How To Increase The Average Order Value (Part 1)

The average order value shows the average amount of money each customer spending in an order in a certain time. It is an important metric which Shopify business owners need to pay attention to.

Here are many ways to increase the number of average order value:

Provide product recommendations

The shoppers usually focus on buying one of your products, so, they neglect to browse around to find more. As a result, they finish with the smaller carts, and, this leads to smaller average order values.

To deal with this problem, businesses can add many product recommendations to their product pages or checkout page.

You can increase the average order value by profiling best seller products, or products purchased by other customers in addition to what’s currently in the user’s cart.


To illustrate this point, sales pop master app show up the products viewed by other users. Because it also incorporates social proof, this is a great technique.

However, you don’t need to limit yourself to sharing the products viewed by other users, you can also provide recommendations based on your own business priorities.

Besides, when suggesting more products to your customers, you can use phrases such as “Complete the look” (for fashion and apparel websites) or “Customers also bought”.

Upsell or cross-sell complementary products

This strategy seems like the previous strategy. Businesses can add product suggestions to the product page.

In this tip, you will not simply suggest other popular items from your store, instead, you will recommend the hand-pick products that pair well with the item in the user’s cart, like the accessories or add-ons.

For instance, you can suggest a mouse when your customers buy a laptop, or recommend the batteries when they choose to purchase the remote control.

This method is considered to be essentially cross-selling and upselling. When you promote a complementary product, it is called cross-selling and it is called upselling when you promote a product upgrade or a more expensive version of the product.

Set order minimums for a discount


Incentivizing customers to spend a minimum amount is also an ideal way to increase your average order value by. This sets a minimum order amount for customers to get the free shipping, which is easy to set up in Shopify with shipping bar master.

For instance, your business can offer free shipping for all orders over $100.

Besides, you can also offer a coupon or free gift. An example is giving a 15% discount on orders over $75. Besides, giving a free t-shirt on all orders over $100 is also a good idea. It encourages customers to buy more to get the discount.

As the result, your revenue is increasing considerably.

Therefore, it’s important to get the higher average order value because the higher it is, the more you gain.

Read more useful strategies to develop your business and attract more customers on

Explore the last 2 tactics in Part 2.

The average order value is one of the most important numbers which businesses need to focus. Let’s see many ideal methods to increase this metric.

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