It’s completely understandable that you are nervous about adding facebook support chat to your online store, especially if you are working with your customers over email.

Integrating this app into your online store can bring you many benefits. In part 1, I show you many ideas to make full use of facebook help chat and there are many tips for you to build your live support skills.

The effective chat support makes the different demands on your customer service skill set. You can consider these tips to get the full benefits of a live conversation:

  • Uses shorter messages: Answering all the questions in one response is ideal for email support. However, a chat should be broken into much smaller segments and the goal is to leave room for quick clarifications and diversions.
  • Is more personal: You can show some personal interest in your customer in a more natural way by using the real-time chat because you work through problems together.
  • Allows for more questions: For you to understand your customers better, chat is a fantastic opportunity. It allows you to respond to their interests and ask questions about their goals, your products, and service. Therefore, thanks to this information, you can persuade them to buy your products or use your services.
  • Is responsive: Imagine that you and your customers are in a “real world” conversation where one person just stops responding for a couple of minutes. You shouldn’t do that to your customers! It’s better to give the customer a heads up on what you’re doing if you need to step away.

Treat support as a sales channel

Many large companies have troubles between their sales and support departments. They give the separate goals, separate measures of success, and often very different incentives.

You should not operate in that way as you are an e-commerce entrepreneur. Every support interaction is a good chance to understand your audiences better. Therefore, you can solve their problem, and discover what else you could do to help them succeed.

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