Offer Better Customer Service With Live Chat Practices (Part 2)

live chat on facebook is one of the best ways for businesses to contact and support their customers. When you own an online store on Shopify, it is a good idea for you to take advantage of this app to keep in touch with your clients and in this part, we will show you the best practices of the facebook chat bot.

Listen actively.

When you use the facebook messenger online, you’re at an advantage that you can read what a person is saying and think a few moments before typing up a response. However, there is more pressure because businesses have to note every detail of the conversation.

Understanding in full what the customer wants to do is important when using the facebook chat box. Communication happens quickly over chat but sometimes there is a type of customers who don’t fully convey what they’re trying to accomplish. You should let them explain fully the situation. After that, ask the right questions before offering a solution. You should not rush to think you immediately know the answer.

Slow the pace so you can offer the best replies if a chat is moving too quickly.

Try your best to give the best answer and advice to your customers. Besides, when communicating with your clients on facebook inbox, you can get the suggestions on your products and services from your customers. Therefore, it brings you the chance to improve the quality of your services and products.

Besides, you can also understand your customers and then advise what works best for them. Customers will be impressed with your business. Thus, you can attract more clients and drive more sales.

Furthermore, when your consumers make a purchase, don’t forget to send them a thank-you email with the email with love app on

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