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  • Innovative Black Friday Marketing Ideas For Retailers (Part 1)

Innovative Black Friday Marketing Ideas For Retailers (Part 1)

history October 19, 2020

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In this article, we will discuss 7 Innovative Black Friday Marketing Ideas For eCommerce Retailers.

Some lucky eCommerce merchants get their businesses to thrive this year thanks to catching customers’ new shopping habits. Look back at 2020, the first thing that comes to people’s mind would definitely be COVID-19 Pandemic. In case you haven’t made good sales this year, the end-year sales Black Friday Marketing Ideas should be the Ace to turn things around.

Let’s wrap-up 2020 a year of unpredictable fall down and trends with the two biggest sales of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

1. Black Friday Marketing Email Blast

Without a doubt, Email Marketing has been nominated as the most effective marketing tool for online retailers. Because email marketing is low-cost and yet owns the ability to boost conversion rates. For each dollar spend on email marketing, you have the potential to earn $32 in return.

Black Friday Marketing via Email

Holiday sales like rush hours. To not get yourselves stuck in the traffic, there are a few things you need to prepare.

First, create an email marketing plan and follow it tightly. Instead of just sending some bland emails, you should follow customers with an appealing email series. 

Second, approach targeted customers. 

Prioritize these two types of customers.

1- Previous customers

Offer former customers with discount code. To loyal customers, send them a thank you letter adding a VIP discount. The previous purchasers will likely buy from you next time. So don’t throw money out of the window by skipping former customers. 

2- Potential customers

Though persuade new customers to buy during the sales season wouldn’t be easy since they have so many options to choose from. However, with the right Black Friday Marketing strategies, you can expand the number of buyers in a short period. 

Email potential shoppers about the deals you have to offer, and when it happens. Because new customers will have less chance to notice your promotional emails, let’s follow these Black Friday Marketing Tips.

  • Add a catching subject line
  • Attach a product’s image with a direct link to your online store
  • Create “Add this event to your calendar” to require customers about your sales
  • Send follow up emails to remind your customers
  • Send thank you email after customers purchase your products
  • Create Call To Action that drives customers to click

It is impossible to manage all of these Black Friday Marketing Email Series without support from an email marketing application. In case you’re a Shopify retailer and looking for an email marketing app or a better alternative for the one you’re currently using. I’d strongly recommend Thank you Email Marketing Tool by Autoketing.

Thank you Email Marketing Tool is your right-hand man in the holiday sales season.

Thank You Email Marketing Tool by Autoketing

1- Thank You Email Marketing Tool with current useful features:

  • Express your interest to each customer
  • Automatically send a thank-you email after customers subscribe or make a purchase
  • Emails to notify successful delivery
  • Provide eye-catching templates with available content
  • Report about sent emails, opened emails, spam, and subscribe
  • Suggest email content
  • Adjust email delivery time
  • Show the number of emails sent and emails have opened
  • Promote your brand in every email
  • Save time and money on advertising
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to use
Welcome Email by Thank You Email Marketing Tool

2- Four types of an email campaign in Thank you for an email – Email marketing

  • News Orders
  • Newsletter Subscribers
  • New Customers
  • Fulfilled Orders

3- Auto marketing email – Top email marketing

  • Responsive, helpful support. Auto thank you email replies to customers quickly and takes care of each customer
  • Maintain trust with your customers. Send a thank-you email from your domain. Build a strong relationship with customers
  • Save time. Customers can receive emails immediately after they send a request
  • Multiple beautiful templates for yearly events

4- Abandoned cart recovery email

  • Remind customers who abandoned a purchase
  • Cart recovery email: Bring back lost customers & recover more sales.
  • Recover abandoned carts, reactivate lost customers
  • Increase sales and don’t miss any buyers
Create CTA with Thank You Email Marketing Tool

2. Hourly and Daily Flash Sales

Flash sale is proven to boost transaction rate by 35%. A flash sale creates urgency sales in a short period. It drives excitement and the most perfect Call To Action that you’d ever need. 

The flash hourly deal suits perfectly for high traffic store. Flash sales encourage spending and surprise customers. The combination of Email Marketing with Flash sales will increase your chances of getting noticed by customers and revenue.


  • Flash sales perform better in the evening.
  • If you discount 40% on average, then you can offer a 50% discount on hourly flash sales. 
  • Make the most of the discount bundle and cross-sell.
  • Create a homepage banner for each flash sales
Create Urgency With Flash Sale

3. Promote Black Friday Sales via Social Media

Black Friday is a thing on social media. Everyone is exciting, tweeting, and adding hashtags about it. So why don’t you make the most of these marketing tools?

Your social media should cover the news about your Black Friday Sales before, during, and after the event. When you plan the Black Friday Marketing schedule, remember that you need to keep the customers updated all the time. 

Email Marketing is a powerful tool to contact your subscribers and draw more traffic to your online store. However, Social Media is much more effective when it comes to millisecond status updating.

Moreover, to make the most of social media, you can increase your advertising. With advertisements, your store will get noticed by potential customers. Flash sales become a strong call to action that drives customers to click and visit your store. 

As people are wandering on the Internet to look for Black Friday deals, yours need to be appealing. Customers are ready to buy if your offers are set with the right price, the right place, and the right time.

We expect a Black Friday with high spending on advertising. The cost of advertising on Social Media will cost more than usual. 

So you would want to make the most of every penny on advertising.

Black Friday Marketing with Social Media


– The best time to post: Look into the data to see when most of your followers are online

– Give customers quick responses: Netizen is extremely impatient. Moreover, they have tons of options to choose from your various competitors.

– A strong call to action: CTA is the selling point for online stores. Remember to give clear instructions to visit your store. For example: Visit our store, find out more, etc.

Closing Advice

In case you’re looking for trustable applications should be considered to you Shopify Store, check for the reference resource Shopify App Store  

Please keep in mind that the Autoketing Team is always ready to support you. We are a Shopify trustworthy partner.

Autoketing is constantly looking for new updates and the best solution for online business on Shopify Store.

If you need any assistance or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. We’re always there to help.

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