The Outstanding Features Of Currency Converter Box (Part 2)

Currency Converter Box is a smart app which supports both sellers and buyers on converting the currency units. Thanks to that, customers can easily know the prices of the products in their currency and the sellers can drive sales.

With many outstanding features, this app is ideal for business owners on Shopify. It can transfigure price fast, produce results and bring satisfaction to all customers

After 2 impressive features in Part 1, here are the next ones:

It is so easy and quick to use

Businesses can see three themes of app icon: layered theme, flag theme, and no theme. You can choose the currency by clicking the icon. All of the themes are easy to choose currencies.

The layered theme is colorful while flag theme shows the flags of countries. It looks original and simple because all themes contain color effect.

For example, if you want to see the price of the items in the French currency, you just need to click the icon of the French flag and then you get the result quickly.

In addition, the currency converter box free online also allows enterprises to adjust it. For instance, the shop owners are able to change the background color, text color, and hover color. Besides, if it’s necessary, the app icon can hide. Entrepreneurs can put the icon on eight positions on their sites.

Try out the app with the price of 0 dollar

The best point of currency converter online is that users can try out it for free. You don’t need to pay any money for this service but the benefits they bring you are worthy.

Increase your Sales

You can decrease customer frustration and cart abandonment by helping your customers shop in their local currency. Therefore, you can increase your sales.

In addition, it’s also crucial for businesses to support their customers whenever they have questions with the help of facebook chat box.

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