How To Do To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign (Part 3)

Email marketing campaign absolutely is one of the most effective marketing strategies. Try your best to optimize and make full use of it for your e-commerce businesses on Shopify platform. In Part 1 and Part 2, we show you the reason why you should segment the email marketing and how to do it.

We continue with other methods to improve your email marketing campaign

After segmenting your list, it’s time for you to cater to personal experience which your customer is looking for.

Have a dedicated welcome email

You should not rely on the automated opt-in messages which the email management software provides when starting using email marketing. Instead, it’s better if you create an automated series of custom emails that subscribers receive.

A custom email series is also called a sales funnel or autoresponder sequence. It allows new subscribers to know more about your brand and also guides customers to make a purchase. The most important of all these emails is the welcome email.


The welcome email is used to direct your new subscribers’ concern back to your brand right after they signed up for your list because they are mostly interested in your products or service.

There is a fact that the welcome emails bring 320 percent more revenue than any other type of marketing email. In addition, don’t forget to take advantage of the thank-you email and send it right after they make a purchase to express your love and your brand voice.

You should automate the welcome email for them to be sent based on when a person signs up for your list. After that, you can send a series of email to introduce your brand and your products.

Be mobile-friendly

Your audiences are more likely to read your emails on a mobile device because today more and more people use smartphones and tablets. A report said that 51 percent of email is read on mobile devices. Besides, users are more likely to open an email on an Apple iPhone than on Gmail.


In addition, ensure your design on mobile devices has a good appearance as it does on a desktop before you schedule your promotional emails. If your email is not optimized on mobile devices, customers will delete them and do not save them to read on a desktop. Having a mobile-friendly email design will keep all your promotional messages looking professional.

The holiday is coming, don’t forget to create an attractive discount campaign to generate more sales.

Play with your subject lines

You can play around with the subject lines and figure out their attention if you want customers to open your emails. Try out different subject lines such as teasing content or asking questions.

In addition, adding emojis in subject lines is also more common. However, you just should use emojis as emphasis or decoration. Don’t use them to replace actual words. Test many subject lines for customers to experiment and learn what your customers respond to and find the best one.

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