How to increase cart value when customers go to cart: Custom upsell?

Upsell is one of the best campaigns for merchants on the Shopify platform to increase revenue. Upsell includes custom upsell and last step upsell. Both of them are worthy for you to apply on your store. They create more opportunities to show upsell and cross-sell products to your clients to raise the value of orders and make more money.

What is upsell?

Up-sell is a marketing term for suggesting higher priced products or services to a client who is considering a purchase. The example of upselling is that the sellers say “Would you like to super-size that?” when you go to the fast-food store.

Upsell includes custom upsell and last step upsell. If you give wise suggestions, you will not only help your customers take the best advantages of the products but also help yourself increase revenue.

What is custom upsell?

Custom upsell means that you set up custom upsell offers to show popups on your store. In custom upsell offer, the popups of upsell products appear after visitors click Add-to-cart button. You are free to choose the target products and upsell products.  Besides, you can set the discount to encourage your customers to buy more. It is available to set the discount for specific products or collections.

How to set up custom upsell offers?

To create custom upsell campaign, you may need the help of an upsell app to run the campaign smoothly and conveniently. Upsell Cross‑Sell Smart Tool is an upsell app that can help you create not only cross-sell but also upsell campaign at the same time.

By offering the upsell, you can encourage shopping needs: Suggest different products so that customers buy more items and grow the cart value.

The app provides the eye-catching themes including holiday themes like New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Black Friday.

Let see how to create a custom upsell campaign.

Install the app from the Shopify app store. Then, go to the dashboard and start setting up the campaign.

Step 1: Name the offer and message

  • Click the button “Create offer” and you can see a popup.


  • Enter the “Create offer” button on the first box named “Custom upsell offer”.


  • Name the offer. Your customers can’t see the name of the campaign and only you can see it. It helps you distinguish the campaign with others and manage different offers effectively.
  • Create an offer message. There are three available messages for you to choose:

– Hurry up! Add an indispensable choice with {{product_name}}

– Have you tried these cool options? Why not!

– A perfect combination for you with {{product_name}}


  • However, if you want, you can type your own message to attract clients.

Step 2: Choose the products or collections

  • Choose target products: You have 3 choices: all products, specific products, and specific collections. Pick the one that fits your campaign.


  • Choose upsell products: tick on specific products or specific collections then add the products or collections from your website.




Step 3: More settings

  • Device: Choose the devices to display the popup

The app can run on both desktop and mobile


  • Schedule: Set up the time to display the popup


Select “Immediately” to run the campaign immediately after saving settings or select “Display at a specific time” to set the start date and end date for the campaign.

Step 4: Create offer discount

  • Turn on the “offer’s discount” feature so that you can adjust promotion to encourage shoppers to buy more.


There are 4 discount types:

  • Adjust percentage for each upselling product: you can set the different discounted percentage for different products. Type the percentage on the box beside the products.


  • Set up the percentage for all upselling products: in this mode, all the items are discounted by the same percentage. You just need to enter one value of percentage on the box to apply to all products.


  • Adjust fixed amount for each upselling product: write the fixed amount on the box beside each product.


  • Offer free shipping code: enter a prefix code which lets customers know what the code is.


  • Select the countries to apply the free shipping code. You can apply to all countries or any specific countries.





Shipping rates: Exclude shipping rates over a certain amount.


  • Minimum requirements: you can set the minimum requirements with 3 choices:

– None: if you don’t want to apply any requirement


Minimum purchase amount: set a minimum amount of the cart. Your customers will get free shipping service if they reach this minimum amount of the cart


– Minimum quantity of items: give the minimum number of products on the cart. Your clients will get free shipping service if they add enough items on their cart.


  • Discount schedule: merchants can adjust the time of the discount campaign: immediately or set the start and end time.

Step 4: Advanced settings


  • Shop owners can choose all or any features below:

– Don’t show products that are out of stock

– Don’t show products that customers added to the cart

– Only show upselling offers to customers who logged in.

Step 5: Save

  • Click the “Save upsell custom” button to save your settings.


The popup will display like this:



In addition, you can also create the last step upsell and cross-sell at the same time to promote clients to increase the cart value.

For more information, access to learn more.

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