The Outstanding Features Of Currency Converter Box (Part 1)

Selling and buying online is now becoming the trend of business around the world. People from different countries in the earth can sell products to not only the domestic consumers but also foreigners with the help of Shopify and Currency Converter Box which allow customers to see the price of the products in the different currency units.

currency converter box free has plenty of outstanding features which worth for businesses to try out.

Easily add multiple currencies

This app allows users to convert 164 currencies in the fastest way. Just with the push of the button, clients can see the price of the products in the currency unit of the country they choose. It provides enough 164 currencies so this can build the best customer experience.

You just need to click to choose any currency you want to convert to. Moreover, you can select some specific currencies or add all 164 ones. It takes users only a few minutes to set up to choose or remove currencies.

Customers can see the converted price immediately because the app can switch among currencies in a blink of an eye and it works well and fast. It also ensures that clients always know the exact price as it updates the real-time exchange rate.

So, clients can easily see the price of the products in a few seconds and make a purchase quickly.

Automatically Convert Prices

Another outstanding feature of this smart app is that it is able to convert the prices automatically.

It is able to look for and define the location of customers. After that, the best app currency converter will convert the price to customers’ currency based on their location. Thus, you can create an easy and pleasant shopping experience for the customers.

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Continue reading the best features in Part 2.

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