How To Launch An E-Commerce Store Within 30 Minutes (Part 1)

E-commerce business is becoming more and more popular around the world because of its convenience. Shopify platform is one of the best e-commerce platforms which help merchants a lot from building, designing, managing the store and increasing sales.

This article is a very handy step by step guide to help merchants launch their own e-commerce store within a short time. Mr. Tomas Slimas gives out this instruction based on his own experience from his own e-commerce success story. This post also includes dozens of great tips that will allow you to focus on making sales as quickly as possible.

The most interesting point is that you have a chance to mark an exciting turning point in your life within a half of hour as you embark on a journey as an e-commerce entrepreneur.

In the beginning, Tomas did what most people do: focusing a lot on creating a great looking website instead of actually trying to make a sale. Besides, he spent a year to launch my first e-commerce store with conventional strategies: incorporating myself, looking for wholesalers, underestimating my marketing budget, developing a great looking store, manually adding thousands of products… and then he never made a sale.

Figuring out how to start an online store seems pretty complicated once you’re a first-time entrepreneur. However, the first step is to simply launch your e-commerce store. Then, exploring ad campaigns and logo designs is the next step, when your store is up and running.

There is a great quote that “Get going, get better”.

Let’s go to see the steps to open an online store in the most effective way. I will take a full women’s jewelry shop that sells cubic zirconia accessories as an example.

Set Up a Store (~ 5 Minutes)

Pick a Name

It’s important to pick a name for your brand but don’t spend much time on it. Think of something simple and random such as Catherine Hill Jewelry, Sparkle Glam Jewelry, Sparkle Jewelry Online. You should add ‘store’ or ‘shop’ because it’s easier to find an available domain when there are several words in the name.


There is a note that dotcom domains tend to rank better in the search engines. Choose a memorable and impressive name if possible.

When selling abroad, you should allow customers to see the price of products in their currency to offer them a good shopping experience with Currency Converter Box app.

Create a Shopify Account

In the past, when you built a site, you had to get a server, upload an e-commerce system to it, hire someone to customize it, and pay to maintain it. It was really time-consuming and expensive. However, your website was still slow and ineffective.

Fortunately, we have Shopify including alternative effective apps which have simplified the process. Therefore, with just a few clicks you can create your e-commerce store and all of the server setup and maintenance is taken care of for you.

Start by entering, click ‘start your free trial’ on the screen, type your store name, and create your shop.

Fine Tune Your Settings

Go to Shopify Settings > Payments Section and add your PayPal email address. Then, it’s possible to change, remove, or add additional payment options. However, register at if you don’t have a PayPal account. It takes about 5 minutes.

Generate Required Policies

Shopify allows the merchant to generate terms and conditions, standard privacy and return policies. Create them on Shopify Settings > Checkout > scroll down to Refund > Privacy >  TOS statements section.

Add Free Shipping Rate

Mr. Tomas Slimas highly recommend that you offer a free delivery option if you’re looking to start an online store. In your Shopify account settings, you can set this as default.


On the Shopify Settings, click Shipping and delete all shipping zones that are “Domestic”. Then, choose ‘Free International Shipping’ after selecting ‘Rest of World’ for your ‘Price based rates’. Finally, click ‘RateL Free shipping rate.’

Create an Online Store


You can sell your products on multiple channels including Facebook Store, Online Store, Instagram store or Brick & Mortar store, etc and link them together.

Select Sales Channels on Shopify Settings and add Online Store as your sales channel if it hasn’t already been added automatically.

Don’t forget to improve your customers’ service by supporting your customers immediately via live chat on your site.

Buy a Domain

It is optional and your current URL will look similar to [storename] You should purchase a custom domain like [storename].com to look more like a standard website.


Note: You may need to pay for changing your store domain to a custom domain (usually about $13 a year).

It’s not really necessary at the beginning. You can do it later when you decide to invest further money into your e-commerce store. However, you need to remember to do it before you start advertising your site to increase your sales significantly. In addition, the sooner you purchase the domain you want, the less likely it is for someone else to buy it later on.

When you decide to buy a domain for your own, go to Shopify Online Store and choose Domains Section > Buy New Domain. Then, remember to confirm the domain via your email.

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Add Products and Categories (~ 10 Minutes)

An e-commerce business model works like this: you buy several hundred items, wait for them to be delivered, then you stock them in your garage or a small warehouse, and you ship them to your customer when someone places an order.

This model works well with bigger companies, but it can have annoyances (not having a popular item in stock and ready to ship, which means you’ll miss out on potential sales), extra costs (storage space), and risks (unsold stock) if you are a new company.

Luckily, the drop shipping model can help you handle that. It allows people who are the new ones on e-commerce business to make money by spending more time and energy on generating sales. You aren’t required to hold any inventory with dropshipping and even don’t need to worry about shipping products, which also saves you money and time.

You just need to add products to your store, and when someone places an order, pays the supplier who will then ship it directly to your customer. You don’t need to pay for extra storage space or worry about what to do with unsold stock.

There are 2 ways to obtain dropshipped products:

Contact a wholesaler and land a dropshipping deal.

Use drop shipping apps on Shopify.

Then, add many categories to your website and put the products into the suitable category.

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