The Holidays For Businesses To Boost Sales On The Autumn

Seasonal marketing is one of the smart marketing strategies but it requires businesses to catch the trend and give suitable programs to treat and attract customers. If you want to promote your online store on Shopify, don’t forget to make full use of this type of marketing.

There are many special occasions in a year and people are more likely to go shopping and spend money on this day. If you can grab this opportunity, you will have the chance to boost your revenue and promote your brand.

Here are many great ideas for businesses on the Autumn:

Only 90 Shopping Days Till Christmas

People are as inclined to buy stuff in the months leading up to the holiday season. It’s smart to give your clients incentive by creating a short-term Loyalty Rewards campaign. This program occurs on the autumn and lasts from the first day until just before Black Friday.

After this amount of time, customers create a number of sales to customers and this amount can determine a discount redeemable between Black Friday and Christmas.

You may want to create the creative discount campaign for your online store to attract customers and the discount master best app can help you do that.


This special day is celebrated by billions around the world in some form or another. The money spent on Halloween’s holiday is a staggering amount. You can hand out candy to kids in the shopping mall and you maybe get their parents to buy something.


Besides, don’t forget to offer a free gift for customers such as stickers or other thrilling items relating to Halloween. The direct discounts are also needed on this day.

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Put a Pumpkin On It

You can put a pumpkin on much anything when Halloween is coming.

Pumpkin can be added into lattes, muffins, pancakes, or beer. Restaurants and cafes will pumpkin-spice it if you can ingest it. Besides, businesses can apply the pumpkin images in many products such as the T-shirt with the pumpkin images or the pumpkin-shaped cake.

Decorating your website with the Halloween themes can also attract customers.

Don’t forget to promote these products to your email subscribers and web & app users.

When selling abroad, it’s important to allow customers to see the price of your product in their currency and currency converter box by autoketing can help you address this.

Daylight Savings Time

Many countries observe Daylight Savings Time. Autumn is the time of year to arbitrarily do away with all the life-affirming properties of prolonged exposure to sunlight.


When the clocks change on that day, people get an extra hour in the day. This is the perfect time to encourage human to venture out into the darkness and spend shopping time with you. Turn up your lights and invite people to enjoy one last extra hour of light with your store.

Black Friday

It is considered the best time for businesses to give the thanks to customers by the discount or promotion programs. People tend to go shopping on this occasion to get better prices.

Try to create attractive campaigns to get more customers.

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