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How To Help Potential Customers Make Faster Decisions

history July 17, 2018

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E-commerce is stronger than ever. It is one of the biggest markets that help plenty of businesses earn a lot of money. Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce platforms around the world. The human interaction in an offline store plays an important part in increasing sales.

44 percent of online shoppers claim that one of the most important features on a website is having the questions answered by a live person directly while they are in the process of the online shopping. It is the truth. Every business has the Shopify live chat on the website get higher conversion rate and earn more money.

Sometimes, this activity can upset some of your users. However, if you take advantage of it in a suitable way, it will bring the amazing results. It is a useful tool to drive in sales. The live chat agents will approach clients with a non-intrusive popup message. Then it asks if customers need assistance.

Besides, lots of facebook help chat software allows you to set up the waiting time or the required keywords for the popup to appear.

This live chat strategy makes consumers feel that they are in the real store and every question of them are always willing to be answered by a shop assistant. Thus, they are confident in shopping and choosing the product that best suits them.

The chat button is in the footer which makes it very unlikely to be spotted and the window should appear after a certain time. Put your chat button in the most visible place for clients in order to contact you every time they need a help.

Here are many numbers that relate to the facebook chat login:

  • 31% of online buyers are attracted to buy from an online store that offers live chat
  • 46% of consumers think this app is the perfect communication
  • 62% of buyers using live chat are more likely to make a purchase again from the same website.

If you want more useful information, you can access https://autoketing.com/.

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