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Make A Conversion By Creating A Mind-Blowing About Us Page

history July 19, 2018

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The About Us page is one of the important features of your business so you may need it to be appealing and fresh. Around 7% of visitors click to see the About page when they come to a homepage. The people who see it convert 30% more than those who don’t visit it. Besides, they spend on average 22.5% more. These are the reasons why you should start drafting this page when you have an online store on Shopify or other platforms.

The About Us page should be honest, updated and well designed so that it can spark curiosity and generate some unexpected sales from people who were just browsing.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks is an example, it sells 100% hand-woven. They have a kick-ass About Page. The audiences have the answers to all the questions. The graphic design and photos keep them engaged and interested to see more. The hammocks are priced decently and in various sizes.

There is a fact that one special cookie can change your world. This is also the first thing you can see on the “our story” page of Fruute. It tells the story behind these sweet treats. Besides the visitors can know how a mom’s passion for baking ended up to be a very successful business. You will find all-natural cookies, gift baskets, and tarts that will make your mouth water.

Another example is Mujjo, it sells leather Apple accessories and touchscreen gloves. They share their story in the About Us page. They tell how they started designing the popular touchscreen friendly knitted gloves. Besides, they also give the reasons why they expanded to making sleeves for Apple products. They decided to keep the visitor longer on the site by using this page to promote some of their products.

Here is some information you can display on your About Us page:

A story of your brand

Several captivating photos or a video that portrays your brand

Your partners

One or two testimonials

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