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Increase Sales By Targeting The Right Visitor With The Right Product

history July 20, 2018

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Giving the good shopping experience is also the way to create good relationships with customers and maintain loyal clients. It is said that a personalized shopping experience can increase your order value by as much as 40%. Most consumers are satisfied with the product recommendations.

This strategy is very effective, so if you have an online store on Shopify, you must take advantage of it. 53% of 1000 UK online consumers want the products which are recommended based on their previous buying history. Amazon is one of the first retailers who successes in implementing this. Then, many businesses try it.

This strategy is used to make the client hit the Add to cart button. They use an “item-to-item collaborative filtering” that surrounds the users with products. The users may even don’t know they need these products. This algorithm is based on their previous browsing history, what they have in the cart, the products they already bought or they like.

Another example is GovX, it uses the ‘recommended product’ feature. After users click to see the first products they are interested in, they will see 4 more recommended products which are complementary or from the same category. Thus, enterprises can do some up-selling.

About 70% of online buyers love the stores that provide a more relevant shopping experience by using the personal information. In sum, the business gives the personalized shopping experience to its customers can be outstanding in the market.

In the recommended products, you can provide the similar products or the complimentary products.

In addition to this, the customer service also makes the great contribution to the decision of the customers. They will be satisfied and impressive with the shop supporting them timely. You can consult the facebook live chat support app. Besides, the email with love is also a good idea. Access https://autoketing.com/ for more information.

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