How To Grow E-Commerce Sales By Using Email Marketing

Email marketing becomes an important part of business marketing strategy in recent years, especially business in e-commerce platforms like Shopify. Having an email list is one of the best ways (besides social networks) to reach new customers and engage with potential ones.

In order to run a successful email campaign, we need to carefully think about the tools that we going to use, and the strategies to apply for the business. In this article, we look at some options to utilize email marketing and generate sales.

What is email marketing 

Email marketing is generally used for boosting your sales by sending promotions and offers to customers’ emails. However, it can be more than just a sales campaign. It’s about building relationships that not only deliver shopping benefits but also encourage the brand loyalty of potential customers.


What to look for in the best email marketing tool?

The most important thing is to choose the right tool that perfectly fits your business. It’s difficult to choose an option among many email marketing services since they provide similar basic features besides some advanced ones. However, if you are new to email marketing tools, here are essential features you should look for when choosing an email marketing service for your business:

  • Providing templates, and can be customized so that you can create emails that match your business’s image and your needs.
  • Having segmentation features and automatically sends emails based on customers’ profiles.
  • Having an analysis feature that shows the performance of your campaign
  • Being friendly to the user interface and all devices.

How to grow e-commerce sales with email marketing

Collect customers’ emails

The first question to start with for an online business, especially for newcomers, is how to have a list of emails?

The first strategy is having pop-up coupons on your website, which requires filling in the email address to receive the discount. This is also a good way to boost sales, and the customers are more attracted to promotion so they will be more willing to give you their email.

Creating a contest is worth considering for collecting email addresses. A contest results in competitions to website visitors, and quickly generate new sign-up for your website.  A discount code wheel is an easy idea to try, and there are many marketing tools supporting you to do that with little effort to set up, for example, Sale Pop Master Countdown.

Campaign to boost sales with email marketing

When an email list is in your hand, you’ll start to question how to get people to buy your products. It requires engagement to your customers and also the benefits you bring to them with promotional email.

Always start with a welcome email because it’s claimed that this type of email is 86% higher opened by subscribers than other ones. By utilizing this advantage, you can encourage customers to visit your store and purchase something.

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Send a seasonal promotion to all subscribers is a great way to have the first purchase from window-shoppers. The statistics show that in November and December alone, the retail sales take up 25% of annual sales, and 20% of that is generated by email marketing.


After attracting a proper number of potential customers, it is important to keep them loyal to your business. Repeat customers are the key to grow your business and keep it stable. In this case, you can segment different groups of customers in order to run a successful email campaign for your brand while maintaining brand loyalty.

Send thank you email to buyers after they purchase items or signing-up. It’s a method of engaging to your customers and increase brand loyalty in purchasers. Like a welcome email, it should be sent automatically because it helps you to avoid missing deliver a thankful message to your customers. It takes only a few steps to set up an automatic email with Thank you email by Autoketing.

If you are running an online retail business, email marketing is very important to your marketing. It is one of the solutions to grow sales and engage with your customers. Hopefully, this article can help you start running an email campaign.  

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