Optimize Your E-Commerce Website In The Holiday Season (Part 1)

The post-Thanksgiving rush is about to begin and people have already begun their holiday shopping. Every business across the country is preparing for big promotions and sales. It’s necessary to prepare for this biggest sales season whether you are an online store on Shopify or brick-and-mortar shop.

If you have a traditional store, you should decorate your store with the holiday items. On the other side, if you have an online store on an e-commerce platform, you need to change the holiday themes and especially optimize your website to give the best shopping experience to customers.

E-commerce businesses have to anticipate an influx of website traffic during this biggest sales period of the year.

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Whether you are a small or big online retailer, to help you keep up with competitors, your website needs to be in tip-top shape for the season. a provider of DDoS protection services, Frank Yue, as well as the director of solution marketing and application delivery at Radware, supposed that you have a lot to lose if your site slows down. According to Radware research, 57 percent of visitors will abandon a site if it fails to load after 3 seconds.


Customers will think it’s not worth it if the site doesn’t respond and they will go to another website to buy the item somewhere else. You have to worry about it because it’s not just the site outage. It also makes the degradation of performance and delivery to retain customers.

Besides, you can also improve your customer service with currency converter box free online which allows customers to see the price of your item in many currencies. It works best when you sell abroad.

You need to ensure you have a fast, efficient website performance for your customers to have a good shopping experience. Besides, when prepping your e-commerce website for increased holiday traffic, you should keep in mind a few other things. Marketing experts weighed many strategies in on how to make your site stand out and drive sales.

Celebrate the season on your site

During the shopping season, physical stores usually set up special holiday displays by decorating store with many holiday items. You can approach your website in a similar way.


It is a suitable time to start to be creative and make your site more seasonal with many eye-catching themes. You can add Christmas trees and flashing lights to your homepage.

Earn your customers’ trust by showing up the order of other customers with sale notification app.

In addition, you can revise the content your website and adapt it with encouraging, upbeat content for the most important milestone dates: Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year. Besides, selling the products which suit the holiday is a good idea. Shoppers respond best to festivities and give a sense of why the recipient will be delighted with them.

Explore other tips to optimize your website in the holiday season in Part 2.

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