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Arrest reviews that handles the Polk County location are professionally compiled by the Northwest Georgia Crime Examiner. These stories are for regional news purposes. PCSO Watch all 11 pictures Listed below is the Polk County arrest survey for Wednesday January 3, 2015. The statement carries a total list of arrests, info regarding connection data prior arrests and inmate images that are accessible. All data is purchased from your Polk County Sheriff’s Office until specified otherwise. The next persons were charged and priced with all the violations the following. Go through the embedded links within each number to view the complete previous arrests report. Links to arrests just before 2009 will not be integrated.

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Serious Wayne Bennett, 24, of Temple was busted over a cause for disappointment to arise in Rockmart municipal judge. After submitting a $260 cash only wonderful Bennett premiered the exact same evening. Avan Guy Davenport, 22, of Rome was caught on a cause for contempt of judge regarding child-support. Davenport remains in custody at the time with this newsletter. View also (11/20/2012) Connie ELIZABETH Hannah, 48, of Rome was charged and incurred with DUI (medications), possession of timetable IV drugs and drugs not in original pot. Hannah remains in custody at this publication’s time. A $8,429 cash connection that was only has been set.

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Paul Soloman Haywood, 36, of Cedartown was arrested and charged with misdemeanor ownership of property and weed of the drug related item. Haywood stays at this publication’s time in custody. Cash-only bonds totaling 133.50, $1 have been arranged. Raiden Hester, 53, of Aragon was imprisoned in Rome and priced with person of a routine IV controlled chemical misdemeanor possession of weed and drugs not in pot. Grace Jackson of Cedartown was charged and billed while certificate stopped, parking in flame street plus a cause for inability to appear in probate court with driving. After posting a $385 cash good and residence securities totaling $ 1,900 Garcia was launched the same day. Donald N Taschereau, 30, of Aragon was charged and priced with terroristic threats and acts underneath the Household Violence Act (FVA), battery (FVA) and straightforward battery (FVA).

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Taschereau remains at that time of this publication in custody. Property ties totaling $8,100 have been arranged. Acquiring theft caught and priced with theft Jesse Turner of Rockmart. Turner stays in custody at this publication’s time. Home ties totaling $10,100 have now been fixed. See also (11/9/2014) Madison Tempe Vaughn of Jacksonville, FL was charged on the warrant for inability to surface in probate court. After paying a $240 cash-only fine, Vaughn was released the same morning. Brent Dontrail Oregon, 31, college essay writing software of Rockmart was busted on warrants getting him with rape beneath the Family Violence Act (FVA), battery and kidnapping.

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Washington remains with connection declined at that time of this distribution in custody. View also (10/18/2014) Robbery by theft. Two preceding ties submitted by Well-Done Bonding are also lowered on unique costs of failure and three matters theft to look. Woodlands remains in custody during the time with this guide. 700, home ties $22 have been established. View also (9/17/2014) The arrest studies through this record do not reveal purity or the actual guilt of people or the average person shown. All celebrations are assumed innocent until they are proven guilty in a court of regulation. Charge or its not all charge contributes to a confidence. A conviction or an acquittal is going to be dependant on the court system.

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