How To Make Customers Buy From You ( Even Your Brand Is New)

When you intend to open an online store even on Shopify platform, absolutely you start questioning whether you’ve got what it takes to succeed. You will think that you are a new one on the e-commerce market and why anyone will buy from you.

You start worrying about many things from competitors, pricing to shipping times. However, if you can give them what they need and show up the real reasons people would buy from you in the first place, you can get success in e-commerce.

It is possible for a new online store to make its first sale in only two days even it is not a famous brand with many followers. The secret is that the merchants execute the right tactics. So what are the helpful tactics for merchants to earn trust and make sales?

Let’s see how to make customers buy from you.

They found you first

Customers will be more likely to buy from you if they find you first, before competitors. It means that you should do something to reach your clients. You can start writing a blog about your products: how they can help you and how you can take the best advantages of them. Then, share the articles on social channels including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,… tagging the influencers.

Besides, you can run a retargeting ad running in the background just in case any influencers wanted to share our article. Therefore you can reach many customers. After that, you can think about running an advertisement on many social platforms based on your target clients.

By the way, if you want to suggest the related products to your customers, take a look at the Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool app. Besides, you can also offer them a special discount, BOGO, or free shipping service with the upsell or cross-sell items to stimulate their shopping needs.


You found them first

You can find your customers who are looking for your products via hashtags on Instagram or Facebook. Thus, remember to use hashtags when you post on your social channels. Besides, you can work with influencers on your field and offer to pay to post a picture of my product on their page. These influencers have the audiences relevant to your items so it is a good match.

They don’t know where else to buy it

When you launch your online store, you should take your own photos of your products. They should be original and professional.  The reason is that, if you use the available photos of your products, your customers can’t figure out your competitors. Thus, merchants should use their own photos to prevent consumers from finding competitors. As a result, if they can’t find where else to buy it, they become more likely to buy directly from you.


You solve a problem

If your products can solve the problem of customers, they will tend to skyrocket sales. For example, the products, that can remove blackhead well, take over sales on online stores. These products are exactly what people are looking for because they solve everyday problems.

Besides, with other products, you can write a blog to help them take the best advantages of your items. Moreover, having stellar customer support can also help you alleviate some frustration when problems arise. You can use the app Facebook Chat Box to support your customers whenever they need and you also can keep in touch with them when they leave your store.

Therefore, when building a new store, it’s necessary to ask yourself, “What are the biggest problems I can solve for my customers?”. Then, try to find the solution to solve them one by one.

You offered better customer service

The business who treats customers best will win. Customer service is so important to a brand. Think about any special programs like responding to emails with a personalized video message, giving birthday freebies, and solving the biggest pain point can help you gain the highest sales.

For example, recently, I bought a pair of shoes from another country. I want to be supported about the size, I message them on the Facebook Chat Box on their site, they reply immediately. Besides, I can also see the price of the products in my currency. I ask them and they said they use the Currency Converter Box app. Therefore, I happily bought the product from them instead of their competitors.


Customers trusted your website

The store design is a challenge that you need to think through carefully. You need to make sure that your website appears professional. You can ask your friend or family member about their experience on your site. Besides, you also need to check that your pictures aren’t pixelated. Thus, you need to invest time to ensure your store looks reputable.

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A previous customer tagged their friend

The biggest social proof for a new business is from your customers. When your loyal customers introduce your brand to their friends, more and more clients know your store and you will increase your sales. You can run many special programs to let customers tag their friends, share your site to get free gifts. Then, their friends know about your brand and maybe make a purchase.

One of the most powerful ways to gain an edge up on competitors is referral marketing. Your competitors don’t really stand a chance if your customers are willing to vouch for you to their friends.

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