How To Launch An E-Commerce Store Within 30 Minutes (Part 2)

E-commerce business is now more and more popular and is one of the best ways for people to make money. Hence, plenty of e-commerce platforms come out to help merchants and in my opinion, Shopify is the best one. It also contains a variety of apps which help you build and develop your store.

In part 1, I show you the first steps to create a new store on the Shopify platform and please follow these following steps to get it done.

Add Products and Categories (~ 10 Minutes)

Add Content to Your Online Store (~ 5 Minutes)

It’s really important to have a professional and attractive content, so you need to focus and spend more time on improving it. You should start with these following sections: About Us, Privacy and Returns Policy, Terms, and Conditions, Track Your Order link, Shipping & Delivery Information, Contact Us.

Go to Shopify Online Store > Pages > Add Page to create a page.

About Us

You need to make this page on your online store look unique. However, you may have to spend quite a bit of time creating. In the meantime, use one of the pre-generated ‘About Us’ pages from the list and edit it to suit your store later.


Remember to make About Us page personal in the future. You can tell a story of the reason you started your brand. Besides, it’s also a great idea to show that there’s a human behind your eCommerce business by showing pictures of yourself.

Shipping & Delivery Information

You need to give out the estimated shipping time and fee to earn customer’s trust. In addition, you also can add the condition for consumers to get the free shipping service here.

If you want to earn customers’ trust to stimulate them to make sales, try out Sales Pop Master app for free.

Contact Us

It’s necessary to keep in close contact with your clients. Therefore, be sure that you place a clearly visible ‘Contact Us’ link on your homepage. Click the ‘Add New Page’ button on your site and change the page template to contact to create a contact page.

Design Your Store (~ 10 minutes)

One of the most important parts when creating an online shop is mastering design. You can also build trust with customers via the way you present your e-commerce business. Luckily, the default theme of Shopify already looks great and it automatically assigns to your eCommerce store. Therefore, if you don’t want to spend the time on customizing it, you do not need to change this. It’s better to enhance your brand if you have a well-customized site, but it is not necessary to do that once first launching the store.

If you are going to buy a new theme, I suggest that you should not pay for a new one until you’ve generated enough sales and money for it to be paid for through your e-commerce business. In the beginning, there’s no need to make big purchases. Besides, it’s still possible to create a beautiful site through your color scheme, banner graphic, and other visual elements.

Create Menu/Navigation

You can create your menu or categories by edit “Main Menu” when going to the Shopify Online Store > Navigation section. Then, list all your collections there.


I recommend the Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool app to boost your sales with upselling, cross-sell campaign attaching with special offers including discount, BOGO, and free shipping service.

Upload Main Banner

By using Google ‘banner editing tools’ or visit, you are able to create a cool looking banner in just a few minutes. If you go to, choose banner dimensions (1200x360px), then upload an image of one of your items, choose the background, insert texts, add a ‘Buy Now’ button, and you’re done here.

Besides, you can also design something visually appealing by using Canva templates. They allow you to incorporate into your design to make things pop. Take a look at Canva templates for inspiration to design a unique and eye-catching banner for your own. Their website is user-friendly so that users can create a unique banner even you are the one with little design experience.

The last step is to insert this banner into your e-commerce website. Access your Online Store > Themes > Customize Theme > edit Homepage Slideshow.

Editing Featured Products

You can select a collection for featured products with the navigation to Customize Theme > Home page > Featured Products. Create a collection as you did earlier, then name it, use tags called ‘Featured.’ Therefore, every time you add a new item that you want to display on this collection, you just need to add the ‘Featured’ tag to the tags section and it automatically shows on the Home Page under ‘Featured.’


If you want to create a discount campaign for your opening day, Discount Master app can help you.

Setting up your Footer

If you want to adjust the footer. Go to your Online Store, Themes Section, Customize Theme page, and choose Footer Settings. Insert what you want customers to see in your footer menu.

Congratulations, you have finished all the necessary steps to launch your first e-commerce store!

Focus on marketing your store via ads, content creation, and building an audience on social media to run a successful e-commerce store. Those things can have a powerful impact on your business in the long-term when combined. You need to put your brand out there for every customer to see and make a purchase from your store. You can consider using many apps on Shopify store to help you market your brand, manage your business and make more sales. Remember, jumping right into business and try out step by step is more effective than coming up with a complex marketing plan right from the onset.

Hope that this article can help you launch your first online store.

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