The Holiday Marketing Trends To Drive Sales (Part 2)

Holiday is one of the best time for business to boost sales. If you are an enterprise and you have an online store on Shopify, you should seize this opportunity to develop your brand and attract more audiences.

Here is the third holiday-marketing trend for entrepreneurs to drive sales:

3. Holiday season shipping

Shipping service also plays an important role in driving sales.

The consumer expectations for e-commerce shipping are higher than ever in an age of same-day delivery. To make sure customers get their deliveries before the holidays, the e-commerce retailers need to think about realistic shipping times and cutoffs throughout the season.

Hill, senior vice president at e-commerce metrics company StellaService said that he expects to see increased numbers of retailers offering consumers the option to buy online and pick up in-store since later cutoff dates put additional pressure on retailers to deliver on promises in a short amount of time. The retailers should deliver products in time.

Besides, enterprises should also focus on optimizing their packaging and fulfillment processes when they shop for their products. Many carriers have dimensional pricing that fully accounts for compact packaging. You can save an enormous amount on shipping if you work the smallest boxes possible. Besides, you can staff up if you need to make sure orders go out within an hour of being placed.

You will have the less backlog, you can get orders shipped out quickly. Besides, for customers to know how soon they’ll get their packages, business need to send out tracking numbers.

In addition, the customer services also help you so much. You can consider the email with love and facebook chat support on

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