Outreach On Business: Connecting With Existing Audiences (Part 2)

Connecting with the existing audiences is also an important part in the marketing strategy for businesses. When you run an online store on Shopify, there are many ways to reach your customers. Reaching out to bloggers is one of them and we told you about it in Part 1 and there are many other ways on this part.

Seek out strategic partnerships

To get your products in front of someone else’s customers, partnerships can be a great way.

It’s necessary to look for the like-minded and non-competitive brands that attract the kinds of audiences you’re looking for.

To find and create these opportunities, it can take some luck and time, but the benefit is that you can get really creative with the nature of the partnership.

Sponsor an event.

Run a contest and give your product as a prize.

Package samples of your product. The exclusive discounts with complementary products (for instance, a drink mix sample with every order of your partner’s water bottles).

Create a product together.

There is an example that the Sunglass brand Prive Revaux is a serial collaborator. It works with celebrities like Hailee Steinfeld, Jamie Foxx, and Madelaine Petsch to launch sunglass lines.

This type of marketing is suitable for business owners who are already connected to other enterprises in their niche. Besides, it’s also recommended for entrepreneurs having contacts at relevant organizations that don’t directly compete with them. In addition, it’s also effective for people with a knack for sales and business development.

Furthermore, it’s also important to improve the customer services because the audiences tend to trust the shop which has the impressive services. You can answer all the question of your customers with the help of facebook chat box. Thanks to it, you can receive the questions of audiences and solve them wherever you are and in any time.

Furthermore, be polite to send the thanks for ones who just make a purchase from your store by using the email with love.

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Read the last part to get the whole information.

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