Optimize Your E-Commerce Website In The Holiday Season (Part 2)

In the holiday season, if you want to attract your customers to your website on the Shopify platform, you need to optimize your site to give the best experience to the visitors.

Because of the increased holiday traffic, you should improve the loading time. Besides, don’t forget to decorate your site appearance with the holiday themes such as Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Halloween and so on.

In addition, there are many tips businesses should keep in mind to make your site stand out and drive sales.

The first tip is showed in Part 1 and here are the next ones:

Highlight your special offers and discounts

Holiday is the time for enterprises to not only drive sales but also treat and give thanks to clients. Giving discounts and free gifts to promote the shopping demand of consumers and they will buy more to get the promotion. If you offer an attractive and great deal, customers will choose you instead of other brands.

Besides, it’s necessary to ensure that your holiday offers are displayed prominently on your home page. Don’t forget to update your website’s images, search engine optimization, and keywords to help visitors find your brand in search results.


In addition to this, remember to update your information including the special products just only sold on holiday and the special offers on your top social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Then, link these posts back to your site to promote calls and orders. It can not only drive more traffics to your website but also drive more sales. Besides, when customers share your offers with their friends, you can see increased awareness and followers of your social channels.

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Make site speed a priority

Retailers usually focus on the design of their website. For example, how big the graphics are, how pretty the page looks, how easy the Buy buttons are to access, etc. However, it could slow your site down significantly with the large photos and interactive elements.


If you don’t focus on improving the speed of your website, because the page doesn’t load in time for the consumer, all the effort spent to make a gorgeous website could get wasted.

To support higher holiday traffic, enterprises should concentrate on finding Web solutions and hosts to give the necessary bandwidth and speed besides investing on a well-designed home page.

If you want to send the thank to the customers for their purchase, you can try out best email app for business.

Prepare for security concerns

Not only shoppers but also hackers ramp up their online activity during the holidays. The hackers are waiting and ready to take advantage of the increased number of transactions. To avoid the risks, you need to educate yourself and your team to recognize the cyber attacks, for example, the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Besides, to help you handle any potential situations, you also need to invest in security solutions.

Be ready with your customer support

You need to make your contact details easy to find on all pages of your website because holiday shoppers want a positive customer experience. Therefore, customers will feel comfortable when having questions about their orders.

In addition, you can support your customers with facebook chat messenger on https://blog.autoketing.com/.

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