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  • How Many Channels Can You Invest In Currencies?

How Many Channels Can You Invest In Currencies?

history July 20, 2018

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All currencies are traded 24/7 in the foreign exchange market. You can compare the value of currencies with each other. For example, one dollar is how many pounds. Brokers and banks work in the forex market.  There are a few ways for retail investors to take part in this market.

1. Standard Trading Account

You open an account with a forex broker and trade currencies. The operation of the forex market is different from US stock exchanges. Currencies are traded in pairs. You must guess or bet which currency will go up and which one will fall down. There is no regulated currency exchange and no central clearinghouse for trades. You don’t need uptick rules to take short positions. There is no upper limit in the size of your position. Dealers make the profit on the bid-ask spread.

2. ETFs and ETNs

ETFs are exchange traded funds. They can replace mutual funds since they have the lower fee and stock like price action. ETNs are exchange traded notes. Investing in ETF is like investing in stocks, bonds, gold or other commodities. ETN is an unsecured debt note.

3. Certificate of Deposits and Savings Accounts

You can use the certificate of deposit to earn interest at local rates in specific countries. You use basket certificate of deposit to earn money from many currencies. Certificate of deposit and basket certificate of deposit are issued by EverBank. This bank also supplies a foreign currency account which works as a money market account. Foreign currency account allows the transfer of money between major currencies.

4. Foreign Bond Funds

Mutual funds invest in foreign government bonds earning interest from the foreign currency. For instance, you own foreign currency. When its value rises up and, you can earn interest if you convert foreign currency back to local currency. Big foreign bond funds are Merk Hard Currency Fund, Aberdeen Global Income Fund, and Templeton Glob Bind Fund.

5. Multi-national Corporations

Stockholders of multi-national corporations indirectly attend the forex market. Corporations run business in other countries. Therefore, stockholders are in the foreign currency market through their ownership. Outstanding corporations are Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, IBM, and WalMart. If foreign currencies go up against the USD, multi-national companies gain more profit because all revenue will be converted back into the dollar.

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