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Increase Customer Value To Make Profit By Email Marketing

history July 5, 2018

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The loyalty of customers is important to the brand and it can increase the client’s monetary value. Both of them have the close relationship with each other. Email marketing is the effective tool in the Shopify’s store promotion campaign.

How can you use email to increase your customer’s value to you? Here are many methodologies to increase your customer’s value by using email.

  • Post-Order Satisfaction Follow Up

One of the most effective touch points in the customer lifecycle is after the customer placing an order or taking an action. Your brand will also stay in customers’ mind if they have a positive experience with your company.

However, if they have a negative experience, you should discover that fact and then work to remedy it. You should send an email to learn about the experience of clients and find the solution to the bad situation by including a solicitation to provide feedback of the product or the customer’s shopping experience.

In addition, you can offer an incentive for a repeat purchase or another product that they may be interested in or enjoy.

If they are satisfied with an initial purchase, the rate of making a repeat purchase is higher. Then, the enterprise can build the loyalty of customers.

  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Emails for Active Customer

One of the common best practices of e-commerce is presenting cross-sells and up-sells on your website. If your customers purchase many products of your brand, you should email them with other products by that brand manufacturer that they may like. It is called the “You Might Also Like…” email.

We are pleased to introduce you the email with love app which helps you connect with your clients by email. It is created by Autoketing team.

  • New Product Announcements for Active Customer

Sometimes, clients won’t return to your website or business on their own, so they can miss out on new products and releases that you have available. Thus, you can email to remind them of your products.

  • Remind the offers

Send them an email to give them a gift, a discount, a voucher on the special occasion.

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