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Innovative Social Media Marketing Strategy For Shopify Business In 2021

history January 4, 2021

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Social media marketing contributes to Shopify brands’ success. Social media should always include in the eCommerce digital marketing plan. Though this is common knowledge, brand awareness is more difficult than “like”, “followers”, and “share”. The competition in social media marketing requires more skillset for brands to reach and convert audiences. To optimize your social media to the fullest, here are Innovative Social Media Marketing Strategy For Shopify Business In 2021.

1. Choose the right social media channel

Before planning your eCommerce social media marketing strategy, you should know where to find your customers first. In other words, your customers in what social media channel? They’re active in what channel? Most of your buyers are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest?

After knowing the social media that would bring the highest outcome, you can draft a social media marketing strategy.

Here is the infographic about Must-have Social Media Tools for eCommerce businesses.

Must-have Social Media Tools for eCommerce businesses

Besides social media, Email Marketing is also an effective way to nurture your customers and boost sales. Learn how to Create A Highly Converted Email Marketing Campaign.

2. Create an effective social media content strategy

Content is king.

Bill Gates

The content quality is the key to your social media success. High-quality SEO content not only helps your site ranks higher on the Google search engine but also engages your followers. Aside from attracting organic traffic and followers, it builds customer loyalty. 

Instead of posting spontaneously, create a publishing plan. Take advantage of scheduling tools on social media to minimize your time managing the posts. 

How to create profound content? Learn more in 4 Special SEO Hacks For Shopify Store

3. Create a supportive community on social media

Social media is all about being social and engaging with others. Most of our social media content is product introduction, boost sales, or brand stories. More importantly, almost every Shopify merchant does the same. If your followers see a type of content too often, they will lose interest and start ignoring your posts. 

To avoid this situation, you can apply some communication tips below:

  • Start an argument with a controversial question.
  • Create a mini-game
  • Share worth-following news instead of casual information about your product or service
  • Liking, sharing customer posts about your brand or products

In conclusion

Shopify merchants worldwide are applying eCommerce social media marketing trends to their business. It makes digital marketing get more and more competitive. By following the 3 tips outlined above, you’ll create a well-publishing social media plan that withstands the test of time.

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