Increase Revenue By Recovering Abandoned Items

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You are running an online store or selling products on an e-commerce platform like Shopify. Your revenue reduces due to abandoned carts. What do you have to do to regain that amount? You should make a plan and use email strategy to convince visitors to fulfill their carts.

You must build an abandoned checkout email strategy to collect all money left in carts. In our one article, we give two examples including Chubbies Shorts and PrideBites. Now let’s discover Brother Moto’s strategy!

You need to send a checkout abandonment email although it’s simple. You just write a welcoming email like Brother Moto does. The company sends an email 6 hours after a checkout is abandoned. It includes items left, a link back to the checkout page and discounts maybe. Brother Moto sends a simple email rather than wait for a perfect one. Their motto is “Done is better than perfect.” Email marketing strategy contributes to getting sales.

You should investigate the reason why visitors abandon their carts. Do they leave carts because they are interrupted by something? Do they abandon items due to prices? One suggestion is that you use Mouseflow, a mouse tracking software. It shows you how customers interact with the checkout flow. You can see the problem and what you need to enhance. You deal with current deficiency.

After that, you build an effective checkout abandonment email strategy. The timing to send emails is important. Send the first email 1 or 2 hours after visitors abandon the carts. You will send next emails at different timing. Create a sense of urgency. You consider the timing to fit a separate type of customers. If you send more than one email, don’t include incentives or discounts in the first email. You are able to add discounts in the second or third email.

If you are operating a Shopify store, you can use email marketing free to support email marketing plan. Besides, you apply popup sales and facebook chat support to chat with customers and stimulate shoppers to buy products. Take a glimpse at our site

17 thoughts on “Increase Revenue By Recovering Abandoned Items

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