit

Reddit is a famous web with countless visitors every day. There are subreddits on the page. You look for entrepreneur subreddits and learn effective tips and lessons. A lot of interesting knowledge and advice can be found on the reddit. You can upload posts on the page and attract the attention of other users.

4. Friends and family

You can turn family and friends into customers. They can be first buyers using your products. They will give you real and useful reviews. Thanks to them, you improve quality and selling plans. It’s not necessary to sell to relatives. You simply offer samples so that they try to use. You ask them to introduce products to other people.

5. Twitter

You engage with Twitter users to gain a certain number of customers. You collect followers before opening a physical store. According to Shopify blog, you “search Twitter for keywords related to your business and then look for chances to help people or add value in a way that lacks a sales pitch. Let people discover themselves why your tweets are valuable.” You follow the target users and post related statues to attract them. For instance, you will sell books. You find book lovers, follow them and post pictures of books. They are likely to follow you in return.

Use the tips above to advertise your business. When you get sales and profit, invest in other aspects like customer service. You can use two free apps email with love and Shopify facebook chat box of

How To Choose The Most Appropriate Theme For Your Shopify Store (Part 2)

After considering your demand and theme style, it’s time for you to enter the Shopify theme store.

The Shopify Theme Store has more than 100+ different theme styles for you to use on your Shopify store. You can create beautiful themes with third-party developers to find something that’s perfect for your business.

Tips: You should use the themes from the Shopify Theme Store because of its good quality and functionality.

Improved Search Tools

You can now use search and filter tools to find the right theme for your store with the latest updates to the Shopify Theme store.

You can browse themes having a specific feature, industry, layout, or purpose. Depending on the inventory size, layout style, homepage features, product type, social features, and more, choose the best one from themes filtered. After that, you should focus on the features that are important to the experience you’re trying to create. To find specific features, theme designers, and key terms, you should use the search.

In addition, the business can use a particular theme to see the customization possibilities within the theme to get inspiration from examples of other stores. After seeing the themes of other stores, you will be able to customize your own theme with your branding and photography.

Remember that the Shopify App Store has many apps that can extend your theme’s functionality.

Consider Theme Support as a Deciding Factor

When deciding on your perfect theme, theme support is another important factor to consider. Through the Theme Support team, all free themes are supported directly by Shopify.

You’ll have to contact their team directly should you run into any issues if you do end up using a theme that was made by a third-party because all third-party developers have their own support team.

Don’t forget to improve your customer’s services to attract them by using the facebook live chat help and the email with love on

How To Choose The Most Appropriate Theme For Your Shopify Store (Part 1)

Picking the perfect theme for your Shopify store is very important because it represents your brand and product style.

A business with the perfect theme can impress with the customers well.

Speck and Stone is the example. It sells beautiful products and has a beautifully designed store. Thanks to the Brooklyn free theme of the Shopify Theme Store, the businesses can customize it to fit the business and brand.

It just feels right by looking at their website. An eye-catching theme makes your business look more professional and attractive. The businesses may take the time to experiment with other themes before they landed on this one.

The fact that they understand their potential customers and what they’re looking for is one of the things that consumers love about their theme choice. Their theme helps them convey that with large images, a simple navigation, and clear call to actions. Besides, their product is also incredibly visual and unique.

You can also achieve the same finesse that Speck and Stone has with the perfect theme.

Before you pick a theme

Some businesses think that the theme selection process can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to determine what’s best for your business.

You can start with a default theme and have the option to customize it. Besides, you can also play around with it, or even just start fresh with a new theme.

If it’s your first time using Shopify, you can use the default Shopify theme. It is a good way to understand different theme features and styling options. Before jumping into any other themes, you should play around with it as a testing playground.

You also have the option to work with a Shopify Expert, if you want something completely unique to your business.

Don’t forget to take care of your customers well with the useful apps: the email with love and facebook customer care live chat on

How To Improve Your Business Blog (Part 2)

In the previous part, we introduce you 2 tips to get success in the business blog and in part 2, you can know the rest of them.

If you own an online on Shopify, you need to consider these following tips to improve your business blog.

3. Brainstorm keywords for each post

Your blog posts need to have the related phrases which customers might type into a search engine if you want your audiences to find your website when searching online.

Businesses should brainstorm the keys before writing each post and put them in your post. For example, if you provide accounting services, clients can search for “small business accounting tips.” You should find one main keyword and two or three secondary keywords for your topics.

4. Optimize your posts for search

Optimizing your blog posts for online search is called SEO. It means adding signals that tell search engines what your post is about. The search engines can direct relevant traffic to your website when they read these signals.

Besides, you also optimize your blog post for search by adding keywords in the right places. The main key appears in the post’s title, at least one heading and once or twice in the body of the blog posts and the secondary keywords are used in the body.

They should appear as natural as possible when you include these keywords in your post. If you add keywords randomly or in sentences where they don’t fit organically, the search engines think that your site is not trustworthy. The keys also appear in:

URL of your post

Blog post title

Image names

Image descriptions

Meta-description of your post’s content.

You can send multiple signals to search engines and make them direct customers to your blog by optimizing all these places.

5. Tie your blog to your other marketing

Blogging is still a form of marketing although its effect is often indirect. To have the strongest possible impact, it should be tied in with your overall marketing strategy.

Bringing your products into your blogs is a good idea.

Your blog should change as well if you rebrand your business or change your website.

When you are going to launch a product, you can write several blog posts on related topics and publish them to generate interest and help customers understand how the new product will benefit them.

6. Network within your industry

Thanks to the blog, you can establish your reputation within your industry and network.

The blog posts include:

  • Findings from customer surveys
  • Collaborations with other businesses
  • Interviews with industry leaders
  • Relevant news stories or trending topics
  • Information about industry-wide events
  • Links to round-ups that share your colleagues’ posts and images

Other businesses are likely to share your content if it is relevant to your broader industry. Therefore, you can create the opportunity to build professional relationships. You will have more chance to reach your audiences and bring the products closer to them.

7. Blog with care and intent

The clients want the business to know that you care about your business and more importantly you care about solving their problems. Thus, your posts should communicate your investment in your business and customers.

You can show that you understand the needs and concerns of your customers by planning out relevant, helpful posts. Express that you value their time and want to help them with a carefully written blog.

Not every business needs a blog but it will be more effective if you have a well-written blog.

Don’t forget to support your clients by using the email with love and chat facebook on

How To Improve Your Business Blog (Part 1)

A good business blog can attract new customers, market your company, and position you as an industry leader. Your Shopify business blogging takes up time and energy without producing any benefit if the business has any clear idea when starting blogging.

You can promote your business and build relationships with customers and colleagues by following these tips to create a marketing tool.

1.Define your audience

If you don’t know what type of person will see a magazine ad or a TV commercial, you would never run it. Similarly, if you don’t know who your intended readers are, you should never write a blog post.

You should define the people most likely to be searching for and interested in learning about your business.

Take the time to create a reader profile depending on what you know of your ideal customers, including:

Who are they?

What do your customers care about?

Their related interests

The questions they want to ask

Problems your business can help them solve.

If you have the answers to these questions, you can choose topics to write about and create a blog that your customers will care about.

2. Create an editorial calendar

The customers, search engines, and blog readers all like predictability. When you start writing but you don’t post for many weeks, your audiences won’t come back and see what else you’ve written.

In search engines, a website publishing infrequently won’t rank as high. Thus, customers will find you through online search. You should create an editorial calendar that lays out a plan for what you will write and when it will be published.

The quality and consistency are important than the frequency of your posts. The well-written and relevant blogs are better than poor-quality posts.

In addition, remember to take care of your customers well by using the email with love and facebook chat messenger on

Brand Strategies Helps You Leave Competitors Behind

The brand is an indispensable factor of a company. When you grow your business, you must develop the brand too. When the brand is familiar to consumers, you can have a certain amount of buyers. They will choose to buy your products if your image is stored in their mind. You need to add the brand strategies to business development.

The brand strategy modifies the look of your business which customers see.  You can hold the number 1 in the competition if your brand affects a variety of buyers. A brand strategy contributes to marketing, keeping customers and boosting the popularity of your company.

You can bring the difference to your brand through the uniqueness of selling proposition. You can take advantage of a story, a correct opinion or target of your business. If you produce the best goods, you can distinguish the brand. Consumers only welcome and re-buy good products. If the quality of the products is low, you will lose customers. The brand is tied to the quality. Good quality spread the brand.

One of the ways to develop the brand is to change the branding rules. You research to find and understand a custom in customers. If the products are suitable for that custom, you can grab so many buyers. You supply exactly what they need. Giving customers the most wonderful shopping experience helps raise a brand.  You investigate demands of customers and provide the best services for target customers. Each type of customers has separate demands. You use different strategies for specific customers.

You can build your brand through customer support service. Staff is always available to answers all questions of consumers. Use Facebook chat login to chat with shoppers through Facebook Messenger. Don’t forget to thank customers who have bought your products. If you are selling on Shopify, you can use email with love to send thank-you letters to buyers.

Hope the tips are useful for you. Try your best to build a powerful brand! You could read articles about other topics on

Does Your Business Need A Unique Unboxing Experience?

If you want to start a small business on e-commerce platforms, you can open a store on Shopify to get first revenue. You sell online and have to deliver goods to customers. Have you ever thought about creating an unboxing experience for shoppers?

Imagine you are a buyer. You have placed an order and received a package. If your item is wrapped carefully and there is no damage, you will feel comfortable and have a good impression of the shop. Shipping activities and packaging and unboxing experience are quite important if you want customers to buy products again. You should care about these problems if you want customers to have the best services. Packaging protects goods. You must do well in packaging and shipping step. We will find out more about this progress.

Branded packing experience is about the way you choose to wrap up products. You perhaps give customers more satisfaction with good branded packing experience. Make use of this experience to wow buyers and persuade them to become loyal customers. For example, clothes and accessories shop designs a special box to contain products. They print logo and slogan on the box. Products are arranged neatly in the box. The customers see the delicacy of service and they feel they are appreciated.

According to a survey of Dotcom Distribution, 52% of shoppers will re-order products in shops which have good packaging service. 4 out of 10 customers will post pictures of pretty packages on their social network. This can introduce your brand to potential customers, which is an indirect advertisement.

So, how can you make branded packaging experience? Firstly, you have to have separate wrapping materials. You make the impression through beautiful cover. You produce boxes, tissue papers, fillers, promotional material, business cards, receipts, custom notes, tapes, gifts, and samples. As you use high-quality and catchy materials to wrap up your products and deliver them to customers as soon as possible, they are very satisfied with the service.

In addition to packaging service, you should improve customer support service by installing email with love app and Shopify facebook chat box. Two applications are developed by Autoketing team. Find more information on

Best Practice For Businesses To Ensure Cybersecurity

Best Practice For Businesses To Ensure Cybersecurity

Nowadays, cyber attacks have a bad effect on business. They threaten the data of your customers. When you have an online store on Shopify, you need to be always ready to protect your business and its data.

Here are many best practices which will keep your company as safe as possible.

Keep your software up to date

An outdated computer is more prone to crashes, security holes, and cyber attacks. There is a fact that an outdated computer is more prone to crashes, security holes, and cyber attacks. The computer that’s been fully patched is less likely to be attacked.

You’re greatly increasing your chances of being targeted if you let these weaknesses go for too long because hackers are constantly scanning for security vulnerabilities.

Educate your employees.

Business should make the staffs aware of the ways cybercriminals can infiltrate your systems. Besides, it’s necessary to teach them to recognize signs of a breach and how to stay safe while using the company’s network.

Implement formal security policies.

To locking down your system, giving and enforcing security policies are essential. To bolster your protection, you and your business should create a culture of caution and preventive practices.  One of the best solutions is to regularly hold meetings and seminars on the best cybersecurity practices.

You should mention to use strong passwords, identify and report suspicious emails, and click links or download attachments.

Many companies require employees to follow strict standards for creating passwords such as never using the same or similar passwords for different applications or the password including numbers, both uppercase and lowercase characters and symbols.

Practice your incident response plan

In order for your staff to detect and contain the breach quickly when an incident occurs, you should run a drill of your response plan (and refining, if necessary).

Have a security-first mentality.

The small businesses shouldn’t assume that they’re exempt from falling victim to a breach because of their size.

When doing your business, you need to care about your customer services. Explore to find many apps to help you such as the email with love and facebook chat support.

Security Solutions For Small Business ( Part 3)

The security solutions can help businesses on Shopify protect not only their data but also the personal and credit information of the customers. In the previous 2 parts, we mention 8 security solutions and in this part, we will show you the rest.

9. Cloudflare

The free Cloudflare tool helps protect your website without a lot of money. It can fight against malicious attacks like SQL injections and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks that can shut down your website. It detects attacks automatically, then blocks them and creates reports for you.

To determine legitimacy, it also assesses their reputations, evaluates visitors, IP addresses, and other factors.

Users can also choose security levels, block a number of IP addresses, set up firewalls and enable SSL security certificates for data encryption.


The large-scale distributed denial-of-service attacks develop over years. DDoS cause an outage lasting from minutes to days and resulting in substantial financial losses by attacking overwhelm website resources. Especially, the DDoS attacks have the bad effects on businesses that sell online.

A DDoS mitigation provider gives an all-in-one cybersecurity solution for small businesses.

11. CSID

Not only consumers face the risk of identity theft but also businesses can fall victim. Check out business identity protection services like CSID to protect your company.

This service offers credit services, fraud detection, threat intelligence, user and transaction monitoring, and data breach mitigation.

CSID also uses global ID verification systems and voice biometrics to offer advanced authentication methods for businesses dealing with super-sensitive data.

12. HTTPS Everywhere

When users log in to accounts, make online purchases, and complete other transactions, HTTPS is the standard for websites to protect data.

With HTTPS Everywhere, you can make web browsing more secure. While you surf major websites, it encrypts communication.

13. Social-Engineer

The helps organizations identify risk areas.

Besides, it can also identify how malicious attackers can exploit vulnerabilities.

Social-Engineer can customize programs based on individual needs and requirements.

14. OpenVPN

VPNs allow users an extra layer of privacy as they browse the internet.

To make sure your employees aren’t accessing your network through an open, unprotected connection, you can use OpenVPN.

Remember to take care of your customers by using the email with love and facebook live chat on

Security Solutions For Small Business (Part 2)

The security solutions have an important role in information security for both customers and businesses. In part 1, we introduced you 4 solutions for security and in this part, there are more effective solutions for your online business on the Shopify platform.


Strong password for all your accounts and services is one of the tenets of cybersecurity. The password relating to your pet’s name or your spouse’s name and birthday will come with risks, so the random password is the best idea.

This app offers a random password generator to create alphanumeric, strong, case-sensitive passwords up to 24 characters long automatically. It allows you to add your own touch for a super-secure password.

6. Stay Safe Online

It is powered by the National Cyber Security Alliance. Stay Safe Online has various tools and resources to help small entrepreneurs protect their employees, businesses,  and customers from data loss, cyber attacks, and other online threats.

Additionally, you can also monitor threats, train employees, implement a cybersecurity plan, and learn how to assess your risks. After an attack, you’ll also learn what to do and how to report one to the proper authorities.

7. FCC Small Biz Cyberplanner 2.0

Cybersecurity can be overwhelming for small business owners. The Federal Communication Commission’s Small Biz Cyberplanner can guide you when you want to cover all your bases but don’t know where to start.

The planner will automatically generate a custom cyber security plan with expert advice for your business and you just need to fill in your information and indicate your areas of concern.

Your areas of concern include scams and fraud, privacy and data security, network security, email, mobile devices, website security, and employees.

8. AxCrypt

Encryption is the cornerstone of security and privacy in the digital world. The data thieves cannot open and read the encrypted files without the specialized key.

The encryption software such as AxCrypt can keep your files unreadable by unwanted eyes and store in your system.

You can encrypt files with a 128-bit key with the free version and 256-bit with the premium version.

If you want to improve your customer services, you can try out the email with love and facebook chat on…

Security Solutions For Small Business (Part 1)

Cybersecurity is no joke. You are always at risk for a cyber attack whether you have a website, online accounts or any type of web-based infrastructure on Shopify.

The cyber attack on small businesses is a relatively easy job because they have the least-protected websites, accounts and network systems due to their lack of resources.

Here are many business-friendly cybersecurity solutions:


It is a global, award-winning security provider. It offers free and affordable security tools. The solutions include:

Comodo One, the company’s free IT management platform. It can remote monitoring and management.

Comodo SecureBox. It protects your app from malware-infected devices.

Comodo Advanced Endpoint. It can automatically prevent malware from entering networks.

Besides, businesses can also use the SSL certificates for free internet security, security for POS systems, firewall protection, mobile device management, and many other services.


ESET has a variety of security bundles for business to choose to protect your computers, mobile devices, USB drives, networks, and servers. Besides, it also allows you to build the perfect security tool for your business including endpoint security, remote management, mobile security, file security, two-factor authentication, email security, encryption, and virtualization security.

3. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

Businesses that have a local area network use fast and efficient wireless LAN connections. However, but it is still vulnerable to attacks from outside parties.

Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector gives you more authority to monitor and protect your network by providing central control for your WLAN.

4. Lookout Mobile Security

This can protect your business from cyber attacks on phones and tablets. It shields against all types of mobile threats, such as data leakages, malware, and jailbroken devices and the risks associated with sideloaded apps.

Besides, it also offers advanced tools to manage risks, vet software and app vendors.

Don’t ignore the cybersecurity because it can cause serious consequences for your business and customers.

Besides, you can support your customers to boost your sales by using the email with love and facebook chat on


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