Instagram Ecommerce Marketing: Leverage Instagram Marketing Tactics to Increase Revenues like Wildfire for eCommerce Stores

With more than 1 billion users worldwide, Instagram seems to be an effective and profitable platform creating a wonderful opportunity for eCommerce entrepreneurs. However, it depends on the way business owners play their cards, turn your stores become a revenue machine or just entertaining normal tools. That’s is a big question, don’t worry, if you are getting stuck and distressing with out of ideas to improve your store’s sales with old eCommerce marketing strategies, Autoketing will help you out of these with top Instagram eCommerce marketing tactics, probably a flower way to go in 2020. 

Looking into the aspect that Instagram does for eCommerce, it turns out to be a cool tool for merchants and clients to connect and transact commodities. With over 80% of users following at least one store, and 60% of them discovering new products on this platform. By releasing shoppable organic posts and stories, eCommerce stores can probably catch customers’ attention without throwing too much money through the window by ads running the campaign and relevant influencers if you know how to leverage Instagram eCommerce marketing tactics. 

In this article, Autoketing will show you Instagram eCommerce marketing steps to get the most from organic posts and stories to grow brand awareness, boost conversions and increase product sales, taking a deep dive into Instagram marketing strategies and it won’t disappoint you.

Organic Instagram eCommerce Marketing

Shift Personal Instagram Account to a Business Account

Instagram introduced its new feature: business profiles. You can now move your personal account to a business which is the first step in an Instagram eCommerce marketing campaign. This feature includes a professional-looking profile and allows you to pull the contact details from Facebook while keeping the shoppable links from Instagram. This also gives you weekly information regarding the number of views and clicks on your entries.

Creating a clickable store

As a brand, it would be highly recommended if you add tools that convert the sole link to directing to your storefront, where has all of the products’ details. A popular platform like Shopify helps you create a network of multiple products with a single image. With that, a customer can visit a store and click “buy now”.

Hashtag Hashtag and Hashtag

Don’t you know that hashtag can be handy for your product sales? This approach is similar to the clickable storefront but it comes with a hashtag. If you use appropriate hashtags, a wider number of users can see your goods, and more importantly, your target market. When a customer cares about one product or things that they like, they will find it in Instagram hashtags, if your storefront is attractive enough, well, congrats, you catch their attention. 

For example, if you post product shots, quotes, or lifestyle photos regularly, then create a list of related hashtags for each. At the time of posting add a few appropriate hashtags to every post as well. Trending hashtags can change rapidly so regularly refresh your hashtag list. In addition, use only appropriate hashtags and don’t overuse them.


This picture illustrates how the clients for a hashtag operates. While looking for a hashtag such as #Shopify, the top posts containing this hashtag should surface on the search results list.

Using a visually, advertised and eye-catching profile picture

The profile image will reflect the label visually. Your logo is the best alternative for most brands on this prime piece of real estate profile. Whatever image you pick, make sure you use the same high-quality profile image for all of your social media accounts to improve both your brand visibility and recognizability.

Another way to boost traffic and catch clients’ attention to your online store is to create inspiring and relatable to your store image. In this way, users do not feel like being forced to buy from you, but by assigning your profile, your followers do know where to learn more about your business.

Bio tells everything

Instagram offers you only 150 characters, make good use of it to represent your audience what your brand stands for will more resonate and help you stand out from your competitors. 

Creating content

The better content is the more attention and engagement with clients. However, creating great and appealing content all the time seems pretty tough, whenever posting content, sleep on it! Create content that is important to the goods through hashtags. 

Another way of creating wonderful content is through your customers, establish a customer campaign by asking them to share pictures showcasing your business products they purchased from your stores or simply just feedback, this also called user-generated content. This way of referral Instagram eCommerce marketing technique can bring pros to your sales. Many apparels focused web outlets incorporate this as a branding tactic for their companies through their social networking campaigns.

The picture is an example of NYX collaborated with their customer through user-generated content, a way of reviewing their stunning product. 

Cost-fee Instagram eCommerce Marketing

Establish a campaign 

Run competitions and giveaways to raise your conversions and deliver discount coupons to your followers. This should aim to increase the number of followers on Instagram and to boost interaction. Help the contest with a text and visual material. You should start with a promotional advertisement such as “Coming early,” “Sale beginning in 2 days,” etc. before you launch the bid.

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This is an example from Too Faced brand, #stayathomewithtoofaced gained pretty engagement with their followers, running such a campaign to share positivity is essential during the fierce outspread of coronavirus, also it will increase more followers as they tagged their friends.

Work with Instagram influencers

Marketing influencer helps advertisers to meet their target market in a manner that seems far more authentic than traditional ads. Instead of marketing directly to customers, businesses are developing partnerships with influencers that will advertise for them. Instagram influencers have a deep and trusting friendship with their fans, as they share with them certain facets of their existence. 

For eg, if you follow a travel blogger for their gorgeous images or amusing captions, and they write about an airplane pillow that gave them the best night’s sleep on a long-haul trip, you’re more likely to remember the brand and purchase it for your next vacation because you like it and trust it. Make sense, doesn’t it?

Instagram advertising

Advertising on Instagram acts as a perfect platform for advertisers. It will boost the website’s engagement levels, and drive the brand to the next point. 

Instagram has made the development of Instagram advertising very quick. In reality, you can build and control your Instagram advertising in five separate ways:

Within the Instagram app

Facebook Ads Manager

Power Editor

Facebook Marketing API

Instagram Partners

Here are some facts about Instagram advertising taken from Hootsuite

Potential commercial coverage of Instagram is 849.3 million users

Instagram marketers will target a US 52.9 million young market

Advertisers invest 69%of their influencer budgets on Instagram

U.S. advertisers invest 31% of their Instagram ad budget on Stories Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place for advertisers to contact them for new goods or deals, 73% of U.S. teenagers claim

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Here are the top advisable organic and cost-free Instagram eCommerce marketing tactics for your business. If you find it compelling, don’t hesitate to comment below here.

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