The Holiday Marketing Trends To Drive Sales (Part 3)

Holiday is one of the good occasion for business to attract new customers and increase revenue. If you have an online store on Shopify, you should catch the trends to get the best results.

Here are many trends for you

4. Native advertising

Because native-advertising campaigns mimic the format of the platform on which they appear, they look and feel more natural. For examples, the sites such as BuzzFeed publish posts sponsored by brands that read like their standard articles.

It is said that native advertising will be not only the content marketing for brands but also the trend in social media this holiday season.

Businesses see a lot of innovation across each native platform and the rollout of capabilities and new features specifically for marketers. The sites are not only the place to share interesting content but also the chance to convert and transact with customers directly on the platform in more relevant native formats.

5.Social media marketing

One of a vital part of any marketing campaign is social media. You are missing an abundant number of potential customers if you don’t market on social during the holiday season. According to the Twitter’s research, consumers are searching for a great deal and ads with holiday spirit.

The holidays are the busiest time of the year. Moreover, social media is a huge part of marketing strategies. Gary Nealon, president of RTA Cabinet Store said that he uses social to create a sense of urgency.

Each store has its own holiday promotion. There is plenty of competition. Your customer will feel like they may miss out if they don’t act now by creating urgency.

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