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Holidays – Great Chance To Get Revenue Breakthrough

history July 12, 2018

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One year just has some important events or holidays. In the occasions, it’s sure that everyone will purchase goods and use more services. People spend very much money on the holidays. Their shopping needs increase dramatically. Obviously, holidays are a one-of-a-kind opportunity for brands to sell products and gain a huge amount of money.

Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and other online shopping platforms take advantage of events to make discounts and boost sales. Some companies carry out seasonal marketing campaigns very well. Try to use apps of Autoketing to build marketing plans!

If you are doing business or trying to sell some products, you can research campaigns of successful companies. Learn tips and formulas to make your own campaign. We will write about a few effective seasonal marketing campaigns.

1. Coca-Cola Canada

Coca-Cola found that on big holidays many people like to dive into the crowd and have fun, but some just want to stay away from the buzz. Seeing that division, Coca-Cola releases a message that is how favorite drinks can bring us together. The marketing team made a video telling a story about those who stop fighting over a product to enjoy peace by drinking Coca-Cola cans.

Here's to peace on earth. Or at least in the mall. #TasteTheFeeling

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2. Hotel Tonight

The hotel found out that although holiday time with family is normal; nonetheless, lots of people decide not to spend all days off to play with parents or siblings. They want to do something else. They visit their family, but don’t stay with them. The hotel has built a new campaign. They provide a service helping travelers book hotel room easily using the brand’s web.

The campaign meets plenty of people’s needs. It became popular on Facebook even. Facebook users had a competition aiming at finding the most interesting family memory on holidays. A marketing campaign is created from a unique idea. Hotel Tonight is successful to collect more customers.

3. BarkPost

BarkPost is a web where you can find everything to take care of your pet. It provides information, tips to keep pets safe as well as look after them. Its shop sells all the stuff for loved animals. BarkPost thinks that pets are family members too. Therefore, at Thanksgiving, the company ran a marketing campaign.

They sent an email to every customer. That is a smart email including feeding safety tips and holiday survival skills. The emails were designed in cute animation theme. Customers of BarkPost felt very glad to receive emails. Their pieces of feedback showed satisfaction with the campaign. BarkPost made use of Thanksgiving to care about their purchasers. The seasonal marketing plan worked well and gained certain achievements.

We have listed three effective marketing campaigns already. Hope you can apply tips for next business plans. If you want to send thank-you emails to buyers or chat with them through Facebook, install shopify email with love and Shopify facebook chat box on https://autoketing.com/. Two apps are developed by Autoketing.


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