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  • Ecommerce Businesses’ Essentials: How to Combat Cart Abandonment

Ecommerce Businesses’ Essentials: How to Combat Cart Abandonment

history May 15, 2021

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Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most crucial problems for online businesses to resolve. With more than 70% of online shopping cart abandonment, the problem is running rampant in the eCommerce market. 

For every 100 visitors to your shop, that means 68 of them are walking away.

It’s also difficult to mitigate the risks against it, some customers would eventually drop their carts before they cross the line and make a purchase. However, it’s not impossible to reduce cart abandonment, let’s go to find out solutions in this article.

Why do shoppers abandon carts?

There are a host of reasons why prospective shoppers chose not to complete a purchase and, if you’ve just launched an online apparel boutique or an existing health food store, chances are you’ve got much more abandoned purchases than you’d expect.

According to statistics from Business 2 Community:

  • 56% of shoppers abandon carts due to hidden costs
  • 23% left for no express shipping options
  • 56% abandoned carts due to long and confusing checkouts
  • 37% left due to forced account creation
  • 17% were concerned about security

Below are 10 tried and tested ways of reducing cart abandonment and recovering those customers before they’re gone away.

Ecommerce Businesses’ Essentials: How to Combat Cart Abandonment

Reasons why shoppers abandon cart

Simplify the checkout process

Many eCommerce stores have rather complicated checkout systems that make their customers jump through hoops just to purchase one of their items. This can be a real deterrent for shoppers who just want a shopping experience that is easy, convenient, and reliable.

Besides, filling out long forms, providing information that is considered redundant, and pressuring customers to become members can all grind on a customer and easily make them lose patience.

Fortunately, this issue can be solved quickly. By incorporating express checkout options and asking for information that is of utter importance, purchases can be carried out quickly and efficiently, making the checkout process a pleasant customer experience and creating a profit for you.

A simple checkout process could be like this: 

  • Choose a product
  • Add to cart
  • Click the “Checkout” button

Keep the navigation of your web clean and simple by adding categories that are easy to find and arrange the items to make selection easy.

Reduce Price Shock

One of the biggest reasons for cart abandonment is unexpected costs. This usually concerns shipping costs which only appear at the end of the checkout process.

Make sure the shipping costs are clear when the client is browsing through your items to reduce the sticker shock and cart abandonment due to price problems. Adding a shipping calculator to predict shipping costs before checkout and to reduce surprises is highly recommended

Reduce the cost of shipping

In addition to pricing, shipping can in many ways generate anxiety for customers causing cart abandonment. Problems such as failure to notify customers whether store ships to their place or the inability to find information about their delivery’s timetable may be off-placing.

As a business owner, you had better ease your customers’ worries about these issues by making it easy for them to find answers to these questions? Placing details such as delivery places, delivery time estimates, etc. when checking out will also help a customer make a buying decision because it is comforting to know that their order will be secure and timely.

Another common strategy is by providing free or discounted delivery depending on the order value to reduce shipping costs.

Employ social proof

Leveraging social proof is another tactic you can use to help spur shoppers to make a purchase. Fill up product pages and even abandon cart emails with testimonials from other happy customers and reviews of specific products to help communicate the value of your products.

Ecommerce Businesses’ Essentials: How to Combat Cart Abandonment

Add customers reviews to showcase social proof

Multiple payment options

Some customers complained they have restricted payment options and would, thus, abandon their goods because they can not pay. This frustrates a buyer and loses important revenue from your eCommerce shop.

Credit card payment options used to be popular, but today customers have more choices of paying for products online than ever before. PayPal is still going strong, however mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet are becoming increasingly favorable with younger shoppers in particular.

Offering more payment choices minimizes or removes another possible excuse for a customer’s cart abandonment and moving the company elsewhere. Of course, the more you make payment decisions, the more trouble it will be for you as a company owner.

Let shoppers save their carts

Factors that are beyond the control of an eCommerce store can lead to cart abandonment. Issues such as customer’s lack of time to purchase, indecision about purchasing, or want to consider other product choices may lead to a selling breakdown.

Even though this can be hard to manage, eCommerce stores should take measures to allow customers to return easily and make a purchase. This can be done by allowing clients to save their carts. It’s quick and secure, as many customers find they can easily return to your eCommerce store and continue with minimal interruption to the checkout process.

Offer live chat support

An added benefit of shopping in-store is that you get access to the friendly staff who are ready to help you find items or answer their questions. You can mirror this same level of care and attention by integrating customer support options into your checkout flow. Using cart abandonment data, identify areas where shoppers are more likely to drop off and allow users to chat with a customer support rep to reduce abandonment.

Ecommerce Businesses’ Essentials: How to Combat Cart Abandonment

Auto message to remind customers about their abandoned cart

Collect customer feedback about pain points 

Don’t be afraid to ask both converted shoppers and cart abandoners about how you can improve your checkout process. Getting direct feedback from your customer base can reveal insights that might have been hard to measure with your data analytics tool. Asking open-ended questions allows shoppers to easily qualify their experience and highlight key areas for improvement.

Optimize page load speeds

The last thing you want is for a customer to question if their order went through successfully. Having a fast-loading page can satisfy your shoppers’ demand for a speedy checkout experience. Not only will your customers be happier, but they’ll also be more inclined to buy additional products from your website because they wouldn’t have to wait as long.


As mentioned above, an eCommerce store can often not avoid a customer from abandoning a cart, no matter what’s done. There is a way to entice them back when a customer leaves your website and it’s called retargeting. Retargeting is a means of approaching consumers who have never been on the website.

By taking advantage of these tactics, an eCommerce store can keep in touch with customers who have shown strong interest in the shop before. It can be applied to fix abandoned carts as an eCommerce store would simply send an email alert to a customer telling them about the items they’ve been interested in and how easily they can be purchased. Set up an email sequence of autoresponders to automatically inform them they have left things in their cart. Follow this up with another 1 or 2 emails scattered over the next 24 hours.

It is a friendly reminder that their knowledge of your eCommerce shop always has an opportunity to purchase and reignites. The second way to do this is to build retargeting adverts if you don’t have their email address. Show people who looked at ads of these particular items for your goods to remind them of their purchasing purpose and give them a simple way back to your web.

What are some ways you’ve reduced cart abandonment in your online store? Share your tips with me in the comments below.

How have you reduced cart abandonment in your eCommerce store? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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