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How To Improve Customer Service And Loyalty?

history June 25, 2018

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Your customer retention is super important to your successful business. A good service contributes to the loyalty of customers and that is one of the important factors to increase revenue for the business. Autoketing knows the significance of building strong relationships with your customers. That leads to the loyalty of clients. Guests will return to your store and recommend friends to shop.

We know it and give you a hand by creating the facebook chat based on Facebook Messenger. It helps you build and maintain the good long-term relationships with customers in a competitive marketplace. The conversation is the key to connect and introduce your products to customers. You can take care of them every time and give them the suitable advice due to their habits and preferences. Visit Shopify to know more about this app.

As you know, Facebook is one of the most popular and convenient social networks. A report shows that about 74% of shoppers are frequently active on Facebook. Thus, supporting online seems to be the easiest way for sellers to connect with their customers.

Clients feel more confident doing business with the companies that support easily and instantaneously. In fact, a consumer research study from Oracle found that 90% of customers said the facebook chat support button gives them confidence that they can get help if they need it.

One of the reasons that make a customer simply walk away is that he/she couldn’t find the information or support needed. That, your retention rate is very low if your competitors make this easier. If customers are always supported online, they will be more satisfied than they have to wait for the answer or seek information on the website themselves.

facebook inbox allows you to give the quick answers and information about your products and solve problems faster. Besides, it also assures your customers that you’re there for supporting when they need you. This is a simple but effective recipe for improving both customer loyalty and service. Follow us on https://autoketing.com/ for more effective applications for your business.

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