How to increase cart value when customers go to cart: Custom upsell?

Upsell is one of the best campaigns for merchants on the Shopify platform to increase revenue. Upsell includes custom upsell and last step upsell. Both of them are worthy for you to apply on your store. They create more opportunities to show upsell and cross-sell products to your clients to raise the value of orders and make more money.

What is upsell?

Up-sell is a marketing term for suggesting higher priced products or services to a client who is considering a purchase. The example of upselling is that the sellers say “Would you like to super-size that?” when you go to the fast-food store.

Upsell includes custom upsell and last step upsell. If you give wise suggestions, you will not only help your customers take the best advantages of the products but also help yourself increase revenue.

What is custom upsell?

Custom upsell means that you set up custom upsell offers to show popups on your store. In custom upsell offer, the popups of upsell products appear after visitors click Add-to-cart button. You are free to choose the target products and upsell products.  Besides, you can set the discount to encourage your customers to buy more. It is available to set the discount for specific products or collections.

How to set up custom upsell offers?

To create custom upsell campaign, you may need the help of an upsell app to run the campaign smoothly and conveniently. Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool is an upsell app that can help you create not only cross-sell but also upsell campaign at the same time.

By offering the upsell, you can encourage shopping needs: Suggest different products so that customers buy more items and grow the cart value.

The app provides the eye-catching themes including holiday themes like New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday.

Let see how to create a custom upsell campaign.

Install the app from the Shopify app store. Then, go to the dashboard and start setting up the campaign.

Step 1: Name the offer and message

  • Click the button “Create offer” and you can see a popup.


  • Enter the “Create offer” button on the first box named “Custom upsell offer”.


  • Name the offer. Your customers can’t see the name of the campaign and only you can see it. It helps you distinguish the campaign with others and manage different offers effectively.
  • Create an offer message. There are three available messages for you to choose:

– Hurry up! Add an indispensable choice with {{product_name}}

– Have you tried these cool options? Why not!

– A perfect combination for you with {{product_name}}


  • However, if you want, you can type your own message to attract clients.

Step 2: Choose the products or collections

  • Choose target products: You have 3 choices: all products, specific products, and specific collections. Pick the one that fits your campaign.


  • Choose upsell products: tick on specific products or specific collections then add the products or collections from your website.




Step 3: More settings

  • Device: Choose the devices to display the popup

The app can run on both desktop and mobile


  • Schedule: Set up the time to display the popup


Select “Immediately” to run the campaign immediately after saving settings or select “Display at a specific time” to set the start date and end date for the campaign.

Step 4: Create offer discount

  • Turn on the “offer’s discount” feature so that you can adjust promotion to encourage shoppers to buy more.


There are 4 discount types:

  • Adjust percentage for each upselling product: you can set the different discounted percentage for different products. Type the percentage on the box beside the products.


  • Set up the percentage for all upselling products: in this mode, all the items are discounted by the same percentage. You just need to enter one value of percentage on the box to apply to all products.


  • Adjust fixed amount for each upselling product: write the fixed amount on the box beside each product.


  • Offer free shipping code: enter a prefix code which lets customers know what the code is.


  • Select the countries to apply the free shipping code. You can apply to all countries or any specific countries.





Shipping rates: Exclude shipping rates over a certain amount.


  • Minimum requirements: you can set the minimum requirements with 3 choices:

– None: if you don’t want to apply any requirement


Minimum purchase amount: set a minimum amount of the cart. Your customers will get free shipping service if they reach this minimum amount of the cart


– Minimum quantity of items: give the minimum number of products on the cart. Your clients will get free shipping service if they add enough items on their cart.


  • Discount schedule: merchants can adjust the time of the discount campaign: immediately or set the start and end time.

Step 4: Advanced settings


  • Shop owners can choose all or any features below:

– Don’t show products that are out of stock

– Don’t show products that customers added to the cart

– Only show upselling offers to customers who logged in.

Step 5: Save

  • Click the “Save upsell custom” button to save your settings.


The popup will display like this:



In addition, you can also create the last step upsell and cross-sell at the same time to promote clients to increase the cart value.

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How To Upsell When Customers In The Checkout Step: Last-step Upsell

Upsell including last-step upsell is one of the most effective strategies for merchants to increase revenue when selling in a brick-and-mortar store or on the Shopify platform. It means merchants provide opportunities for customers to purchase related products or services. Besides, one more purpose of upselling is to make a larger sale.

One example of upselling: when a client buys a laptop, it is possible to give them the suggestion of a more modern and expensive laptop. Therefore, not only customers feel convenient but also you can gain more revenue.

Besides using the custom upsell offers, last-step upsell offer can also help merchants sell more at point-of-sale.

What is last-step upsell?

Last-step upsell is similar to custom up-sell offers. The difference is that this type of upselling makes popups show up after customers click the Checkout button. You need to create set up cart conditions in order for customers to see the popups. They have to meet these requirements to see the last step upsell popups.

For example, you set up the cart value greater than 100 dollars so your clients will see the popup if they are going to make a purchase of more than 100 dollars.

In addition, the sales motivator bar is a great feature. Sales motivator bar will continue to encourage shoppers to add more items to achieve a fixed target and get a discount in the last step of shopping before checkout.

The last step upsell shows up like this:

How-To-Upsell-When-Customers-In-The-Checkout-Step-Last-step Upsell

Here is how to set up last-step upsell offers:

The Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool app by Autoketing is a striking app suggesting other products for shoppers. It helps you save time to set up and make recommendations for customers. The app allows you to create many campaigns including discounted cross-sell and upsell products such as buy X get Y, get free shipping, percentage and fixed amount.

Step 1: Create the offer’s name and message

  • Click the button “Create offer”. You will see a popup:


  • Click “Create offer” button on the area of “Last step upsell offer


  • Name your offer. Only you can see it and it helps you distinguish the offers in the overview page so that you can manage different offers effectively. Your clients don’t see this offer name.
  • Choose offer message: There are 3 types of available messages for you to choose. Otherwise, you can create your own message.


Step 2: Set up Cart condition:

If your customer’s cart meets the condition, the upselling offer will show.

  • You can adjust many rules. Then choose “all the following rules” so that the popup will display when your customers meet all the rules, or “one of the following rules” so that the popup will display when your customers meet one of these conditions.


  • Click View to edit Rules of Cart condition.


  • You have two options to choose: Cart total price or Cart items.

If you choose Cart total price, select value Is greater than or Is less than. Then create an amount in the box. For example as on the picture: Cart total price is greater than $100.

If you choose Cart items, adjust Contain or Does not contain, Products or Any product from collections. Next, add collections or products. For example, you set a rule: Cart items contain one specific product or Cart items do not contain any product from one collection.




In addition, it allows you to add many other rules.

  • Click “Add another rule” to edit


Step 3: Choose upsell products

  • You have 2 choices: specific products or specific collections.




Step 4: Set up Sales motivator bar

  • You can select the available motivational message or type the one you want.


  • Set up Discount by percentage or amount, enter a number. Then, enter the fixed target that customers have to get.


Step 5: More settings

  • Device: Choose the devices to display the popup: Mobile or Desktop or both of them.


  • Schedule: Allow the offers to show immediately or at a specific time. Then choose the start and end time.


  • Advanced settings: Choose one of these features or all of them:

– Don’t show products that customers added to the cart

– Don’t show products that are out of stock

– Only show upselling offers to customers who logged in


Step 6: Save

  • Click the Save button to save all your settings.


Your upsell popup will display like this:


Besides, you can consider creating custom upsell offer or custom cross-sell offer with the help of the Upsell cross-sell smart tool app.

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The Reason Why Good Service Improves The Customer Experience

One of the keys to retain customers and build customers’ loyalty is good customer service. Great customer service is especially important for not only brick-and-mortar store but also businesses on Shopify. Consumers will be impressed and are more likely to come back to you for the next time.

There is a report that 50% of U.S. consumers have abandoned a purchase due to poor service experience. On the contrary, 7 in 10 customers say they’ll spend more money (17% more, on average) with a brand providing consistently great customer service while 33% of shoppers will look to switch to a competitor after a single bad service experience.

Besides the good-quality products, customer service is also necessary for business. These are the reasons why merchants should improve customer service:

Effective support solves the root cause

Customer service can surface the hidden problems as soon as possible for customers. This allows businesses to solve the root cause of a problem and prevent issues for future customers rather than simply treating their symptom. Clients will be satisfied if they are supported promptly. They will appreciate your outstanding service and come back for the next time.


When you are always willing to support customers every time, they feel confident to buy your products. It means you create a better experience for future customers. As the result, you can see a net improvement to your store’s buying experience and potentially your overall sales.

You can create a simple system to track the problems you hear about more than once. Therefore, you can save time when supporting clients and maybe you can find out the way to fix this issue.

I suggest a chat app which allows you to answer your customers immediately: Facebook chat box.

Support can encourage more valuable conversations

When support customers, you can give them helpful information and tips to take the best advantages of your products. Some customers may have a good experience at the expense of others if they can’t optimize efficiency. Thus, it is necessary for the business to be willing to support clients every moment.

There can be potential problems, so you should be flexible and intelligent in order to find the best solution.

Valuable to you, valuable to customers: if the conversation brings benefit for both you and your customers, you may want to encourage these types of conversation as often as you can.

Valuable to you, irritable to customers: you should lower the barrier by making these steps as easy as possible when you realize that customers are annoyed by the hoops you’re asking them to jump through. Simplify everything as fast as you can.

Irritable to you, valuable to customers: If the conversation provides zero or negative value to the business but it still needs to happen, give them the self-service in the form of FAQ pages and help docs. Therefore, your customers will find the quick answers they need.

Irritable to you, irritable to customers: give your best shots to eliminate the source of the problem. Fix the problem thoroughly because no one benefits from these conversations.

In addition, you can even increase your revenue when supporting your clients. Give them the recommendations of the related items. Then, customers can see the benefit of these products and will buy more. It calls upsell and cross-sells. If you give the suitable items, shoppers are willing to spend more money.

If you need an app to help your online business do that, you can try out Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool to create upsell cross-sell, discounted upsells, upsell bundles.


Customer service can provide unexpected insight

When supporting clients, you can receive constructive feedback from them. It is a significant gift because it helps you spot opportunities that can potentially shift your entire business. Besides, customers can give you great ideas to grow your business.

In sum, try to improve your customer service as well as possible because it is one of the keys to business success.

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Tactics To Boost eCommerce Revenue With Upsell and Cross-sell

According to a report in 2006, cross-selling and upselling contributed as much as 35% of the revenue of a business.

Analyst Sucharita Mulpuru of Forrester Research said that product recommendations account for an average of 10-30% of an eCommerce site.

Therefore, when you run an offline store or online business on Shopify, you should apply the cross-sell and upsell campaign to boost your sales.

What are Upselling and Cross-selling?

Upselling and cross-selling can support each other well to get the best result.

Buy a leather coat from me and I will offer you a better one with a higher price: the better one is an upsell.

Buy a laptop from me and I will suggest a wireless mouse: a wireless mouse is a cross-sell.

Therefore, upselling is to sell a superior, more expensive version of the item that the clients already choose. The superior version is a higher, better model of the product.

Cross-selling is to sell related products to the one a customer already buying. They will be complementary in nature.

Bundling is one more popular selling technique. It means you bundle together the main product and other auxiliary products and the price is higher than what the single product is sold for.

What is Bundling in eCommerce?

Bundling one product and two very related (even essential) ones is a compelling offer to customers. Therefore, customers will have the best experience with the product. Besides, merchants also use bundling along with a discount to increase the perceived value of the offering.

We have 2 types of bundling: pure bundle and mixed bundle

Pure Bundling means that all the items are made available only in bundles and cannot be bought individually. Mixed bundle offers you 2 options: individual purchase and bundle purchase.

The key to successful bundling is how you mix the products. You should combine the products which work well together so that your clients can take the best advantages of your products.

In addition, you can offer the bundle: Specify a minimum order amount to qualify for free shipping. So, clients who are looking to purchase only one item are likely to switch to the bundle in order to raise order value and qualify for free shipping.

In addition, customer service is also important for business. You should take care of them well and support them whenever they need to gain their trust and loyalty.


Why Are Upsell and Cross-Sell Important For Business?

Many people think that upsell and cross-Sell are unethical practices to squeeze more out of the customer. If cross-selling and upselling are used unethically to try and make the customer shell out more, this tactic and business don’t last long.

However, if upselling and cross-selling are used to ‘help customers win’, it becomes more friendly suggestions and a helping hand to make the ‘right’ purchase.

So how can upselling and cross-selling help you?

1. Increases Customer Retention

When customers want to buy something, they know what they need but they don’t know which is the best choice for them. Therefore, it is better if you can suggest to them the best solution to the problem. When you help the customer find more value than he was expecting by upselling or cross-selling, you become his best friend. They are more likely to return and drive 43% of your revenues.

2. Increases Average Order Value and Lifetime Value

According to the report of a marketing metric study, the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70% when this number is 60 – 70% when selling to a new prospect. As the result, you can boost your revenue effectively if you can upsell to existing customers to increase lifetime value.

When you are selling online, the help of an app is necessary. I suggest the shopify upsell which allows you to give the suggestions to the purchasers at the right time. You are free to choose products for the campaign and it is also available to create discounted upsell & cross-sell campaign to stimulate customers’ shopping needs such as buy one get one, buy X get Y or get free shipping.

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Effective Cross-Selling And Upselling Strategies For Merchants

When you recommend your customers to add additional items or shifting to a more premium version of their original choice to increase their cart value is called upselling. Besides, cross-selling is when you suggest to your clients the related products that will go supremely well with the original purchase.

There is the fact that cross-selling and upselling are important for businesses when selling both online on Shopify and offline.

When doing something, to succeed, you must have a suitable strategy. So, it is possible to increase your revenue if you give intelligent tactics.

Follow these keys and choose the one suited your business:

Cross-selling strategies

Whatever you sell: products or service, cross-selling is useful. It helps not only boost your interest but also your customers get the additional help they need. It does take some planning to create a cross-selling. You should take the time to visualize how the process could work in your business and in the case of clients. Focus on these key to give the most helpful suggestion to your consumers: segmentation, relevancy, and timeliness.

For example, your company offers housecleaning services, when people are having trouble keeping up with basic household cleaning tasks, they will hire you. You can introduce them that you also provide other services including washing dishes, folding laundry, etc. They may never get the additional help they need if you don’t give them the recommendation. By contrast, you can provide your customers with additional options and drive in-depth awareness of your offerings if you share other related services to them.


To gain insight into your customers, you can segment your customers into groups by location, gender or age. Besides, merchants should also learn about their attitudes and beliefs to understand why they purchase from you and know what they need and what they’re looking to solve to give a suitable suggestion.

The important thing when cross-selling is to help clients save time or improve their lifestyle.



You will need to create a cross-selling strategy after segmenting your customer base. Therefore, you have the knowledge to suggest the relevant products and services to the purchase and to the customer type.

Cross-selling works even better when you have a high-priced offering and you offer a lower cost accessory or service. Besides, cross-selling brings the best result when you have a high-priced offering and you provide a lower cost accessory or service.

For example, a landscaping business including career-oriented, time-strapped pet owners needs weekly lawn care. It is better both for you and your customers if you introduce them that you have weekly pet waste removal service. This helps them save time while maintaining the beauty of their yard.

When you have two low-cost items, cross-selling also works well. When you own a coffee shop, you can add the custard cakes into your menu because they go well with coffee. You might have your staff suggest them when clients order coffee.

Your messaging must come across as helpful and authentic whatever you sell. The key to successful cross-selling is offering intelligent suggestions based on your conversation or observation. You will lose your customers if you’re simply trying to unload overstock inventory.


Most sellers try to cross-sell at the time of purchase by recommending relevant items, displaying items that are frequently purchased together, and sharing what other customers have purchased. However, it is not always the ideal time. It is important to choose the right time to make suggestion. Sometimes, the suitable moment is when clients experience the service.

Timing is also an art when cross-selling.

Upselling strategies

It sometimes takes a bit more finesse and nurturing when upselling than cross-selling. In addition, it’s best if you can create the upselling strategy around an authentically personal approach.

Besides, you can use an app to carry out upselling and cross-selling. I suggest the Shopify Upsell which allows merchants to create upsell & cross-sell every time, discounted upsell & cross-sell, and more opportunities for sales. It is easy to set up and you are allowed to choose the products as well as time to display.

I hope that this information can help you create your own upselling and cross-selling strategy.

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Supercharge Cross-Sells And Upsells With 5 Automation Ways

Upselling and cross-selling are important strategies for not only offline businesses but also online store on Shopify to boost sales. One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your revenue and profitability is selling to existing customers.

Millions of studies and statistics prove that increasing sales to existing customers is much more cost-effective to generate revenue than going out to find new ones.

Therefore, enterprises should give reasonable strategies to gain the best result.

Here are 5 ways of automation to do well with cross-sells and upsells in order to delight both the customer and the entrepreneur:

Offer Pricing Incentives For Leveling Up

You can increase the order value by creating a variety of packages or give them an option with a more expensive version of the product. You can build these suggestions into various pages along the buying journey. It is considered as your digital sales assistant to bargain with the customer and lure them into a good deal.

However, the key is that you can offer a good price for the bundle or upselling. For example, you can give a discount to clients who buy a bundle instead of a single product or give them a gift if they upgrade to a more expensive version of the product. Therefore, customers will feel comfortable and be willing to spend more.

Do The Thinking For The Customer

When you intend to introduce a product to the customer, you need to put yourself in the buyers’ mind to give reasonable suggestions. When it makes complete sense to the buyer, cross-selling and upselling work best. You can track purchase history of customers to recommend them the suitable products. Besides, you can also suggest the added products based on the item they are going to buy.

For example, when clients buy a laptop, you can show many useful components including a wireless mouse or computer cleaning kit.


Robert Garcia runs the e-commerce site said that he was missing a crucial opportunity before he knows the way to upsell and cross-sell. Not only he left too much money on the table but also clients were getting frustrated that they were not getting the benefit of the product availability on his site. After that, he can increase the company’s average order value by up to 50 percent with these recommendations.

In addition, you can contact and keep in touch with your customers via Messenger Platform with the help of Facebook Chat.

Throw In Freebies

Offering a gift with a product proved to be a powerful tool to increase sales because all customers are happy when getting a free gift. You can suggest clients buy more than 1 product to get the promotion. To gain the best result, merchants should offer useful items which can match the yield consumers buy.

For example, when selling low calorie, sugar-free protein, you can create a promotion program for customers who buy two boxes. They can get a free gift of a thermogenic pill or cleanse and detox product as a gift with purchase.


It can help you bring in high revenue and profit if the margins make sense.

Upsell app on shopify is an app which can help merchants boost sales with the smart suggestion.

You can set up upsell and cross-sell offers easily on the popups after clients add to cart or decide to check out. The popups display the suggestion of the different products for customers to purchase more items and grow the cart value. In general, offering to upsell & cross-sell products drives more sales.

Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool is an ideal choice for Shopify merchants looking for an effective marketing tactic.

Users can choose one of three kinds of the offer including the last step upsell offer, custom upsell offer, and cross-sell offers. To stimulate the customer’s shopping decisions, it shows popups in a specific time when a customer clicks “Add to cart” or “Checkout” button. It allows you to choose all products, specific products or specific collections as target products. You are also free to adjust the message to attract buyers.

You are able to earn tons of money by taking advantage of Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool app to develop your business. Use An App To Upsell And Cross-Sell When Clients Are On Your Online Store.



Offer Premium Service Upsells

Good service plays an important role in the success of a business. Besides the quality of products, offering premium service upsells is also an intelligent way to impress your customers. When the client purchases a product, you can advise shoppers on how to take advantage of the products best and recommend them the accompanying products.

This is the creative part of the business-building process. You can provide solutions to the pain points of your customers, so they will come to you the next time.

Reach Back Out

Your cross-selling and upselling shouldn’t end the moment the clients leave your website.

It is important to analyze your customer segments’ order sizes and frequency and track their purchase history to understand your most valuable customers. Then, you can contact them and keep in touch in many ways including email, SMS, social channels, etc. Besides, it’s also better if you give them the promotion for the next purchase such as a free gift or discount.

In term of reducing abandoned cart, you need to build a well-crafted retargeting campaign and send an email to remind them of the cart. Attaching a small promotion can increase purchasing ability.

Focus on delivering natural offers and useful information as well as service to your customers, so you’ll be able to create and capture more sales opportunities with less effort.

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Email Marketing Trends On 2019

Email marketing is always a powerful and popular marketing strategy. Email is a popular communication channel, so if you can take advantage of it, you can turn it into the sales channel.

However, in order to get success in this channel, you need to have marketing skills and clever ways to keep your subscribers engaged.

Besides, you should also follow the email marketing trends to not only figure out the tactics and tech to adopt but also keep the email marketing strategy in tip-top shape.

Let’s take a look at these following email marketing trends and apply to your online store on Shopify.

1. Use of interactive elements

Using visuals in emails isn’t anything new, but including interactive elements in your emails is a good idea in 2019.

The interactive emails use CSS and HTML to create engaging images, animations, and other elements typically used on web pages. Interactive emails can also be called “mailable microsites”. It allows users to browse different pages or components in the email itself through tabs and features as “tap to view”.

Keep an eye on these following methods to make your emails interactive.

Provide additional product details

Showcase your product

Make messages more fun and engaging (by using sounds, images, and so on)

2. Smart applications of AI

You can consider using the thank you email app to send the automated thank-you emails to your customers to boost sales.

The app allows you to send a sincere interest to customers. It builds a professional customer care style, improves communication with customers, and build trust. In addition, this email helps make a good impression and create a close relationship with clients and still save on brand advertising costs.

Deliver more personalized content

With email marketing, you can personalize the content and make it more accurate and efficient. Besides, you can give recommendations based on the customers’ purchasing history and purchasing behavior. In addition, you can inform them about the new products.

3. Reach your subscribers at the right time

The time to send email is also important. If the email is sent at the wrong time, it will yield less-than-stellar results even with the most well-written message. You need to see the data – the open and click rates, and conversions of your subscribers to nail the timing of your messages. Therefore you can understand their email and purchasing habits that can help you optimize your campaigns.

In addition, don’t forget to support your customers in time to make a professional customer care style with facebook live chat.

4. Nurturing overselling

There is a fact that leads can come in at any point of their purchasing process, however, that they also need to be nurtured. When running the email marketing campaign, Find a balance between being informative and moving them to the purchasing stage, merchants should find a balance between being informative and sending out helpful content so customers have more reasons to trust you.

If you usually send the unsolicited emails, you will start being a nuisance and your emails will likely be ignored. Therefore, the marketer should build a reasonable plan to get success in email marketing.

You can introduce upsell and cross-sell strategies on emails. Use upsell app on shopify to creates offers.

5. Integrating with other marketing channels

It’s better to incorporate your email campaign to other marketing channels. You can link to your social media accounts and blogs that may contain relevant videos, images, and content. Therefore, email is considered a channel to maximize your business goals.

I hope that this information can help you get success on the email marketing campaign.

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Simple Ways To Use Cross-Selling And Upselling

Cross-selling and upselling are intelligent strategies to sell more and increase revenue. In this post, we will show you many simple but effective ways to implement upselling and cross-selling.

It is the necessary tactics for not only brick-and-mortar store but also online store on e-commerce platform including Shopify.

Cut Down On The Options

It is said that you’ll increase the number of sales if you give customers dozens of additional options. However, it is not the way it works. As a sales expert, you should not only focus on the business’s aim of selling extra stuff. On the contrary, salesman needs to pay attention to the customer’s aim of making sure that the extra stuff will actually benefit them. The reason is that product recommendations depend on the items your clients choose from the beginner.

Remember not to throw everything at the customers, combine your upselling and cross-selling with customer service. Just suggest them the most relevant items which will help them win. Therefore, you will win, too.

Use Those Bundles

One more great way to sell more products and meet the needs of your clients is bundling items together.

For example, when selling smartphones, you can create the bundle of a case, a screen protector, and a charger. Therefore, your customers can get everything they need in one purchase.

In addition, you are able to increase your overall number of sales if you offer a slight discount on the bundle.


Offer Your Clients What They Want

It’s better if you can keep track of customers from the past purchases. Therefore, you can understand them and know their demand and customize upsells and cross-sells based on what you know they already like.

For instance, when your customers make a purchase of a product. In the next time, they come to you, you can recommend them the similar items. The consumers will not consider this to be an annoyance. Instead, they will fell convenient and useful because you know what they gravitate toward and then point them to other similar items.

Then, try to save what your clients buy and then guide them toward similar products in the future. Besides, you can alert your customers when a new, related item comes out.

Use shopify sale app to offer customers relatable products.

Keep The Price Increases Limited

When a prospect purchases a $50 leather coat, don’t recommend another $200 leather coat. It is not helping your customers, just smacking of trying to take advantage of them.

In general, remember the rule that cross-sells and upsells shouldn’t be 25% more expensive than what they’re already purchasing.

If the difference is less than 25%, you’ll stay in the range of what they’re already purchasing. However, you are at risk of alienating and frustrating your customers if you go outside this. The reason is that If they wanted to spend a lot of money, they would have made that initial purchase larger.

In addition, if you are selling abroad, you can consider using Currency Converter Box to allow clients to see the price of products in their currency.

They win, you win

When selling, you should be flexible in order to not only help your customers but also improve your revenue. You should not only focus on the profit. On the contrary, it is necessary to make your customers happy.  Hence, merchants should cross-sell and upsell in a way that serves your clients.

If you give suitable suggestions to help your customers, they will feel happy and you also increase your sales. Remember if you help your clients win, you will win, too.

These are the useful strategies to help merchants in cross-selling and upselling. Hope that you can take advantage of it to increase your sales.

Find more tips at Autoketing blog.

Steps For Merchants To Involve In Upselling

Upselling is an intelligent selling strategy. It is the lifeblood of many business models. It means that sellers encourage clients to buy a comparable higher-end product than the one in question.

As the result, merchants have more chance to boost their revenue. When upselling, salespeople should make suggestions about items that are more valuable but should be similar to the original product.

Here are many useful tactics for business to apply and boost your bottom line.

Know customers’ need

It is necessary to understand your customers when selling. You should have the knowledge about customer wants, needs, and preferences. Thanks to this, you can increase their trust in the relationship. To do that, it’s important to listen to prospective buyers and know their demand. Focus on the information they give you when they ask for the features of products. Therefore, you can find the most appropriate product for your clients.

Besides, the personal experience with the products and services of the sales team is also essential. The advantage is that sellers can put themselves in the customers’ shoes and understand the demand of purchasers and give them the best advice.

In addition, the staffs should gather and analyze all relevant customer data and history to not only understand existing customers but also give them a good shopping experience. Furthermore, businesses can use this information to optimize customer service and provide individualized offers.


Sometimes, in order to get personal data of customers, you can send them personalized deals and offers. Therefore, they are happy to provide the information and also tend to be more loyal to companies that use this practice. You can find that Discount master app supports you to offer discounts to customers.

Building customer trust and loyalty

Upselling should function as a two-way street to achieve sustainable value: clients gain added value in exchange for their trust and loyalty.

For example, many people said that upselling is a used car salesman trying to trick them into buying a sports car while they need something practical. It is not upselling and not successful in selling.

By contrast, sellers will try to build long-term customer loyalty and create reciprocal relationships with them. To do that, firstly, instead of being a seller, you should take on the role of a consultant.

Know your product

You should have good knowledge about your products and services you are selling. Be ready to support prospects even individually whenever they need. There is a fact that buyers can lose faith in your brand or product if you are unable to answer questions or address individual issues.

Give recommendation based on customer preferences

If customers feel like they are being pushed to buy the item which they don’t need, they can easily be alienated. On the contrary, make sure that your suggestion provides them with a real added value.


Prioritize customer service

It is said that indifference accounts for more than half of lost customers. Hence, one deciding factor in whether or an offer is accepted is positive customer experience.

Try to give them a good experience even when they are in your site: offer an eye-catching and high-speed website. Besides, it is also necessary to give them good support. Facebook chat can help you to support customers as quickly as possible.

Give the right recommendations

As mentioned above, if you recommend customers many items they don’t need, they can start to lose interest. The key to successful upselling is to offer the right suggestions and you should use the knowledge you’ve acquired about your client to get it done.

Give the best shot to understand the need of buyers. Then, give them added-value products. It helps not only clients have a better choice but also merchants to boost revenue.

Remember: Upsell, don’t oversell.

Notice that the upselling products should not be more expensive than the original item. You can drive the customer away if the recommending upgrades are too expensive in proportion to the original purchase. The rule is that an upsell should not increase the total price by more than 25%. Give the best products which suit customer’s needs to get success on upselling.

When selling online, an upsell app is necessary because it helps customers find better products effectively and merchants save time when selling. Try out upsell app on shopify.

Powerful Marketing Strategy To Drive More Sales

If you start your business by selling online, you need many marketing strategies to obtain new customers as well as entice old customers to keep coming back to your store.

This post will put together many effective marketing strategies and ideas to help you implement each approach. Merchants can perform some of these tactics and on the last day of your sprint, you can figure out which tactics worked best to drive e-Commerce sales.

Definition of e-commerce marketing

E-commerce marketing is to use marketing tactics to attract customers to your online store and convert these traffic into sales. Marketing strategies can be made up of marketing tactics both on and off your website. The purpose of this stratagem is to promote brand identity, drive customer loyalty, and the main aim is to boost online sales.

Each campaign will fit each specific store, so you should try them out and choose the best solution for your business.

Outstanding marketing ideas to increase online sales:

Make it easy and cleary for clients

Customers will be attracted by the eye-catching and smooth speed stores. It is easy to lose clients if your store is poorly designed. Poor design has a hard-to-read font, a design mistake, confusing navigation, or unclear value proposition.

Try to give the right balance between text and visuals. Provide beautiful product images and clear description. Segment your products into the right collections. You can consider using the available themes of the Shopify, maybe many ones suit your store, especially some of them are free.

Support visitors with live chat

There is a fact that customers service plays an important role in the success of one business. In the crowded marketplace today, there are multiple stores provide the same products, so the key competitive factor is good customer service. Buyers will be impressed by the brand which has 24/2 customer care service. They will feel satisfied if they are answered immediately.

The solution is to use live chat to engage with prospects on your site. It enables you to answer and address customer concerns right while they have questions with the direct conversations.


I suggest the free Facebook chat box app which allows merchants to chat with clients via Facebook Messenger platform. It means you and your consumers can still connect even when they get out of your site. The supporter can finish an order, inform current customers of product information and their order status with live chat. Moreover, it also has the chatbot feature to navigate to specific websites or products.

As the result, I’m sure that, you can boost e-Commerce conversions.

Anticipate future sales

You should evaluate market demand and every cost if you tend to expand your product line. Many things you should do are researching keyword, validating geographic and social media trends. Besides, try to calculate the cost and interest. Prepare carefully before selling.

In addition, ensure to use quality product photography and give clear product information. The return policy should be also reasonable for both parties, especially for the products having size (clothes, shoes, sandals, etc.)

Optimize for mobile

According to the report of Statista, more than half of all online shopping happens on mobile devices by 2021. It means that purchase experience must be optimized on mobile devices. To make it faster for mobile customers to load product photos and easier to zoom in, you might also present your images in a different format.

With a mobile phone, visitors can access and make a purchase everywhere, so they tend to go shopping online via mobile. Give the best shot supply great shopping experience on mobile devices.

Explore many apps to drive more sales and manage your store on Autoketing.

Reward your loyal consumers

A cost-effective way to increase online sales is customer retention. Moreover, loyal customers bring more benefits than a new customer. According to Stitch Labs, new shopper makes up just 11% of the total customer base when return customers account for 22% of a retailer’s revenue. Additionally, they also spend 15% more over the course of a year.

Hence, the brand should give the engaging policy to keep them coming back many times through a customer loyalty program. This policy gives purchasers the extra incentive to buy and they keep your brand top-of-mind through automated reminders.

You can reward clients based on the money they spend or the frequency of purchase. As the result, they will buy more to get the promotion.

You can give loyal customers discount offers as gifts. Use Discount master so that your customers on Shopify can see discount products.

Upsell your products

Upselling can bring you much more interest, but you also need to be ingenious and clever.

Upselling means that you suggest slightly more premium product than the one the customer was originally considering. There is a fact that, it is more effective to upsell than gaining a new customer.


Besides, sometimes, your customers have no idea about a premium product. Therefore, suggesting a premium product is effective because maybe an upgrade (or package) is a better fit for their needs.

Merchants should give a hint at the right time and emphasize the difference to persuade customers to buy the premium product.  For example, this item is made of slightly better leather or it carries a special component that’s handmade.

Additionally, make sure that the upselling items must be related to the original product and the price should not be too much higher. Finally, the new item must be better than the original for it to be worth the additional cost. An app named shopify upsell app will help you to create upsell popups to attract customers.

Reduce abandoned carts

When visitors abandon their cart without purchasing, you will lose money. Baymard Institute reported that 69.23% of shopping carts are abandoned. You can remind or persuade your clients to complete the cart. The idea is giving them the free shipping service or discount to promote them come back and finish the order.

Firstly, you can give them the option to gain free shipping service with an order costing more than a certain amount of money. As the result, they will buy more to reach the cart goal and get the promotion.

Secondly, you can give them the discount campaign for the specific product or collection. Because of the preferential treatment, customers will have more motivation to buy. You can consider the discount mater app to create your own discount campaign.

Besides, you can email to remind them about their abandoned cart.

I list many useful tactics for business to boost sales. Hope that you can find the best one for your store.

Marketing Ideas Should Be Adopted On Many Social Platforms

Every online-store owner wants to increase traffics because these traffics can convert to sales. Nowadays, the social platforms becoming more and more popular, so merchants can use them as the media to market their brand and store to boost sales. Merchants of Shopify stores also use social platforms to bring their products to more customers.

Here are many methods which you can consult to apply to your store. Sometimes, you should try out many of them and then find the best one for your business.

What is e-commerce marketing?

E-commerce marketing is to drive traffic to your online store by using promotional tactics. Then, that traffic is converted into customers, and merchants try to retain those prospects post-purchase.

Digital marketing includes marketing tactics both on and off your website. With the successful marketing strategy, the business owner can build brand awareness, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately boost online sales.

You can apply the marketing tactics to promote your online store or specific product. Take a look at these following strategies and find the most suitable ones.

Integrate Instagram

Instagram is considered to be one of the fastest growing social apps with more than 500 million daily active users. This platform helps merchants connect to consumers and it is also a channel to sell products and bring the brand closer to prospects.

One essential thing when selling on Instagram is to have beautiful and eye-catching images. You should invest in a good camera to have compelling pictures of products. Besides, you can get better results if you can use hashtags strategically to approach more users. In addition, you will have more chances to build a large Instagram following of people who are interested in your products if you post at the right times. You regularly appear on this platform to increase interaction with customers.


There are many ways to engage with your audience on Instagram: give them the gift, offer discount campaigns, give them the helpful tips,  Moreover, if you want more clients can see your products, you can pay money on advertisements, so you can reach more and more users. In addition, you can run the contests or go behind the scenes to show your product development process.

Instagram has a great feature that you can add the direct path for prospects to purchase. This is key for increasing your online sales.

Launch a Facebook store

Facebook is a popular social platform around the world, so it is a viable platform for e-commerce marketing and social media.

It is quite easy and simple to open an online store on Facebook. You can reach many kinds of customers on this platform. This is a good chance for merchants to boost sales. Besides, because of being integrated with Facebook live chat, merchants can contact and support customers every time and everywhere.


Besides, you can also pay money to create advertisements for your brand and products on Facebook to approach specific customer segments.

Moreover, you don’t have to keep a separate inventory because your Facebook store can integrate directly with your Shopify store. When you have a Facebook page to introduce your items, you can integrate it with Facebook Chat Box to chat with visitors and support them immediately.

Capture more email subscribers

Among plenty of social media channels, email marketing is still an effective method. When marketing on Facebook and Instagram, many targeted customers can’t see your post because of too many tweets and Facebook posts for users to keep up with. However, with email, you can reach almost targeted customers because it offers a more intimate interaction.

A 2015 study by Forrester Research Roughly said that 17% of digital marketing spend happens in email, but it contributes 24% of revenue.

In addition to this, you have more space to say so much information on the email than on the social media post. You can tell about your products, brand, etc.

Besides, you can send them the notification when you have promotions. Make use of email with love online app to send thank-you letters to customers to assist loyal customer program.


Improve your email campaigns

Sending the promotion email only one time is not enough. You should take care of it carefully by sending regular, valuable emails for this channel to be an effective e-commerce marketing activity.

There are many ways for you to approach your customers with the email campaign:

Send a welcome email after your customers sign in to get the notification or after the first-time purchase.

Send the promotions, discount campaign, free gifts, and exclusive promo codes.

Send the information to announce consumers new discount offers, product tips, and, when appropriate, company news.

Send the thank-you email to loyal customers.

Be creative and active to make the email channel become an effective marketing campaign.

In addition to social marketing, you should implement other marketing tactics like discount and upsell. To offer discount deals, sales discount on Shopify is a good app. To upsell products, you can use upsell app on shopify.

Hope that these tips can help you so much on marketing.


15 Best Free Shopify Apps To Boost Sales In 2019

It is said that Shopify is the powerful e-commerce platform which helps merchants to build a business from the beginning. Moreover, the Shopify app store has various value apps for enterprises to boost sales and achieve eCommerce success. However, it’s hard to find out the best apps among 2000+ apps. You may feel overwhelming when testing over 2000 apps to find the best ones for your online store.

Many of them cost a lot of money each month, but the others are free. Nevertheless, the apps are also worthy to help business boost sales and generate more conversions.

Here is the list of 15 Shopify best free apps to grow your business for the long term. These apps will help you create a winning store, no matter what your budget is.

15 Best Free Shopify Apps To Boost Sales In 2019

1. Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool

Auto Upsell & Cross-sell to boost sales with the smart suggestion.

Outstanding features:

Cross-sell offer: Show other or related products as soon as customers click on product details
Custom upsell offer: Popups with the upselling products will show when customers click “Add To Cart” button
Last step upsell offer: Popups with the upselling products will motivate your customers to buy more when they click the “Checkout” button
Cart condition: Set conditions to display popups as your purpose
Discount offer: Create discounts by percentage, fixed price, get free shipping, buy X get Y
Sales motivator bar: Encourage customers to add more products to the cart to achieve a fixed target and get a discount

Especially, it offers 200 views per month for free.

When selling, both online and offline, merchants should use the upsell and cross-sell strategy to stimulate customers’shopping needs to promote them buy more. Therefore, you can not only help consumers give a better choice but also increase your revenue.

The app will show the popup to suggest customers buy the related products. Besides, you can create a discount and promotion program to promote clients to buy more. You are able to select all products, specific products or specific collections as target products.

It is easy to set up and it also has eye-catching themes including holiday themes.

The outstanding upcoming feature is that it will automatically create offers based on behaviors of customers and suggest them to clients.

15-Best-Free-Shopify-Apps-To-Boost-Sales-In 2019

2. Currency Converter Box

Automatically convert all currencies in the world.

Shopify is a worldwide platform, it brings merchants a chance to approach plenty of customers from different countries. However, the different currencies can be the obstruction. Therefore, the currency converter Shopify app can address that concern.

This app can convert 164+ currencies around the world and the exchange rate is updated continuously. You can select the currencies of many countries which you want to sell or use the automatic currency conversion mode which can find the location of visitors and show the corresponding currency. It works fast and can convert currencies within a few seconds.

It takes only a few minutes to set up and it’s simple to use. Shop owners can adjust the icon and its location on the website.

This best Shopify app 2019 helps businesses boost sales because the clients feel convenient if they can see the price of products in their currencies. That promotes them to make a purchase.

As a result, enterprises can drive more sales and increase revenue.


3. Plug in SEO

Check SEO, fix & improve. SEO power tools for traffic & sales.

The app can find out and give the solution to fix the problem relating to SEO problem. After installing it, this app will check your website, determine the verdict and display details. It will check many fields including page titles, meta descriptions, headings, blog post structure, speed, content freshness, and much more.

After that, you will get code snippets and directions to fix the problems and take advantage of the powerful SEO features.

Moreover,  it will alert you through email whenever there is the problem about SEO on your site and also give you the best instructions to make it better.

Therefore, you can save time and money to hire an SEO staff. Your website and products will rank higher in search engines and you can reach more prospects. This is the chance to boost sales and grow business. This app also suits your website if you’re on a tight budget.


4. Facebook Chat Box

Live chat with customers via Facebook Messenger.

Customer service is important for both online and brick-and-mortar shop. The good customer service can impress clients and make them come back to buy for the next time.

With facebook messenger for Shopify, merchants can support customers whenever they have questions through the Messenger platform. It allows you to chat with clients even when they leave your website and the conversation is saved forever.  That builds a professional customer care style and increase relationships with customers.

Depending on the popularity of Facebook, you can communicate with prospects from different areas and sell more. The app allows you to set up the icon, pop-up, the location of pop-up, eye-catching theme, and even the greeting. It can be adjusted on both desktop and mobile.

The outstanding feature is the chatbot function which is totally free. You can set up the quick answers or shortcuts to your sites or products.


5. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Improve loyalty using points, referrals, & VIP programs.

Every customer loves special offers because these offers help them save money. Thence, if your store has the policy only for loyal consumers, they will buy more to get the promotion. This best Shopify app 2019 helps business owners run a rewards program to promote clients to buy more.

You can choose to run one of the three following campaigns or combine them to create a complete rewards experience for your consumers:

  • Loyalty Points Program
  • Referral Program
  • VIP Program

If you can take the best advantage of this campaign, you can attract more customers and increase the average order value, and revenue.

autoketing-15-Best-Free-Shopify-Apps-To-Skyroket-Sales-In-2019-46. Sales Pop Master

Automatically show recent transaction, boost customer shopping.

Customer’s trust is important for businesses because people tend to make a decision to purchase faster if they see many orders of others. With this best notifications app on Shopify, you allow displaying recent sales notifications to make your clients believe to buy.

It shows the products sold within 60 days. You can choose the number of orders to display. It seems to be an effective marketing tool to promote consumers to purchase your items. You are free to adjust the appearance of the pop-up including themes (holiday themes), text, color, messages, position, and display time, etc…

The app runs smoothly on both mobile and desktop with the user-friendly interface.

Showing the other orders is the way to ensure the good quality of your products and services to strengthen buyers’ trust in your brand. As the result, the buyers feel more secure to purchase.

Because it is totally FREE, don’t hesitate to create notifications of orders to encourage visitors to make sales. Your revenue will increase day by day.


7. Google Shopping

Show products to interested customers across Google’s Network.

Do you want to bring your products closer to your customers? Google Shopping app can display your items in many Google ads, so more users can see them. After installing the app, you will connect your Google Merchant Center to your Shopify account and create your Google Product Feed by syncing your products. Then, the campaign creates online ads automatically to reach shoppers all over the internet.

The smart campaign optimizes the wide appearance and ads placement. It automatically chooses the best time and place to display the right items to the right buyers. You just need to pay money once a visitor clicks on your ads. It automatically places ads where they perform best, such as on mobile or desktop, on YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, and the Google Display Network.

As the result, you can attract more prospects and get the chance to boost sales as well as generate more orders. Besides, more and more clients know your brand and your revenue will certainly skyrocket.

It is easy to install and create the clever campaign.


8. Shippo

Cheap and Easy Shipping – Get Live in Five Minutes.

When selling online, shipping is a matter of concern for online businesses. We are always looking for the cheapest but fastest shipping service. Shippo can address your concern. It offers a cheap and convenient shipping. It helps streamline your shipping by getting the discounted shipping rates, print labels, and send tracking info to your customers from one place.

Here are the best options for you to access discounted carrier rates:

Access up to Commercial Plus Pricing immediately to get better shipping rates.

Get the deep discounts with DHL Express, USPS, Fastway Australia, Sendle, and CouriersPlease.

Use FedEx Advantage Program Save up to 29% on FedEx shipping services.

Be able to connect with 50+ carriers around the world at once, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post, DHL Express, Purolator, Deutsche Post, Asendia, Hermes, Australia Post, Sendle, and more.

In addition, it also raises brand awareness by adding your logo, brand, and colors to Tracking Pages, packing slips, shipping emails, and more. Moreover, it also offers a positive post-purchase experience by emailing buyers about the information of tracking.


9. Discount Master

Establish automatic discount campaigns to boost sales.

There is a fact that customers always want to get a discount when going shopping, so, creating the discount campaigns is a smart way to attract your customers. When the shoppers realize that they can get the promotion or lower price, they will buy more and more items.

With this Shopify sale app, you can choose one of three following options or combine them to create the most effective strategy:

Create discount campaigns to attract consumers with the lower price. You can create different discount campaigns at the same time or set the time arbitrarily. The discount can be applied for the specific product, all products, or collections. The aim of this strategy is to stimulate customer’s shopping needs.

Create countdown timer for each product to promote customer’s purchase decision and drive sales for your store. The purpose of this campaign is to create an urgency about time for customers to buy faster.

Create countdown products in stock to urge on customer’s decision when buying any product by informing them the number of products left in stock. This strategy creates a scarcity of products to promote the customer’s shopping process.

The app allows users to change the themes including various eye-catching themes: Christmas, Black Friday, New Year, etc…

If you can take the best advantages of this free app for Shopify 2019 at the right time, you can attract a large number of customers and drive your sales.


10. Happy Email

Automated and personalized welcome emails to new customers.

The first impression can make a huge difference for the brand. Hence, you should create a creative strategy to impress your clients. Happy Email app on Shopify can do it for you. It will send the welcome email or a thank-you email automatically within 30 minutes right after your clients making a purchase.

This email is the beginning of your relationship with them, so it must be attractive. This email can gain trust from your customers and build a long relationship. Therefore, customers will remember your brand for the next time.

The message is always ready and automated. It helps you save time and turn the first-time purchasers into loyal customers.


11. Free Persistent Cart App

Increase sales: Remember customers’ carts across their devices.

With the development of technology, customers go shopping online in different devices. It is said that nearly half of users start shopping on one device and switch to another. Therefore, they expect the products they’ve added to cart on one device to be remembered when they log in on another one. It is better if the online store can do that and Free Persistent Cart App can help you.

Install this app, you allow buyers to complete their orders across devices. As the result, the purchasers will have the good experience and that decreases your store’s abandoned carts. Thence, you can increase sales.

When customers start shopping on a device, then they quit it and log in with the other one, they still see the selected products on their cart. That makes it easy for them to complete the cart and you will gain more revenue.

Take the advantages of all your chances in order not to leave money on the table.


12. Improved Contact Form

“Contact Us” Page Generator and Popup Contact Widget.

A good shopping experience is important to customers. They want to have the convenience on your site. By using the Improved Contact Form app, you can easily get messages from customers and visitors without signing up with a paid service or editing your theme.

You can link the free “Contact Us” page from your menu. You can place the “ Contact us” button in the corner of each page on your site. Therefore, your customers don’t feel bothered but it’also easy for them to contact you.

You can add the fields you want on the pop-up, including name, e-mail, phone, etc.

This clever app runs smoothly even on mobile. You don’t need to sign up to see the message. It automatically pushes to your file. Moreover, you can get much more information of submitter’s location (city, state, country), their IP address, a list of pages they viewed before contacting you, and how they found your site.

Therefore, you can understand your customers’ demand. Then, give a suitable strategy to attract and treat them. As the result, you can approach more clients and drive more sales.


13. Facebook channel

Sell on Facebook from the Shop section of your Facebook Page.

Facebook seems to be the largest social platform around the world and it is also the potential market for merchants. You can sell your products on this social network to reach more and more customers.

By using the Facebook channel for your Shopify store, you allow buyers to discover and buy your products from your store’s Facebook Page. You can easily manage your products from Shopify. To grow your discoverability on Facebook for more customers to see your items. Furthermore, to promote the reach of your posts, you can choose Facebook’s paid boosted posts.

It is convenient that you can manage the products on your Facebook Shop and your consumers can fulfill orders placed on Facebook as well as check out on Facebook.

Selling on many channels means that you have a chance to approach more buyers and expand the market to reach new prospects. Therefore, your order will increase day by day.


14. Wishlist Plus

Help your customers pick up where they left off.

You will have the opportunity to boost your sales if you understand your customers. So, you can use Wishlists Plus to learn more about what your customers want to make more sales. With this best free app 2019, you can collect information about clients preferences, and they don’t even have to log in.

It can easily sync activity of users across different devices and they can see their history on any of their devices. That creates seamless experiences for visitors when shopping and they can even share their cart with others.

After learning the shopping hobbies of customers, you can implement your products as well as create the marketing strategy to attract them and skyrocket your revenue.


15. Shipping Bar Master

Display a free shipping bar to boost customer’s shopping goals.

Customers always love promotions and discounts. So, free shipping service can make them interested.

Shipping free app can create free shipping campaigns to encourage customers to make purchases, it shows shipping bars on the online store.

You can inform prospects that the free shipping service can be applied if they add enough products to their cart or they spend a certain amount of money. This notification bar is always on the site to remind them. Therefore, they will add more items to achieve the cart goal and free shipping.

Merchants are free to adjust the message on the bar or choose the shipping bar name. Besides, they can also add a link to the bar to direct customers to any site.

The smart free app for Shopify can run smoothly on both desktop and mobile. If you can set a cart goal which suits your business, you can drive more sales and get a huge amount of revenue.


16. Abandonment Protector

Email marketing automation & Popups with Exit intent.

You should take care of your customers well when they are shopping in order to reduce abandoned carts and sell more. You may need the help of an app to convert visitors into customers.

It seems to be the most reliable platform to catch your website visitors attention. It can create marketing automation based on your customer’s behavior.

The app includes email sequences to retain the clients and keep them coming back. Depending on your customer’s behavior, the popups will show to attract your customers. Merchants can choose from and edit multiple predesigned templates to create professional-looking designs.

Here are the features:

  • When a visitor opens your site, a welcome message appears.
  • A Coupon Popups appear with Exit Intent Technology to reduce abandoned carts.
  • Create a form for customers to get a newsletter subscription.
  • Let every visitor see your important news with an announcement bar.

And here is the list of emails which are sent to your visitors or customers:

  • Newsletter welcome
  • New offers for abandoned orders
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Thank you email
  • Order receipts
  • Purchase feedback
  • New offers for completed orders
  • “Follow us” on social networks.


Now you know the best 15 free apps on Shopify 2019 to increase sales. Hope that this information is worthy so you can create a successful marketing campaign to boost your revenue.

For more helpful guides, tutorials, and resource lists, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

15 Best Shopify Apps For Merchants To Boost Sales In 2019

Merchants have a lot of options when extending the functionality of their online store with over 1200 apps in the Shopify App Store. These apps can help merchants in every aspect of the business. I know that you are always looking for the outstanding apps to boost sales and promote the brand. However, among a large number of apps, trying out many of them one by one until you can find the right fit could be an endless puzzle. Here are some suggestions of the best Shopify apps for you:

15 Best Shopify Apps To Boost Sales In 2019

1. Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool

Auto Upsell & Cross-sell to boost sales with the smart suggestion

Upselling and cross-selling are an intelligent and effective method to encourage shopping needs and drive more sales.

Outstanding features:

Cross-sell offer: Show other or related products as soon as customers click on product details
Custom upsell offer: Popups with the upselling products will show when customers click “Add To Cart” button
Last step upsell offer: Popups with the upselling products will motivate your customers to buy more when they click the “Checkout” button
Cart condition: Set conditions to display popups as your purpose
Discount offer: Create discounts by percentage, fixed price, get free shipping, buy X get Y
Sales motivator bar: Encourage customers to add more products to the cart to achieve a fixed target and get a discount

Especially, it offers 200 views per month for free.

The app has 3 kinds of the offer including custom upsell offer, the last step upsells offer and cross-sell offers. It will show the popup to give the suggestions to customers when click “Add to cart” or “Checkout” button. You can adjust the message to attract customers. You are free to choose the targeted products on the campaign: all products, specific products or specific collections.

In addition, there are various options for you to optimize customer’s experience: offering the discount, not showing products that the inventory runs out of, not showing products that buyers added to the cart, or only making offers visible to customers who logged in.

Price: 14-day free trial or BASIC PLAN: $9.99/month


2. Discount Master 

To attract customers and stimulate their shopping needs, you can create discount campaigns because most people want to purchase with the special price. As the result, they will make a decision to purchase faster and even buy more. With daily discount on Shopify, merchants can save money with full features of the perfect combination of 3 separate features.

What does this app do? Discount Master app is one of the best product discount master apps on Shopify which integrates 3 functions well:

  • Discount Campaigns allow business owners to create many different discount campaigns at the present time and the future. It can apply to all products or individual products to stimulate customer’s shopping needs.
  • Countdown Timer can inform clients about the exact remaining time of the discount campaigns to create an urgency about time.
  • Stock Countdown lets customers know the remaining quantity of each item in stock. Therefore, you can promote the customer’s shopping process and prompt them to buy immediately at first sight with the scarcity of products.

The app also has 10 unique themes such as Merry Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween, etc. Take a look at this video to see how it works.

Discount Master seems to be a “must-go-to” Shopify flash sale app because it is a simple installation, easy to use and available on both mobile and desktop.

Price: FREE, or PRO : $14.99/month.


3. Instagram shop by Snapppt

Let your customers shop your Instagram feed.

Instagram is considered to be one of the best potential social channels to sell online. With Instagram shop by Snapppt, it is easier for merchants to increase sales by making their Instagram feed instantly shoppable.

It is working by embedding shoppable Instagram galleries & user-generated content into your store, product pages, blog and more. The app is easy to install and use with various catalogs including fashion, design, art, extreme sports, kids, jewelry, etc.

More than two-thirds of consumers use social shopping galleries to discover new brands and for online shopping inspiration. Snapppt can make your Instagram feed become your next visual customer acquisition funnel, sales pipeline. Therefore, your followers and prospects feel easy to come from other channels to buy the product they see in your Instagram posts.

Take the best advantages of the Instagram platform to boost your sales and attract more visitors.

Price: FREE


4. Facebook Chat Box 

There is a fact that good customer service plays a crucial role in the success of a business. If you give them the conscientious support, they will be impressed and choose your brand.

Shopify live chat uses the Facebook Messenger platform that allows you to connect to all your customers over the world. With this trending app 2019 on Shopify, you can build a professional customer care style by supporting your clients at any time and anywhere.

With the aim of improving communication efficiency between customers and brands, Shopify messenger app helps customers to exchange information directly with brands with no interruption and switch messaging platform. One of the outstanding features is that the exchange between consumers and brands will always be seamless because the context and history of the conversation won’t be lost.

Merchants can answer and advise customers even when they leave your store. As the result, you can maintain a long conversation with your customers and allow them to learn more about your products and services.

Price: FREE


5. Back in Stock

Stop losing sales with Back in Stock Notification alerts.

Back in Stock is used for automatically emailing when you restock if customers signup for in-stock notifications.

As you sold out of your best products, you will not lose your customers because this Shopify best app makes it easy for them to sign up for a back-in-stock email alert. When you restock products, you can bring the waiting customers back to your store and complete the purchase because they are emailed instantly by this best app on Shopify.

You will have more chances to convert sales and boost your revenue. It is easy to install and it also helps you understand the most popular items which you can manage stock levels accordingly.

Customize this eCommerce sales app, you can get even more sales from your store with a successful email marketing campaign. Furthermore, it is also possible to improve store promotion with these promotional email examples.

Be ingenious to recover Shopify abandoned cart to boost your revenue.

Free: STARTUP: $19/month, SMALL BUSINESS: $39/month, MEDIUM STORE: $59/month, and LARGE STORE: $79/month.


6. Kit

Marketing is an important action on online selling. KIT is considered to be your FREE virtual employee. It automatically recommends the marketing activities which work best to drive sales.

You can create a discount code and promote it with a few quick messages to Kit over Ping, SMS or Facebook Messenger. Besides, you can start a retargeting campaign to bring visitors back to your store and send thank you emails to buyers, and much more.

The features of the Shopify apps 2019:

Get help with marketing: find the right shoppers and drive more sales with your own marketing employee.

Turn Facebook visits into sales: create Facebook ads including dynamic retargeting campaigns, that show ads to those most likely to buy.

Find your Instagram audience: Approach millions of Instagram users who are looking to discover new products.

Price: FREE to install


7. Plug in SEO

Check SEO, fix & improve. SEO power tools for traffic & sales.

For your store to stand higher in the search engine, Plug in SEO is an effective tool. This app will help you fix the issues with search engine performance that will be worthwhile to fix.

An outstanding feature is that it can check your store automatically after you install. Then, it determines the verdict and displays details.

The most trending app can check for issues with page titles and descriptions, structure, speed, and more. Besides, it also includes code snippets you can use to fix any issues yourself.

This app can work well with your existing apps.

Price:  FREE FOREVER: Free & PLUG IN SEO PLUS: $20/month


8. Currency Converter Box

Automatically convert all currencies in the world. It has all the features of a paid app but it’s totally free.

Shopify is the worldwide sales platform, so, the customers come from the different countries with the different currencies. Currency converter for Shopify can convert 164 currencies around the world with a few simple clicks. Besides, the exchange rate is updated continuously.

A noticeable feature is that the app can automatically find your customer’s location and show the corresponding currency. It means that when visitors come to your site, the app can determine their countries via IP and then convert the currency.

You can set the displayed icon and even its location. Thanks to the help of currency converter box free, customers will feel comfortable and convenient when buying online. As the result, merchants can drive sales, get much money and gain great value.

Price: FREE


9. Easyship ‑ All in one shipping

When you are selling worldwide, you may consider the shipping service. Easyship ‑ All in one shipping can help you solve that problem.  It is a shipping platform that reduces shipping costs. You have direct access to hundreds of courier solutions. Therefore, you can save time and money and increase conversion rates.

It is the most trending app and it helps you access 200+ shipping solutions. You can benefit from rates up to 70% off because of getting special discounts offered by USPS.

You can give your customers the support they expect based on the 24/7 support. There is no hidden fee or surprises and customers can see the exact amount of import tax, VAT, GST, and other fees upfront. Buyers can choose between the cheapest, fastest, or best value for money solutions.

As the result, merchants can reduce returns, customer complaints, and emails by showing clear delivery times. It also makes it easier for shoppers to decide to make a purchase. You can control every order and so do your customers.

Price: FREE to install


10 Clever Google Ads

Targeted Search, Display & Remarketing Google Adwords for Free.

Besides SEO, Google Adwords is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Google Adwords is built as an Adwords automated solution, Clever Adwords will handle all the hassles of running and managing Google Adwords campaigns for online shop owners.

This most popular app for Shopify gives growing e-commerce companies a fighting chance to advertise on a smaller budget while competing against larger companies.

In addition, you will receive scheduled reports about your campaigns’ performance.

The app helps you approach more clients when they are searching on Google or while they are simply browsing the Internet. They can help reconnect with customers who have shown interest in your products but didn’t make a purchase the last time they visited your store. Therefore, there are more and more consumers who can see your products and you have more opportunities to boost sales.

Price: BASIC: Free, PREMIUM: $49/month, CUSTOM: $99/month.


11. Sales Pop Master

Automatically show recent transaction, boost customer shopping.

You want to attract customers and gain their trust? Shopify desktop notification is one of the best apps which can help you.

It works by automatically displaying recent sales notifications to boost customer’s order decision on your online store. It will show the orders of others within 60 days, so customers will feel trust and have more confidence to buy one product. That helps to skyrocket your revenue. It creates a motive aiming at encouraging customers to buy products.

Sales pop master free is easy to install and set up, just in one minute. There isn’t any hurdle to install, set up features and use this app. Shop owners use this app to boost sale as a method to attract visitors and persuade them to buy more items.

It features many eye-catching themes including Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc…

Price: FREE


12. Check out Boost

There is a fact that consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts. It means that when you see some stuff quite interesting shared on your friend’s Facebook, you will click on to check it out, and so do customers.

Therefore, if you have a plan to make your clients share your products on social channels, it is more likely for others to approach and buy your products.

After customers add items to cart on product pages or review orders on cart page, the app will show an offer popup to ask them to share their cart on Facebook or Twitter to receive a free gift / free shipping/discount code.

With the Checkout Boost app, you will encourage your clients to share what they added to their cart on Facebook and Twitter in exchange for a gift (free shipping, discount code, etc.). Customers will be very happy to do that because they can get the promotion. Besides, you also can drive more traffics to your online store and finally boost your revenue.

This best free Shopify apps 2019 has many outstanding features:

  • Create Countdown Timer offers to urge customers to get your special flash offers right away before time runs out
  • Create Exit Intent offers to detect leaving customers, catch their attention on your sweet offers, and convert them back into sales
  • BOGO offers that actually converts
  • Post-checkout Upsell Recommendations to motivate more purchases

Price: STARTER: $20/month, PRO: $27/month, NINJA: $29/month


13. Oberlo

Dropshipping seems a perfect starting point for store owners who start out with little capital at first. Oberlo is one of the best Shopify apps for AliExpress dropshippers.

  • The app allows you to import dropship products from AliExpress and Oberlo Marketplace with one click
  • Just click “Order Product” and confirm the order to ship a product to your customer: Whenever someone buys your products, Oberlo will also handle all the order fulfillment automatically for you in one click.
  • Constantly update your product price and stock levels
  • Allow users to custom products as you wish including change titles, descriptions, images, anything!
  • Shipment Tracking: you will know where is your product
  • Multiple User Accounts: Allow other people to help run your online store.

Therefore, you will feel easy to sell online with little capital and avoid the risk of inventory.

Price: FREE STARTER PLAN: Free, BASIC PLAN: $29.90/month, PRO PLAN: $79.90/month.


14. Shipping Bar Master

Display a free shipping bar to boost customer’s shopping goals.

Shipping Bar app encourages customers to make purchases by offering free shipping campaigns. It allows showing shipping bars on the online store.

You can set a goal like “purchasing 100 dollars to get free shipping”. Then, the customers will add more items to achieve the cart goal and gain free shipping. Finally, you can generate more sales and boost your revenue. Besides, because they gain free shipping, they are confident to spend more money on your products.

You can even add a link to the bar to direct customers to any site. Shipping Bar for Shopify can run smoothly on both desktop and mobile. Merchants can edit theme (basic and holiday themes), font, size, and color of bars and messages.

Merchants can also create a countdown timer for the free shipping campaigns to promote customers to buy faster. You can also put the bar on everywhere you want.

Price: FREE or PRO PLAN: $9.99/month


15. Printful

Custom Printing & Warehousing

Print-on-demand has been all the rage for recent years thanks to its major benefits: no need to worry about stock inventory, small initial investment, high-profit-margin, no monthly fees, etc. Printful will take care of your inventory, equipment, and shipping.

This free Shopify apps 2019 helps you print and ship in an average of 3 business days at our locations in California, North Carolina, Mexico, and Latvia (that’s in Europe).

With more than 200 product variations, from leggings, t-shirts, and swimwear to backpacks, posters, and embroidery, you can approach many types of customers.

How does it work? When a client makes an order on Shopify with a Printful product, it’s directly sent to the developer, where they print and ship it to the customer under your brand.

Merchants can easily control over their profit. In additions, here are the good features:

  • Discounted samples
  • Free mockups
  • White label
  • Stress-free shipping
  • Photography
  • Warehousing & Fulfillment
  • Product personalization

Price: FREE


16. Yotpo Reviews, Photos, and Q&A

The good reviews of previous customers are the motivation for clients to decide to buy. It means if you see that the previous consumers have the good experience with one shop, you will be more likely to make a purchase. Yotpo Reviews, Photos, and Q&A is considered as a marketing app that helps brands of all sizes generate and leverage reviews, photos, and Q&A. As a result, businesses can build trust, drive traffic, and increase conversion.

How does the app work?

It will collect photos, reviews, and Q&A from your shoppers and automatically share the best one on your social channels.

This app also partners with Facebook, Google, and Instagram, and integrate with email, and helpdesk apps to display ratings in organic search results and Google Ads. As the result, it can generate much more conversion and drive more sales.

Besides, by being the partners of many social platforms, it helps drive traffic from Facebook and Twitter.

Price: FREE


I hope that these 15 Shopify apps 2019 can help you choose the best ones which work best for your store. If you find this article helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with other merchants. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for more information.

Best Shopify Apps For Sales And Conversion Optimization

To increase conversions on your website, you have to be relentless about testing new ideas. I’ve reached out to some of the best minds in conversion rate optimization. Then, I realize many apps on Shopify are really effective for sales and conversion optimization.

In addition, I want to notice that these apps also work best for Black Friday Cyber Monday.

1. Discount Master for Black Friday

Discount master helps businesses stimulate customers’ shopping needs by creating different discount campaigns. Then, your brand brings more revenue. Additionally, the app has two outstanding functions: Countdown timer and Countdown products in stock. With the Discount Master, enterprises have a perfect combination of 3 separate features to promote sales but still save money. It’s better to apply this app for your campaign on BFCM.

Users can try out the Free plan with all features and then upgrade to Basic or Unlimited plan to apply for more products.



10 unique and eye-catching themes including Merry Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween, Valentine, and so on.

Create many different discount campaigns at the present time and the future to save time

Apply to all products or individual products

Countdown Timer: create an urgency about time for customers to make a quick purchase by informing customers about the exact remaining time of the discount campaigns.

Stock Countdown: create a scarcity of products by showing the remaining quantity of each item in stock to promote customer to buy in the first sight.

2. Bold Upsell ‑ Upsell Smarter

By offering upsell & cross-sell products, merchants can make more on every sale. Bold Upsell ‑ Upsell Smarter helps entrepreneurs create the upsell campaign on the product page, the cart page, even AFTER CHECKOUT! Bold Upsell ‑ Upsell Smarter also makes smart recommendations about which products will work best together in cross-sell and upsell offers. Businesses also can recommend bigger, better versions of your products to make more money.

Pricing: 14-day free trial. STARTER: $9.99/month, PLUS: $19.99/month, PREMIUM: $39.99/month, PRO: $59.99/month.



Display pop-up upsell and cross-sell offers that customers can add with a click

Recommend related products even on the Checkout page

Upsell After Checkout

Run BOGO and “Free Gift” campaigns

Full design control: customize EVERYTHING about the way your upsell offers look

3. Volume Discount

If you want to simulate shoppers to buy more, you can create volume discounts on the number of products. Volume Discount is right for you if you are going to start to entice new customer, wholesaler program, or just reward loyal and repeat purchasers. As the result, your company can give your wholesalers more flexibility on pricing, reward your customers, and increase average order value.

The app is totally FREE.



Offer $ based volume and quantity discounts

Offer percentage based volume and quantity discounts

Create a dynamic discount for future products

Great for wholesale pricing levels

Add unlimited discount levels

Customize discount display features with ease including language support

Change grid settings, font size, colors, and more

4. Ultimate Special Offers

Ultimate Special Offers allow businesses to manage all your sales in one place including cross-sells, create upsells, and special offers based on quantity, volume, “Buy X Get Y”, store credit, bundles, free gift, and more. It just takes many seconds to install, get set up and create the first offer.

Pricing: BASIC: $19/month, STANDARD: $29/month, ADVANCED: $49/month, SHOPIFY PLUS: $99/month.



There is a variety of templates to manage and promote your sales and special offers

Easy to install and use

Many promotion types: Discount, BOGO (Buy One, Get One), Bulk, Bundle, Volume, Goal, Gift, and Upsell/Cross-sell

Schedule sales in advance

Segment your customers to offer exclusive deals

I hope this information can help you find the best apps for your brand.

5. Skip To Checkout by Stickify

By adding a “Buy Now” sticky button to product pages, businesses can make it incredibly easy for mobile web visitors to quickly skip to check out. Consumers can skip the cart page and directly go to check out when clicking on this button. The aim of Skip To Checkout by Stickify is to give your visitors a better, easier mobile web experience by saving an extra step from the buying process. Additionally, customers can also save their time. As the result, your company can increase your conversions.

Especially, the app is FREE for merchants to experience.



Give a better experience for your mobile web buyers

Create more mobile web conversions

Google Analytics integration: push events to your GA

Track behavior of shoppers

5 Indispensable Shopify Apps To Enhance Customer Retention In BFCM

Black Friday Cyber Monday has appeared for decades. It is the biggest shopping weekend of the year and it creates a great opportunity for businesses at all sizes and location to boost more sales. There is a question that if there is an app to support businesses on these days? In my opinion, here is the list of best Shopify apps which enterprises should consider using.

  1. Facebook Chat Box ‑ Autoketing

4.9 of 5 stars(133 reviews)

Through the Facebook messaging platform, merchants can connect to consumers over the world. Facebook Chat Box adds the chat icon on your website and users can easily to contact you whenever they need a help. Facebook Chat Box works well on both desktop and mobile devices. The most outstanding feature is that it is totally FREE. That means enterprises can utilize and adjust all features including greeting message, chat icon, response time, and even Chatbot function for FREE.



  • Set up the greeting message and popup
  • The chat icon with your Facebook page image
  • Display on mobile and desktop or individual option
  • Work on all browsers, even Safari (very few chat applications run on this browser)
  • Chatbot (very few chat applications on Shopify feature this function)
  • The chat icon can be placed on all positions on your website and it can be custom
  • Adjust popups on your website


With the increased number of customers on this Black Friday Cyber Monday shopping week, the brand should support them on time to give them the best shopping experience.

  1. Loyalty & Marketing Automation

4.9 of 5 stars(203 reviews)

Customers tend to come back and purchase more if your brand offers an attractive loyalty program and VIP programs. Moreover, with Loyalty & Marketing Automation, businesses can incentivize customer loyalty behavior by the special programs, email marketing strategies, and new customers attraction with the referral program. Many shops can maintain a 97% customer satisfaction rating and increase 20% more sales using automated email flows.

Loyalty & Marketing Automation has 2 options: Free and $9/month



  • Boost customer loyalty
  • Sell more to existing customers
  • Win back customers
  • Attract new customers
  • Have confidence your marketing is under control
  1. FREE pop up

FREE pop up helps businesses collect emails of visitors with the mobile-friendly Spin and Jackpot popup design. It can boost your sales for FREE and NO HIDDEN COSTS. Therefore, brands can increase conversion and promote sales. It also allows merchants to advertise new arrivals and distribute promo codes, and more.



  • Businesses can adjust your pop-ups to fit their store
  • Change Popup language, Popup colors, and Popup copy
  • Set scheduling for pop-ups automatically
  • Push all email subscriptions automatically to Klaviyo, MailChimp, or Omnisend
  1. Currency Converter Box

5.0 of 5 stars(59 reviews)

In BFCM, there are more and more consumers approaching your brand including foreign buyers that will make purchases from your store. Therefore, it’s easier for you to boost sales if you offer convenient customer service. Currency Converter Box is the suggestion with 164 currencies around the world. The app is able to automatically find your visitor’s location and show the corresponding currency. The exchange rate is updated continuously and especially, it is totally a FREE app for merchants while other currency apps cost money.



  • Choose from 8 default positions or set the icon anywhere you want with request position
  • Notify checkout currency
  • Select the price configuration
  • Choose themes matched your site appearance
  • Automatically find out customer location
  • Update real-time exchange rate
  • There is NO HIDDEN COST
  1. SMSBump SMS Marketing + More

4.9 of 5 stars(229 reviews)

There are more businesses offering the special programs on BFCM, so, consumers have many choices. In order to stand out in the marketplace, your business needs to offer attractive programs and track every step of customers. SMSBump SMS Marketing + More is the text marketing app which allows you to set up text automation toggling on certain events in your store. With this app, brands can schedule campaigns and make last minute changes and even collect client phone numbers for other marketing purposes.

SMSBump SMS Marketing + More is free to install and text message fee depends on the country you will be sending SMS messages to.



  • Text marketing and automation
  • SMS campaign scheduling
  • Emojis to spice up your campaigns
  • Automatically generated lists based on customer’s interaction
  • Max cost per text message: do not send SMS messages if they cost more than $Preset value
  • Quiet hours: guarantee your clients would not be woken up in the middle of the night by a text message by inputting quiet hours based on your store timezone.

I hope you can choose suitable apps for your businesses.

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