Customer service is essential, isn’t it? You have to support customers immediately as soon as they have problems with your products or service. You will receive good comments if you own good customer service. Customer’s satisfaction means great reviews. If you sell online, especially on Shopify, you should assist customers online at the right time.

1. Bring thank-you letters or emails

Many Shopify stores use letters or cards to send thank to customers. After buyers shop products, they don’t often expect much. If you send them thank-you letters, they will be very touched. They have a good impression of your shop. They may purchase at your shop many times later. Just one thing make customers have a fondness one you store. In this technological era, thank-you email is a good choice. Email with love app of Autoketing helps merchants send emails and say a thank you to consumers.

2. Take quick responses

When a shopper complaints about any problem with your shop, you must respond to them rapidly. If you don’t solve problems immediately, they can post complaints on social networks. Trust of your store can decrease. You answer customers’ questions fast and generously.

3. Live Chat

Live chat is a tool to support customers in e-commerce. Buyers can chat with customer staff and ask anything. This is very convenient. Customers’ issues will be solved instantly. Live chat could keep visitors stay at shop longer. Therefore, an opportunity for sales also increases. One of live chat app on Shopify app store is facebook chat box. Have a try on it!

4. Survey

A survey is able to express that you care about shoppers’ opinions. You collect comments to improve your deficiencies. You can make use of apps on Shopify or software to send customers surveys.

5. Return policy

Return policy builds the trust of customers at your shop. Let visitors see return policy at a quick look. They will have more confidence to buy products. The return policy is a way to develop customer satisfaction.

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