How To Outsource Your Business’s Social Media (Part 2)

Social media is essential for business because it is an effective tool to market brand and products. This method is especially effective for online businesses. Thus, if you have an online store on Shopify, don’t forget to take advantage of it to bring your brand closer to customers.

If enterprises build a suitable plan, they will get the best result from social networks. However, not every business has enough time and knowledge to get success in social network marketing. In Part 1, we showed you the time when business should outsource social media and how to choose the suitable manager.

Here are the other aspects to gain the best result with social media:

You should communicate and discuss with your social network manager when you first hire an agency regularly to give a suitable plan and step in order to relay goals and expectations.

Social media strategist at DEG Digital, Nick Verlaney, said businesses should expect a learning curve from the start when you and an agency partner put together the scope of work, build a project plan and start sharing knowledge among members in the team.


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The money you pay in your social media outsourcing is usually up to you and what you want to do. This amount is usually determined depending on the internal ambition of business around project management services, creative services, and strategic services.

The pros and cons of outsourcing your social media

That an agency typically has more expertise and experience than just one social media manager is one of the biggest pros of outsourcing your social network.

When businesses outsource their social media efforts to an agency, they typically have access to a team of experts with broader knowledge. Social network agencies know the way to leverage each network for specific businesses and industries because they have a breadth of knowledge of each social platform.


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When you’re working with an agency, it usually leads to better content and results because there are more people working together. Businesses can lead to outside-the-box thinking by hiring an agency partner. Therefore, they can have specific points of view, top-notch creative content, and proactive recommendations from channel experts.

Besides many advantages when outsourcing social media, there are also many drawbacks, including time and cost.

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Internal staffs will know their brand the best. Thus, it’s necessary to understand that it takes some time to give the messaging guidelines to the new people when outsourcing aspects of the business, like social media.

In addition, working with an agency means more back-and-forth communication. Therefore, the cost is also a factor, based on the internal team’s budget.

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