How To Use E-Commerce SEO To Increase Organic Sales

Every merchant wants visitor traffic of their website to flow freely and frequently, even the Shopify businesses. There are many to pull customers into your online store, including pay-per-click advertising, social media, and email campaigns. Among them, the best one is by appearing in organic search results.

This method is highly cost-effective because it’s free. You will have a place on the search results page through relevance, but you don’t need to pay for clicks. It’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO helps you communicate with Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo if you apply SEO for e-commerce sites. Besides, SEO is also important for customer engagement because it let you find phrases and words that customers are already using to discover sites like yours.

When clients find your site on the search engine, it helps them understand exactly what your products have to offer. Therefore, SEO brings in new customers, especially the right kind of qualified buyers you need.

If you do well with SEO, your website is more likely to rank higher on search engine results pages than competitors. These rankings are highly competitive for sure. However, if you can build a robust framework including the right header tags, keywords, meta information, and clean website code, you will get the good result in SEO.

Here are five powerful optimization tips to help your website get a higher rank on the search engines and higher levels of sales conversion.

Ensure that your e-commerce site is mobile-friendly

Having an easy-to-use website on mobile devices is crucial if you sell products online. Google announced a transition to mobile-first indexing in early 2018. It means the company now crawls and indexes all sites that use the mobile version of the site.

This change is necessary because it increases the importance of text suitable for reading on smaller screens, and having images that load quickly on 4G connections. Therefore, you need to pay attention to optimize your website for mobile-friendliness. There are dozens of factors to consider but luckily, Google has a free tool for you to check SEO on your website and then improve these factors.

In addition, it’s a great idea to put yourself on your customers’ shoes to have the shopping experience on your site and then find out the features to improve.

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Learn the phrases your customers use via keyword tools

You probably have many ways to talk about your products but customers may not use this same language when shopping online. Thus, if you know the phrases they use to search for the products like yours, you can easily reach more prospects.

You can make the smart decision to include those exact keywords by exploring the words and phrases customers are using with the keyword tools. Then, you increase the likelihood of those people getting to your site by using the exact-match words for the right high-volume search queries on your pages.

In addition, Google will try serving your web page the next time someone searches that phrase if all other factors also align. Then, if anyone clicks your link, Google will try serving your page on the subsequent search. After that, your website will become more and more popular and Google and Google will consider your page for top placement.

You can use many free dedicated keyword tools to find out the top keywords of your products.


Thoughtfully organize your pages and products

Keeping your store organized is highly crucial when you introduce more products and services to the marketplace. Your website needs to be friendly and easy to use. There is a fact that if website structure prevents customers from finding the products they need.

If a visitor comes to your site, they don’t visit any other page and leave quickly, Google’s crawlers will infer that the page content was not satisfactory. Besides, Google will assume the page was not relevant to customers’ search if a customer hits the browser back button right after clicking on your website.

On the other hand, if users effortlessly click from page to page and spend lots of time on your website, Google takes this as a sign that your product pages are useful and engaging.

In sum, it’s essential to optimize your website to give customers the best shopping experiences.

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Create descriptive meta descriptions, page titles, and image file names

Besides improving on-page, page elements including meta, titles, and images also play a significant role in your sites search rankings. You can reinforce your pages’ relevance to a given search by adding the top keywords from your research into these areas. You need to learn the way to optimize all the elements such as meta, titles, and images and follow all the rules to get success on SEO.


Text marked-up within the title tag appears as the most substantial text in your search listing because it displays in the browser tab as the name of the page. You need to take care of it and focus only on the most relevant words and phrases. This title tag should be no longer than 60 characters according to the rule of thumb.

Meta descriptions appear within the HTML code of a page and your customers don’t need to see it after they arrive on your site. This part needs to include at least one relevant keyword to the product or service featured on the page and be no longer than 160 characters.

About the image file names, you should keyword rich names for your photos. Besides, ALT text should describe your photo in a user-friendly way.

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Connect your store with proprietary search engine tools.

Search engines give business owners many free tools to help with optimization and serve the best results. They will provide you with critical information that can help you move up in rankings.

You can consider using Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, and Google Search Console. They are all free.

You can engage in qualified traffic and secure more sales by following these five steps. However, it’s also better to consult a professional SEO service which can help you get the best result.

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